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22 - 25 January 2020
ExCel London

Bett 2019 Product List

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  • JumpStart Academy Coding
    JumpStart Academy Coding is seamlessly integrated with JumpStart Academy’s flagship product, JumpStart Academy Math. JSA Coding, a platform for learning computational thinking, is designed for students aged 5 or above. The complete package facilitates teaching to foster students' essential skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity skills that today’s students need in tomorrow’s age of AI. Designed for absolute beginners to advanced learners  Comprising 200+ levels to complement self-motivated and personalized learning  Real-time learning reports for teachers  Applicable to classroom activities, assignments and self-learning 
  • JumpStart Academy Maths
    JumpStart Academy Maths is an online collaborative maths programme where pupils can help each other learn in a team-based game as well as being able to learn independently . The programme directly aligns with academic standards to help your pupils succeed on standardized testing. Our engaging learning-based games are proven to increase maths scores by 18% when used effectively and regularly. JumpStart Academy Maths may be used for individual, self-paced learning; small group instruction; or whole group class time. Features include a pupil management system to track activity, mastery and usage as well as an assignment tool to assign specific standards to pupils for practice. Your pupils will enjoy math games teaching operations, fractions, geometry and measurement. Along their learning journey in JumpStart Academy Math, they will earn rewards to incentivize learning even more!
  • JellyBOX 3D Printer DIY kit for STEM Education
    IMADE3D has developed a special DIY 3D printer DIY kit for STEM education called JellyBOX. Our target market is: Schools (all levels) Libraries After school programs Summer camps The unique construction of the JellyBOX allows it to be built and unbuilt easily, so it can be used again for the next students. The ROI is very attractive. JellyBOX can be assembled by students from age 10+. JellyBOX has been on market since 2017 and has received great recognition by the professional 3D community. We won “Best for schools” award of the Make Magazine in 2017 and now again in 2019 and the JellyBOX as a printer is now considered one of the best on the market.
  • j2measure
    j2measure is a comprehensive set of measuring tools including a ruler, calliper, protractor, angle measurer, and scaling tools. Students can calculate the length, angle, and area of any objects on the screen.
  • j2vote
    Create multimedia surveys and pools easily with j2vote. Perfect tool for gathering real world data, opinion and reach a global audience too.
  • j2webby
    Give your pupils the opportunity to create their own webpages with j2webby, publish them with ease and safety to get your pupils writing and presenting for a digital and global audience. Share work with parents or even create your school's brand new website in seconds.
  • j2write
    Tools that get pupils of all ages writing & reading for purpose and pleasure. Packed with lesson plans and activities for STEM and STEAM too.
  • j2data
    The easiest way to teach data handling skills with activities, games, resources and lesson plans for KS1 and KS2
  • j2code
    Learn to code. J2code is our award winning coding resource offering four differentiated coding platforms. Following the National Curriculum j2code encourages students’ creativity and helps teachers fulfil the requirements of computing in the curriculum for pupils in KS1, KS2 and KS3.
  • JIT5
    Just2easy Infant Tools J2e Infant Tools (JIT5) is a set of online educational tools specifically designed for younger learners. with it's colourful and friendly feel it's perfect for developing 3-9 yr old students writing, speaking, painting, animating, data handling, coding, creativity and presentation skills
  • j2office
    Create, edit, share and collaborate in real time in a document, spreadsheet or presentation. Drag and drop upload and download of any file into j2office and start effortless editing and real time multiple people collaboration in the same document. Never hunt around for student work or have it emailed as j2office saves anything students create automatically to their portfolio that teachers access instantly. Perfect for all ages of students work, teachers planning, governors documents and much more.
  • j2launch
    J2launch is a Content Management System for schools. J2launch provides e-portfolios for every student and teacher with unlimited online file storage, meaning student work can be safely accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. J2launch also manages everything a student creates or shares in Just2easy and makes viewing your student's portfolio of work instant and effortless, even providing assessment and feedback opportunities and sharing of work to parents or a much wider global audience.
  • j2e5
    j2e5 lets children write, paint and draw digitally as easy as writing on a sheet of paper, enabling their natural creativity. Combine text, graphics, animations, sounds, videos and embedded objects. j2e5 is an online, fun & creative app that provides endless learning opportunities and develops children's writing, speaking and presentation skills for a digital audience
  • Just2easy Toolsuite
    A collection of online educational tools specifically designed to engage, motivate and inspire pupils to meet and exceed many elements of the National Curriculum for Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Jamf
    Mobile Device Management (MDM) - Manage and protect all your iPad, iPhone and Mac devices from anywhere. - Easily configure new devices - Wirelessly push apps and books - Set and modify device restrictions
  • JOS Recharging system - Energize your desk!
    JOS is a smart energy solution, serving whole classrooms and more with a single power supply, freeing, detangling your space & saving energy. We are committed to launch smart innovative technologies into education. From the disruptive research schemes, we provide innovative, smart energy solutions for educational institutions serving whole classroom from a single source. Our product systems stand for high quality, energy saving, maximum flexibility and promote pioneering didactics. Easy-to-use, powerful, smart, eco-friendly, JOS® gives strong benefits in educational, working and social spaces. An extra low supply system has never been so flexible and quick.
  • Junior Robotics  5-8 years old
    Specially designed for Kindergarten and Primary school. Combining the core subjects of STEM together with Robotics; is the right way to start developing students’ motor skills. Activities begin with the captivating adventurous story of a hero, Alex, to construct 8 dedicated STEM models. Then, basic principles of robotics and programming are introduced with the use of sensor, led module, motor and controller.
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