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22 - 25 January 2020
ExCel London

Bett 2019 Product List

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  • MySchoolTests
    Online platform with digital questions to support high-stakes summative assessments. Age 6 to 11. Teacher can prepare online tests that are automatically marked and reported to save teacher time in identifying gaps.
  • Magik Play STEM learning
    Magik Play is an innovative and entertaining set of games for kids that stimulates physical and mental skills by promoting the handling of real wooden blocks to complete each challenge.
  • Mangahigh Coding
    Unlock creativity by laying a solid foundation in coding literacy
  • Mangahigh Maths
    Mangahigh Maths is a personalised digital learning resource created by teachers for teachers, to support classroom learning through individual learning paths and highly-engaging content.
  • MOL NET+
    MOL NET+ is a cloud-based application for school libraries. System enables libraries to seamlessly handle cataloguing, acquisition and circulation of all types of library resources. 94% of users recommend our system to other librarians ((according to survey conducted in 2018). MOL NET+ is available on mobiles.
  • MeArm Robot micro:bit Kit - Blue
    Enter the world of Robotics Engineering with the MeArm robot arm kit for micro:bit in blue. An easy build kit for ages 11 & up, supplied with all parts & tools.
  • Magic of LED kit
    The Magic of LED kit is exclusively designed to give young children (Age: 4+) a first-hand experience in hands-on electronics. The Magic of LED Kit comes with 5 cool projects: 1. Glow an LED 2. Beep a Buzzer 3. Creating a Flash Using a Capacitor 4. Touch-Activated Switch 5. Automatic Night Lamp
  • Mand Labs KIT-1: The Complete Electronics Lab
    Mand Labs KIT-1 is your most comprehensive do-it-yourself (DIY) learning kit that takes you on a journey of 60 hands-on projects from fundamentals of electricity to advanced concepts of transistors in electronics and robotics. And everything is step-by-step. With KIT-1 you will be able to teach and demonstrate abstract concepts of physics and electronics through real-world projects and experiments.
  • MentalUP Brain Teasers
    MentalUP is a scientific and entertaining educational app consisting of 60 entertaining exercises improving thinking skills for 5-12 year old children. MentalUP can be used at home and at school. Teachers and parents can monitor cognitive development of children with reporting tools. There are more than 3 million users across 60 countries.
  • Mathigon – Textbook of the Future
    Mathigon is an online platform for secondary mathematics. It combines an innovative new curriculum with cutting-edge technology, to make mathematics more engaging than ever before. Our unique content format allows students to actively “explore and discover” – not just consume information like they would in a video or textbook. Over time, we can seamlessly adapt and personalise the content, while a virtual tutor provides real-time help and feedback. Using countless interactive explorations, animations and games, Mathigon teaches problem solving and creativity. A captivating narrative provides context for abstract ideas, and shows the real-life applications of mathematics. Our platform is completely free to use, and aligned to the UK and US national standards. It can be used independently by students, or in schools, as a blended/flipped learning tool.
  • Moki App
    Measure and motivate the physical activity of every student in your school, every day with the Moki app. View reports, create teams and set custom challenges with this powerful and intuitive desktop app designed with schools to support their active strategy.
  • Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) Certification Programme
    The Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) is a professional development program that bridges the gap between technology skills and innovative teaching. Educators holding a MCE certification can prove they have the skills needed to provide rich, customized learning experiences for their students that incorporate critical 21st century skills using Microsoft tools.
  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification Programme
    MTA exams are based on high-demand industry career tracks and designed by experts, including Microsoft Certified Trainers and professional educators. Therefore, this is the recommended certification for academic and workforce development institutions to deliver to candidates beginning a learning pathway towards a career in IT. Each MTA certification stands alone as a single award but multiple MTA courses can be combined to form a grounding in fundamental IT concepts across multiple domains.
  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification Programme
    Earning MOS certification can help students differentiate themselves in today's competitive job market. It helps broaden their employment opportunities by proving that they have advanced skills in Microsoft Office, which can result in higher earning potential. After gaining MOS certification, students get immediate access to a Digital Badge and Transcript, as well as the MOS logo to put on their CVs.
  • Mobius Courseware by DigitalEd
    Möbius Courseware is the comprehensive online courseware platform for creating and deploying online STEM courses. From individual lessons and textbook supplements, to full courses, remedial materials, enrichment content, outreach programs, and more, Möbius Courseware will help you provide an engaging, effective online learning experience for your students.
  • Marketplace
  • Moki Reader
    Connect the Moki Reader to any Windows PC via USB. When a Moki Band taps the Moki Reader the data is transferred to the app. It's quick, easy and secure.
  • Moki Band
    The Moki Band is a comfortable, durable, water-resistant pedometer. Designed specifically for groups the Moki band does not need to be recharged or use Bluetooth. Instead it uses contactless payment technology to sync data with the USB Moki Reader.
  • Mastery Assessments
    What is the use of assessments if they don't drive improvement in learning outcomes? Open Door designs thought-provoking questions based on the topics taught in the classroom, provides teachers immediate and precise feedback on learning gaps and then provides students a second opportunity to improve. Open Door uses a series of repeated assessments to help teachers make sure students master difficult topics in Mathematics and Science before they move on to teaching the next topic.
