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22 - 25 January 2020
ExCel London

Bett 2019 Product List

  • Letter
    • L
    This set contains everything you need to start teaching STEM and computer science using the exciting LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 concept. It offers full teacher support, including STEM and computing teaching materials, and a comprehensive eLearning program. The system includes the Intelligent EV3 Brick, a compact and powerful programmable computer that makes it possible to control motors and collect sensor feedback using the intuitive icon-based programming and data logging software that is delivered with the set. The set is delivered in a sturdy storage bin with a sorting tray, three servo Motors, five sensors (gyro, ultrasonic, colour, and 2x touch), a rechargeable battery, connecting cables, and building instructions.
  • LEAP
    LEAP is a unique student leadership programme that enables older pupils to take responsibility for mentoring, training and supporting younger pupils
  • Laptops and Chromebooks
    HP Elitebook, Dell Latitude, Lenovo ThinkPad and Chromebooks. Available from £130
  • LabBox Home Box
    What is LabBox? Labbox is a toolkit - a series of boxes that contain stories and electronic building blocks to enable you to build projects and toys. Every Labbox contains a set of electronics, cardboard and a story laid out in Comic books for you to explore the solutions, and learn STEM skills. Electronics are designed with the philosofy of learning from mistakes, where every electronic building block has indicators that guide you to understand what is happening in your design. Our goal is to present the process of problem solving as one that is fun, adventurous and inviting to everybody. Lets have a try! We are only getting started! #labboxEdu Mic drop
  • LAMP:bit - Street Light for BBC micro:bit
    The LAMP:bit is a bolt-on/clip-on board for the micro:bit that replicates a street light which features a built in phototransistor for autonomous switching.
  • LapPi: DIY Laptop for Raspberry Pi
    LapPi gives you the full functionality of a desktop computer in a versatile, hand-held device - complete with all the ports, processing powers and programs to need to operate at full capacity. LapPi is compatible with all Raspberry Pi variants starting from Pi Zero to the latest 3B+ models.
  • Live Video Lessons
    EDFlix and EDLive is EDLounge's newest edition. Students will have access to live video lessons, where they will receive real-time support from our staff, and also our library of video lessons. There many subjects and topics to enhance a student's education.
  • Lesemeister
    Digital lesetjeneste for grunnskolen – bokmål og nynorsk. Lesemeister gir tilgang til hundrevis av e-bøker fra de norske forlagene. les med lyd / quiz til bøkene / del med lesevenner / få lesepoeng / ta opp din egen lesestemme / automatisk leselogg / ipad app eller vanlig nettleser Gøy og motiverende lesing gir flere og bedre lesere!
  • LabXplorer, TINALab II - Multifunction Instrument for Education and Training with Local and Remote Measurement capabilities
    LabXplorer turns your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone into a powerful, multifunction test and measurement instrument for a wide range of applications. Instruments, whatever you need, are at your fingertips. LabXplorer provides multimeter, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, logic analyzer, programmable analog and digital signal generator, impedance analyzer and also measures characteristics of passive electronic components and semiconductor devices. LabXplorer includes a DC to 50MHz bandwidth, 10/12 bit resolution, dual-channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope. Due to its advanced equivalent-time sampling technology. Working automatically in conjunction with the Function Generator, the Signal Analyzer measures and displays Bode amplitude and phase diagrams, Nyquist diagrams, and also works as Spectrum Analyzer. Digital I/O for the high-tech Digital Signal Generator and Logic Analyzer instruments allow fast 16-channel digital testing up to 40MHz. LabXplorer's Multimeter allows voltage measurement in ranges from 10mV to 100V in DC mode and 10mV to 20Vrms in AC. Current ranges are from 1mA up to 1A. It can also measure DC resistance in ranges from 10Ω to 10MΩ. Using LabXplorer with TINA and TINACloud, DesignSoft's popular circuit simulation programs, gives you the unique capability to have circuit design and simulation supplemented with local or remote real-time measurements in the same integrated environment. You can also plug Experimenter Modules into the front slot of LabXplorer, allowing you to simulate, measure, and troubleshoot virtually the whole range of analog and digital electronics. http://www.labxplorer.com
  • Lecture Capture
    Streamitup Lecture-Capture delivers a start-to-finish solution for automatic recording of lectures, including video, audio, presentations, files and data . It also offers a hands-free solution that can be widely deployed for capturing, managing, searching and sharing rich video content from lecture halls, directly to students regardless of location
  • Lapbank TL
    NEW for 2019! The Lapbank TL - top loading - for easier access. This brand new unit is based on our ever popular Lapbank product range. There are 3 things that make the Lapbank TL a stand out solution. First, it’s lighter than any other Lapbank. Second, it has a smaller footprint. Third it’s more maneuverable. The Lapbank TL is easier to get into the smaller spaces, it’s the type of thing often found in early years rooms. It requires less effort to move when fully loaded and thanks to the 4 grab handles, one at each corner, so it responds to even the lightest of touches. The construction is robust, fabricated from 1.5mm all welded, steel sheets. Security remains class leading, thanks to the high quality hinges and 7 lever safe locks that are protected by anti-jemmy bar devices. Externally, the Lapbank TL looks quite different too, with a choice of vibrant colours to match your brand or interior colour scheme.
