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22 - 25 January 2020
ExCel London

Bett 2019 Product List

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  • Get My Grades Subscription
    A Get My Grades subscription gives students and their teachers/parents/tutors full access to our growing range of subjects, with: - Detailed course content. - Varied, realistic exam-style questions. - Instant feedback for students, with embedded opportunities for self-assessment. - The ability for student work to be reviewed, and feedback given, remotely. - Automatic data collection and tracking. - A transferable curriculum, so student data follows them through their school career.
  • Golden Quest
    Golden Quest is a game that teaches the principles of coding for primary and secondary school students. You control Cody, a small pirate robot who lands on desert islands, and via your coding, moves around, jumps and digs for treasures. Code is entered into the text editor on the left and the results play out in the game on the right. The early levels are predictably easy, but very soon bugs are introduced for you to fix and baddies to fight, sometimes within the time limit given.
  • Gyldendal
    Nå bygger vi, i tett samspill med våre brukere, Skolestudio. Her får du alle digitale læremidler på ett sted, for raskere og enklere planlegging av undervisningen og bedre samhandling mellom deg og dine elever. Sammen jobber vi for bedre læring! www.gyldendal.no I www.salaby.no I www.skolestudio.no
  • giftedSTEM: STEM Courses for Gifted Students
    The newly designed elective courses, approved by the Ministry of National Education, Turkey, were jointly developed by Bahcesehir University academics, and Bahcesehir College of Science and Technology High School teachers and students for giftedSTEM. These innovative courses are Industry4.0, Bionanaotechnology, Robotic Systems and Applications, Programming Languages, Materials Science, Model Air Vehicles, Data Structures and Algorithms, Mobile Programming, Web Programming, Computer Architecture and Physical Programming.
  • Grove Zero Bit Kit
    The micro:bit Shield included in the kit allows you make the smallest, coolest micro:bit car robot in just a few seconds. This is by adding the versatile magnectic adaptors to your micro:bit and turning it into a Grove Zero control board that can work with the Grove Zero modules. Which means, you can now snap a servo or a sensor to your micro:bit with magnets, no more sodering, no more wiring. The micro:bit Shield also comes with built-in buzzer, programmable RGB LEDs, and most importantly, a 200mAh battery.
  • Grove Zero Starter Kit
    The kit features 9 color-coded, plug-and-play, and also programmable electronic modules that are specially designed for STEM education. By combining modules and build up creative projects, kids can learn different skills, especially coding, foster creativity, and develop your logical thinking.
  • Game Builder
    Game Builder is an educative platform for game design and creation. Game Builder offers students the launchpad to become real creators, as it provides them with a step-by-step guide on how to build online games. Game Builder offers 3 fully-guided courses and a freestyle mode to provide students with the next step after learning to code games and getting familiar with the Game Builder interface. Students apply their coding skills to create real computer games using CoffeeScript. Game Builder uses the innovative learning techniques of game-based learning (GBL), project-based learning (PBL) and adaptive learning. Since the platform teaches via building actual games, students learn through first-hand experiences rather than through lectures in a traditional classroom.
  • Ginger and his Dad's Work Adventure
    Our earlySTEM program for K-4 primary schools interprets the cognitive process methods of the STEM: Integrated Teaching Framework under four different themes: My World of Machines, My Green World, My Computational World and My World of Imagination. Each theme centers on a different STEM discipline and authentic interdisciplinary problem. Five different resources are offered to teachers and students using the program: program books and its accompanying website for teachers that include lesson plans and rubrics for teachers, activity books for students, story books for students, Augmented Reality animations in iOS / Android and e-portfolio integrated assessment. The current book series, Ginger and his Dad's Work adventure, is used at both kindergarten and first grade level.
  • Ginger's World
    Our earlySTEM program for K-4 primary schools interprets the cognitive process methods of the STEM: Integrated Teaching Framework under four different themes: My World of Machines, My Green World, My Computational World and My World of Imagination. Each theme centers on a different STEM discipline and authentic interdisciplinary problem. Five different resources are offered to teachers and students using the program: program books and its accompanying website for teachers that include lesson plans and rubrics for teachers, activity books for students, story books for students, Augmented Reality animations in iOS / Android and e-portfolio integrated assessment. The current book series, Ginger's World, is used at the second grade level.
  • Gblox
    Designed for ages 5-15, Our groundbreaking programme boosts problem solving ability. https://gblox.co
  • Grading / Scoring
    Trivium has expertise in scoring essays and test questions, providing scores as well as useful insights to the students through effective and actionable feedback comments. With a team of over 100 scorers in both the US and India Trivium has built up capacity to score in excess of 1500 essays per day. Access to almost unlimited resource provides scalable and adaptability to grade essays, construct responses for both short answers and long answers. Trivium currently provides grading for English, Maths and Science subjects for some of the most recognized names in US educational facilitation.