  • MAX Shield Extreme M Case for iPad 9.7 (2017 5th & 2018 6th generations)
    A custom molded design featuring shock absorbing bumpers and a silicone case make the Max Shield Case a perfect option for keeping your device safe from drops, scratches, or accidents. The built-in screen protection offers extra protection, while the intelligent case designs gives you easy access to your device’s microphone, speaker, charging ports, and asset tags. See more at: https://www.maxcases.com/productdetail/MAX-Shield-Extreme-M-Case-for-iPad-9-7-2017-5th-Gen-2018-6th-Gen-/#sthash.bq4wB14W.dpuf
  • MiLLiBoX
    Pedagogical box. Create a wifi digital classroom in seconds. Share your lessons. Save your internet connection. Can be used without internet connection. Battery inside.
  • Master 6 Program
    The Master 6 program is designed for students’ contribution in domestic and foreign university admissions as well as to increase their vital gains for the purpose of transitioning them to world citizenship in accordance with changing social conditions and need to capture the new technological age. Via the program, students can develop their higher order thinking skills such as evaluation, critical thinking, analyzing, synthesis and taking initiative to solve both global and daily life issues. The multidisciplinary educational approach of STEM+A, where students generate projects in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and art lessons is used as major element of the program.
  • Master Junior Program
    The Master Junior program is designed for 5th, 6th and 7th grade students to develop their higher order thinking skills such as evaluation, critical thinking, analyzing, synthesis and taking initiative to solve both global and daily life issues. The multidisciplinary educational approach of STEM+A, where students generate projects in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and art lessons is used as major element of the program. The program enhances students’ academic achievement, social development, talents and orientation, and focuses on correct detection, evaluation and follow-up within the scope of the student - family - school triangle.
  • Magic Phonics
    Learning method to learn to read in English (SATPIN method)
  • Microbit Club bundel
    Perfect for sharing the BBC micro:bit with friends, the BBC micro:bit club is a 10-pack containing all the pieces needed to enjoy BBC micro:bit in STEM groups, coding clubs, school classes, scouts, guides and cubs or any other social gathering
  • Metodbox STEM
    Metodbox STEM is a digital education platform with a user-friendly interface where STEM learning process and assessment can easily be monitored and reported. Metodbox STEM supports individual and group work and offers insights on 21st century knowledge, skills and competencies of students. Methodbox offers a new perspective and supports a sustainable interactive learning environment. In the evaluation of STEM outcomes, Metodbox STEM becomes the only platform offering a “Holistic Assessment”, which integrates all aspects of a competency, promoting equity in the assessment process. It contributes to monitor the individual and group development of the student and supports methods of gamification. Students can easily access the instructions and shared files provided by their teachers, and STEM course curricula can be followed in detail through this platform.
  • Mangahigh
    Mangahigh is a digital game-based learning resource designed to help teachers teach maths and coding. Used by over 5,000 schools in 50+ countries, Mangahigh content is aligned to various international curricula and uses AI to personalise learning. The platform provides comprehensive analytics for teachers to assess the performance of a student, a class or the whole school.
  • MODI
    Modular Robotic Coding Kit
  • Mars Mission Kit
    The Mars Mission Kit will take you on an imaginative journey across the Red Planet. Watch an engaging animation to set the scene, create your own Mars landscape and rover to roam around on it. Then take it apart and build a rocket to fly back to Earth! A set of educational facts and written activities are also included to expand on the theme. For more information , visit learnwithojo.com/product/mars-mission-kit/
  • MIS
    Pupil Asset is the UK’s fastest growing Management Information System. Our commitment to making day-to-day processes as streamlined as possible for every member of your staff, whether that be teachers making assessments, the leadership team analysing your data or office staff managing attendance and census information, mean hundreds of schools choose to move to us every year.
  • Moon Friends Kit
    The Moon Friends Kit is a super fun, sensory play experience. Get the little ones using their hands and their imagination to sculpt their own alien friends!
  • MV-Nordic / Vitec MV
    MV-Nordic / Vitec MV is the leading Scandinavian supplier of assistive technology for reading, writing and literacy support. Our solution, IntoWords, helps students with special needs read, write and communicate with greater confidence.
  • MAT Intranet
    Effectively communicate and collaborate across a school, learning alliance or MAT. Centralise administration to ensure one source of truth for important documentation. Ready to customise in FrogLearn.
  • Medical Class in Moscow School
    Medical Class in Moscow School project is a practice-oriented education in medical laboratories and healthcare organizations. The project aims at inspiring school students to consider their future career in medicine and at giving youth an opportunity to do research in a resource-rich environment.
  • My School Portal
    My School Portal is a secure and sophisticated platform that collates all student information and data in one place for staff, parents and guardians. It streamlines communication, increases parent/guardian engagement and saves hours of valuable admin time. Best of all, there's no need for multiple logins and passwords. One password. One portal. One view.
  • Meet hundreds robot in motion - PINGPONG
    Starting from a fundamental idea of creating a robot which is fun and easy to operate yet at an affordable price with plentiful extensibilities, we present a new paradigm on the robot history, that is a single module based robot platform.
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