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23 - 26 January 2019
ExCel London

Bett 2019 Product List

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  • Kano Computer Kit
    Build your own computer. Make lights flash, discover how your computer works. With simple steps learn to code art, games, music and more. Don’t just play Minecraft, hack it to do something new. Perfect for beginners, expansive for experts. Endless play with a creative community.
  • Kano Motion Sensor Kit
    Build an infrared sensor that detects distance and direction. With playful step-by-step challenges, learn to code by making music and games, controlled with a wave of your hand, or foot, or nose. Perfect for beginners, expansive for experts. Endless play with a creative community.
  • Kano Pixel Kit
    Build and code 128 dazzling lights. Paint pictures, make animations, play with 16 million colors. Learn to code art, games, live data, weather apps, sports tickers and more. Perfect for beginners, expansive for experts. Endless play with a creative community.
  • Kano Computer Kit Touch
    Learn to code on a touchscreen computer you build yourself. 100+ step-by-step creative challenges and stories show you how. Make art, music, and games. Create with exclusive voice, and sound projects. Don't just play Minecraft, hack it to do something new.
  • Kai's Clan Classroom Pack
    Bring your whole class on an adventure in collaborative coding with this pack of 14 robots. Comes with "Create" activity mat and a durable case for easy storage & transport.
  • Kai's Clan Start Pack
    Start your adventures in collaborative coding with 4 robots and a "Create" activity mat.
  • KS1/KS2 Attainment
    Tapestry allows practitioners working in Key Stage 1 and 2 to assess children using a bespoke tier-based system. The attainment screen will show you how each child’s assessed score compares to their ‘expected score’, which you can set at the beginning of the year. It will tell you who is working at, below, or above that and will give you percentage figures based on completely flexible criteria including groups of children, terms, and subjects.
  • Klimate Board for the BBC micro:bi
    Add real-time clock and environment sensing (pressure, temperature, & humidity) capabilities to the micro:bit with the Kitronik RTC Board. MakeCode compatible
  • Kamibot STEAM Learning Coding Robot
    -Simple coding for kids to learn -Free downloadable character papercrafts and apps -Program/Control from your PC, smartphone, or tablet -Program with image-based & block-based coding -2 hours of play on a single charge
  • KUBO Coding Single Set
    Available as a single set or 4-pack. This screen-free, hands on solution provides everything you need to teach coding and computational thinking to children from four to 10 years. Your KUBO Single Set includes: One robot, One Coding TagTile® Set with 46 TagTiles One USB charging cable, One Activity Map and a blank map template for you to create your own challenges
  • KUBO Coding+ 4-Pack
    Boost your students’ coding expertise with this super NEW 4-Pack assortment of 36 additional TagTIles® to use with your KUBO Coding sets. These tiles allow control of time, speed, distance and direction. There are Coding+ License lesson plans, video tutorials and a Quick Start Guide, free to view or download at KUBO.education. Included in each set: 1x each Wait 2, 5 and 10 seconds tiles, 1x each Go Slow, Go Medium or Go High Speed tiles 4x Go Back and 2x U-turn tile 2x each Go Forward 2x, 3x or 4x tiles 2x each Turn 90 and 1x each Turn 180 degrees, left and right Additional Function tiles, making the way for teamwork and team challenges.
  • KUBO Coding 4-pack
    Take your students from simple to advanced levels of programming: Your KUBO Coding 4-Pack includes: 4x robots 4x Coding TagTile® sets each with 46 TagTiles® 5x activity maps and one blank map template for students to create their own challenges A multi-charger box that allows you to recharge up to 5x robots in just two hours for four hours usage
  • KAZ in Schools
    Workstation edition
  • KAZ in Schools
    Scorm 1.2 compliant edition for LMS
  • KAZ Online e-learning
    Education Editon of KAZ Typing Tutor
  • Kings Langley Secondary School
    Website Design and Prospectus Brochure
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