  • Global Treasure App
    Tourism app with clue-driven walking trails around attractions, cultural and heritage destinations. We encourage educationalists and their students to create content. Ed-Tech meets Sustainable Tourism.
  • Gradarius AI-powered Maths learning platform
    Partial Credit is awarded automatically
  • Gradarius AI-powered Maths learning platform
    AI-powered Maths learning platform for Universities and school sixth forms
  • Grammatip.com
    A digital platform for grammar learning. A fun and challenging way to learn Danish, English, German and French grammar. Save time, keep an overview of all assignments and results, and follow your students' progress.
  • Genially tool
    Find an innovative tool for education. www.genial.ly
  • Good Level of Development
    The Good Level of Development (GLD) screen allows you to set a desired target for a group of or for individual children. Then, based on assessments you’ve made so far, the system will tell you if the children are hitting that target, working below it or working above it, so you can plan with a specific target in mind. It also shows you the percentage of children that are working at or above your set target in your chosen period for each aspect.
  • Group summative assessment screen
    Tapestry automatically calculates each child's summative assessment score for every EYFS aspect for each period/term, so you can quickly and easily see which children have been assessed as below, at, or above their age related expectation. You can see how each score was calculated and override them to reflect your professional judgement if you would like.
  • Groupcall Xporter
    Over 20,000 schools across the UK use Groupcall Xporter to securely synchronise third party software providers such as parental engagement or homework programmes directly with their MIS data. Xporter reduces the burden on your school’s administration, makes third-party applications quicker to implement and improves data accuracy. Using the latest cloud technologies, Xporter On Demand (XoD) provides a secure interface to your MIS for our trusted partners to access – once you provide them explicit permission to do so. It supports all major UK school MIS providers and it is already compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • GDPR in School
    GDPR in Schools (GDPRiS) is the complete, cost-effective GDPR management platform supporting schools, MATs and local authorities to help ensure their ongoing GDPR compliance. It provides you with a hub to co-ordinate your data management, ensuring that everyone has complete accountability, your data flow is visible and you have a clear audit trail to prove your compliance. This includes the ability to manage your 3rd party data suppliers all in one place, streamline your SARs and data breach reporting, store policy documents, training records and materials, alongside access to practical guidance on GDPR compliance.
  • GDPR Audits
    Groupcall’s GDPR Audit service has been designed to help your organisation in identifying the areas where you are performing well against GDPR compliance – as well as those areas which require attention. The audit is comprised of several components including a 2 day on-site visit from one of our GDPR trained practitioners who will meet with key staff and discuss any concerns that have been identified in relation to data protection. This will be complemented by independent observation and appraisal of how personal data is being processed, testing the adequacy of the policies and procedures in place. Following the audit, the school or trust will receive a comprehensive report, including prioritised recommendations, which will help you identify and control all risks to effectively minimise data breaches. In addition, this service will help raise awareness of data protection best practice throughout the organisation and help give recognition to your organisation’s commitment to data protection and individuals’ rights.
  • GDPR E-learning
    Groupcall’s GDPR e-learning platform provides access to three training modules, designed for all school employees. From site managers, caterers or administrative staff, right through to the IT team, senior managers and even your Data Protection Officer, we offer courses to suit all levels of data protection. Each module comprises engaging, bite-sized learning chunks, and tests to check learning and an assessment at the end. All assessments are fully CPD certified, with certification given on the successful completion of each course. • Foundation course: this beginner course covers the fundamentals of the GDPR and provides general awareness for all members of school staff. • Intermediate course: our intermediate GDPR course builds on the fundamentals learned within the foundation course, and is primarily aimed at teaching staff and senior management. • Professional course: the professional course is our final and most advanced GDPR e-learning module, which is best suited for school data leads and data protection officers.
  • Groupcall Analytics
    Groupcall Analytics is a data aggregation and intelligence solution for multi-academy trusts designed to inform data-driven decision making for trust-wide improvement. Analytics supports organisations in tracking key data including progress, attainment, behaviour and attendance allowing them to spot trends and identify issues not previously visible from the raw data alone. Standardising the presentation of the most up to date, real-time data in a simple, easily comparable way, Analytics allows teachers and schools leaders to make quick comparisons between a wide range of data sets so they can spend less time working out where problems are, and more time solving them. Tailored with you during the set-up process to suit your MATs’ specific requirements, Groupcall Analytics is a powerful support to help you solve real-world issues, identifying early intervention flags for safeguarding and exploitation threats for pupil within your academies.
  • Gratnells Rover
    Tough and practical, the Gratnells Rover has been designed to carry trays over any terrain and help you move heavy loads around with ease. Whether you need to take beanbags and bottled water to the field on sports day or a class full of ipads to an after school club the Rover is ideal for transporting anything you need, even up and down stairs.