  • LearnMatch
    Fully customised learning language applications. Branding and content can be individually setup - also White label solutions can be provided.
  • Learning environments
    Innovation is something we learn in school. These past years, Hippomini has successfully delivered qualified counselling on educational technologies that support the 21st century skill set through local public-private innovation partnerships with schools and day cares centres. Focusing on lifelong learning and user-driven innovation, Hippomini develops technology-supported learning environments, or Makerspaces, based on the municipality’s local political visions and the physical framework on site.
  • LumieLabs
    Our brand new video creation resource is launching at Bett. More information to follow soon!
  • Logiscool Coding Education System
    The Logiscool Coding Education System (LCES) is a combination of a unique proprietary computer coding education platform AND a long-term modular curriculum. LCES is suitable for all ages and knowledge levels and can be used on a licence basis in all types of education institutions either as part of the regular education or as extra curricular after-school courses and coding camps.
  • Lifeliqe
    The science curricula for primary and secondary education include thousands of interactive 3D models and lesson plans. Integrated with Microsoft Office and G Suite for Edu, aligned with the standards!
  • LivePage Presenter
    LivePage Presenter is the winner of "The Best Business Model" from E-Learning Korea and selected for the GESS Education Awards Finalist 2019. (http://news.mk.co.kr/newsRead.php?year=2017&no=608515) (https://www.gessawards.com/gess-education-awards-2019-finalists) LivePage Presenter is an alternative presentation tool to empower the presenter and teacher to get more attention from audiences and students. With the LivePage Presenter, any harmful red laser pointer is no longer required, but our intuitive method provides exactly where you are on the presentation. LivePage Presenter comes with a dedicated hardware controller device and two software programs. LivePage Presenter Editor marks upon any existing documents (PDF) and LivePage Presenter program displays PDF presentation on any types of displays controlled with the dedicated hardware device. The remote controller navigates through the focused areas and enlarges them when necessary for better readability. LivePage Presenter is a must-have tool for the classrooms, meeting rooms and presentations.
  • Lemma.com
    Consult more than 80 digital dictionaries no matter where you are. You can access Lemma.com directly on your desktop, laptop or tablet, and soon on iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Learningclic
    We create technological solutions based on neuroscience and big data, to enhance learning, brainpower and progress through a massive Q&A format. It's a learning system that helps both the teacher to take advantage from their pedagogic activities and the students to achieve better and faster results optimizing their skills.
  • Learning Ladders
    Shortlisted ‘Best Product for Teaching Learning and Assessment’ for each of the last 5 years. Learning Ladders is how outstanding schools accelerate learning, improve wellbeing, and save teacher time by connecting teaching in school and at home. Formative assessment and parental engagement, connected at last.
  • Lenovo V520s
    DESKTOP Say goodbye to frustrating delays when opening or loading files with Lenovo V520s Small Form Factor. Free your desk space by 40% as compared to the traditional tower without compromising on power and capacity. Manage and optimise system performance with the Lenovo Companion App so that the V520s runs smoothly and efficiently for students to use. Intel Core i5-7400 Processor Windows 10 Pro 4GB Memory 128GB Storage DVD+-RW
  • Lenovo V520t
    DESKTOP A power-packed performer, Lenovo V520 Tower is a perfect choice for students. Effortless switching between apps and opening files or apps without delays saves time and, in turn, increases their productivity. Being 25% smaller than the traditional tower, V520 enables easy deployment in the classroom or school office without compromising on power and capacity. Intel Core i3-7100 Processor Windows 10 Pro 4GB Memory 500GB Storage DVD+-RW
  • Lenovo V330
    NOTEBOOK Value-conscious without sacrificing performance, the stylish and reliable V330 15-inch laptop helps you to run a successful classroom. Optimised for security, flexibility, and reliability, it will reduce the burden on your IT team. It’s also reliable - as shown by the series of rigorous tests it undergoes against shocks, drops, and other extremes. Intel Core i5-8250U Processor Windows 10 Pro 15.6” Display 4GB Memory 500GB Storage 6hrs battery life Fingerprint reader
  • Lenovo V130
    NOTEBOOK The V130 15.6” laptop delivers great performance in a patterned, textured cover that bespeaks modern style. A simple, clean design features a large, one-piece touchpad and hinges that open 180 degrees - perfect for collaborating. Powerful Intel technology keeps students and teachers working productively, while enhanced security protects your data. Intel Core i5-7200U Processor Windows 10 15.6” Display 4GB Memory 128GB Storage 5.5hrs battery life