  • Gratnells MakerSpace
    The Gratnells MakerSpace trolley holds standard Gratnells trays on StopSafe runners, allowing easy and safe access to components. The tool hangers can be moved and changed to suit many objects. Comes complete with three deep (F2) trays, 12 shallow (F1) trays, 12 green mini bins, roll holder, 5 single hooks and 5 double hooks. You can customise your MakerSpace trolley with different tray combinations and additional hooks and bins. Robust steel frame and heavy duty lockable castors for reliable service Side and back panels with industry standard holes and slots for wide range of accessories 3 deep (F2) trays 12 shallow (F1) trays 12 green mini bins 1 roll holder 5 single hooks and 5 double hooks. Suitable for loads up to 85Kg
  • G-reporting
    G-reporting is a tool used by system administrators and teachers to generate detailed reports from Google Classroom on Students, Teachers, Classrooms, and Guardians
  • Gomer Robot
    Gomer, a programmable AI robot. It boast the advanced AI & soft robotics technology, can recognize your face, specific pattern, your expression etc. In addition, it is the world's first educaitonal and entertainment robot with a soft hand, which is just like a human hand that it can grab fragile objects, such as picking up an egg or a piece of paper. And also can grab some hard objects such as drinks. Besides, it can be programming by draging and droping modules to design your own program.
  • Genee Registrar Visitor Management System
    Security and accountability are imperative within Education environments, Genee World’s Registrar Visitor Management System provides a simple to use sign-in solution with Photo Capture, Barcode Scanning and Visitor Label Printing. Allowing visitors and staff to easily sign in and out of a premises. The Genee Registrar system allows you to track the comings and goings of students. The Student module is geared around keeping every child safe and secure to give you complete piece of mind over pupil whereabouts. We integrate with all the leading MIS providers to ensure that your sign in identity information is always up to date. New year groups are automatically added at the start of the year and when new staff and students are added to your MIS, they are instantly added to the Registrar, making time consuming manual updates a thing of the past.
  • Genee Deluxe Interactive Touchscreen
    The fundamental difference between the Genee Classic and the Genee Deluxe is the addition of the included android. The android allows integration of Apps through the Genee App Store. All Genee Deluxe touchscreens come complete with Android so no PC is required. Operating systems are upgradable with our simple ‘plug and play’ i5 or i7 devices that simply slide into the back of your screen. All of Genee’s G-Touch interactive touchscreens come with downloadable SPARK II software and a 1 Year License of Project Flow software.
  • Genee Classic Interactive Touchscreen
    The G-Touch Range provides teachers with an array of collaborative teaching opportunities. It is ideal for use in a Nursery or Primary School. The slimline, lightweight design of the G-Touch Classic makes it ideal for use with a portable stand, and teachers benefit from the flexibility of uses. With 10-point touch technology, the G-Touch Classroom Range provide teachers with an array of collaborative teaching opportunities. To ensure you get the best out of our screens we give you free downloadable SPARK II software and a 1 Year License of Project Flow software.
  • Genee Visualisers
    With Genee Visualisers you can make a strong impact on your audience, adding visual content to enhance your presentation by showing your content on a larger scale - in fine detail. A key use for Visualisers is to bring student work into lessons for peer led assessment, show and tell and discussion through collaboration. Genee’s Visualisers integrate seamlessly with our SPARK II lesson software, enabling teachers to demonstrate and interact with students in real-time; which allows teachers to create lessons that are infinitely more engaging.
  • Genee Tilt & Touch Table
    Genee's Tilt & Touch table range is a great addition to any nursery or Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 or SEN classroom with the objective of engaging children using educational gaming software to inspire learning. The robust steel table frame includes a built-in PC, meaning teachers are simply one touch away from transforming the classroom into a collaborative learning environment. G-Safe is included as standard and is our unique approach to ensuring student safety whilst using the device. G-Safe locks the system down to prevent accidental and malicious misuse of the computer system and keeps students within a safe, sandbox environment that can be fully controlled by the teacher. The range includes our award winning 32" Early Years Tilt & Touch Table, the 42" Height Adjustable Tilt & Touch Table and the 42" Junior Tilt & Touch Table.
  • Genee 4K interactive Touchscreen
    The stunning 4K G-Touch Touchscreen range provides the highest quality images available and provides users with ultra-high-definition quality. It has been designed with an eye to the future in mind and offers front-facing speakers, 10-point touch and ease of use with the simple front-facing and side-facing buttons and connection ports which allow for any device to be connected to the G-Touch easily. With the crisp presentation display, it comes complete with an Android operating system. All of Genee’s 4K screens come with downloadable SPARK II software and a 1 Year License of Project Flow or CubeShare software.
  • GSync
    GSync is our iSAMS to Google G Suite synchronisation service. Our unique service syncs from one cloud to the other, without the need for any other software or servers! By default the service syncs daily, pulling through staff/student groups and calendars etc. We can also apply conditional formatting, change naming conventions and tweak/reformat any of the data within reason. The service can also allow individual staff to not be sync’d as required and includes basic reporting (via email) for admins. Visit our website https://north27.co.uk/isams or email us to find out more!
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