  • Lenovo V110
    NOTEBOOK From the latest processing and memory to a performance-enhancing keyboard, the reliable Lenovo V110 can meet your education needs today — and in the future. Affordably-priced, this laptop has a modern design and a hi-res screen that works great outdoors and indoors. Intel Core i3-6006U Processor Windows 10 15.6” Display 4GB Memory 128GB / 500GB Storage 5.5hrs battery life
  • Lenovo N42
    CHROMEBOOK Portable, powerful, and durable, the N42 Chromebook is perfect for the classroom. Loved by learners, teachers, and creators, this versatile 14” Chromebook boasts smooth processing, a beautiful anti-glare display, and up to 11 hours of battery life. Able to withstand everyday knocks, the N42 Chromebook is light and secure enough to go wherever you need to be. Intel Celeron N3160 Processor Chrome 14” Display 4GB Memory 32GB Storage 11hrs battery life Water-resistant with
  • Lenovo N23
    CHROMEBOOK The N23 combines the performance of a desktop PC with the mobility of a laptop. Its Yoga-type design lets you use it in 4 different models: laptop, tablet, tent, and stand—perfect for work and play. Dust and spills are never a problem, thanks to rugged engineering that meets IP52 certification. And with up to 8 hours of battery life, the N23 is perfect for students. Intel Celeron N3060 Processor Chrome 11.6” Display 4GB Memory Up to 16GB Storage 10hrs battery life Water-resistant with touchpad & anti-peel keys
  • Lenovo 500e
    2-IN-1 CHROMEBOOK The 11.6” 2-in-1 500e Chromebook perfectly blends technology with the premium classroom experience. It has powerful processing, a 360-degree hinge for four modes of interaction, a garaged EMR (electromagnetic resonance) pen, and numerous features making it rugged enough to handle the roughest treatment. Intel Celeron N3450 Processor Chrome 11.6” Display 4GB Memory Up to 64GB Storage 10hrs battery life
  • Lenovo 300e
    2-IN-1 NOTEBOOK Engineered for the classroom, the 300e convertible laptop is a versatile learning tool. Multiple use modes and pen support let students adapt to any learning environment. Its rugged build means it can withstand the rigours of the school day. And its connectivity features make collaboration smoother than ever. Intel Celeron N3450 / Mediatek MT8173C Processor Windows 10S / Chrome 11.6” Display 4GB Memory Up to 128GB Storage 8hrs battery life
  • Lenovo 11e Yoga
    2-IN-1 NOTEBOOK This 11.6" convertible, Windows-based laptop is tough, because we’ve designed it to withstand the rigours of the classroom. Its flexible 360-degree hinge and 10-point multi-touch display fits into any style of work, and even lets you turn it into a tablet. And at less than 3.5 pounds it’s lightweight and portable. ThinkPad Yoga 11e also boasts a battery that lasts all day long. Perfect for on-the-go learning - in school and at home. Intel Celeron N4100 Processor Windows 10 11.6” LED Display 4GB Memory 128GB Storage 12hrs battery life Tested for 12 military standards across 23 different procedures Reinforced ports and hinges Rubberised bumpers Drop-resistant up to 90 cm / 35”
  • Lenovo 100e
    NOTEBOOK A power-packed performer, the Lenovo 100e is the perfect choice for students. Easy on the pocket and built rugged, this Notebook can withstand everyday bumps and drops, with a spill-proof anti-peel keyboard. With the 100e, teachers are free to focus on their teaching, and not worry about anything else. Intel Celeron N3350 Processor Windows 10S / Chrome 11.6” Display 4GB Memory 64GB / 32GB Storage 10hrs battery life
  • Live Streaming
    Simple one-click live streaming enables you to live stream instantly with ease - great for lecture capture, distance learning, event broadcast and more…
  • Let's Talk! English
    Let's Talk! English (LTE): a comprehensive electronic curriculum package to teach English . LTE is the ultimate way to effectively teach English with long lasting outcomes for greater language skills and fluency.
  • LapCabby Lyte 16 Multi
    Our LapCabby Lyte 16 Multi provides static storage for 16 devices up to 15.6" including Chromebooks, laptops and tablets. This unit offers secure charging and storage fro BYOD users with digital key pad access on door-per-device basis. There are cable management port holes to keep the cables tidy and secure in place. This product arrives fully assembled and with a lifetime warranty.
  • LapCabby Lyte 16 Single
    Our LapCabby Lyte 16 Single provides static storage for 16 devices up to 15.6" which includes Chromebooks, laptops and tablets. The unit has been designed with a silent ventilation to keep your devices cool as well as a secure 1:1 deployments with a single key locked door securing multiple devices. This product arrives fully assembled and with a lifetime warranty.
  • LapCabby Multi Mini 10
    Our LapCabby Multi Mini 10 is a static storage for 10 devices up to 8" including tablets, mobile phones and kindles. This unit comes with a secure charging and storage for BYOD users with digital key pad access on door-per-device basis. This product arrives fully assembled and with a lifetime warranty.
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