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23 - 26 January 2019
ExCel London

Bett 2019 Product List

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  • FrogConnect
    FrogConnect, our solution to enable schools that are part of a Multi-Academy Trust to communicate and collaborate effectively.
  • FrogPlay
    FrogPlay is a unified solution that allows schools to... Baseline assessments using self marking curriculum mapped tests. Plot progress being made against end of key stage learning objectives. Gather evidence and make judgements on mastery. Identify gaps in learning and align learning resources to provide intervention. Encourage revision through game based formative assessment.
  • FrogProgress
    Frog Progress is a centralised assessment and progress reporting system developed from the ground up in close partnership with the NAHT, NAACE and leading schools across the UK, Frog Progress is the leading choice for schools who are looking for a system that has been designed purposefully to assess and measure progress for life after levels or mastery based curriculum.
  • FrogLearn
    FrogLearn is much more than a VLE or Learning Platform. It is a Learning Management System that operates from the heart of your school, centralising administration and pulling everything into one place. Making everyday tasks such sharing information and resources easier and more manageable. We like to think of Frog Learn as your Educational Operating System. Frog Learn is for everyone, making life easier, reducing workload and providing a platform that you can build on over time, at your pace.
  • Family
    An educational and innovative method, KOKORO lingua was designed by an expert's team of primary school teachers, English teachers, linguists and mums. A time saver for parents, KOKORO lingua provides them with ready-to-watch videos accessible around the clock, already sequenced in relevant pedagogical order, printed pedagogical supporting materials, concise instructions on how to run the program and weekly advice on how to practice the acquired language points at home. Last but not least, children learn the language with the right pronunciation and accents. Non-native parents don’t even have to worry about the influence of their own accent!
  • Free Premium Resources
    When you join the School Radio family you gain access to fantastic Premium Resource Kits, School Lesson Plans, Industry Tips, School Radio Player, support, training and much more… Every School Radio system includes access to a fantastic range of Premium Resource Kits that will inspire your students and help you to develop content that not only covers many aspects of radio but also relates directly to key goals and statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. We have identified more than 100 individual points in the National Curriculum that School Radio can help you achieve. School Radio customers can download the annotated document from schoolradio.com today! Premium Resource Examples: • Radio Drama – Spooky Hill. • Book Review Show. • HistoryLIVE! • Good Radio Interviews. • The Discussion Show. • Build A School Radio Player using a Raspberry Pi
  • FormBox
    The Mayku FormBox is a desktop vacuum forming tool that allows you to make things...fast. It can be used to make everything from Airgineers drones to chocolate moulds - a valuable tool for any Design Technology department.
  • Fable
    Fable is a multi-disciplinary robotics system designed for use in KS2, 3 and 4. Assemble robots quickly using the snap-together magnetic parts and program using Blockly or Python
  • Fitness Channel
    Our fitness channel is a collection of 5-minute fun fitness routines with an array of different themes, from Pirates to Superheros, and Pop to Bollywood. These videos are aimed at getting pupils up, active and ready for learning. Resources can be used at any time during the school day to increase physical activity levels, such as first thing in the morning as a wake up activity, as an energy or brain breaks, to re-motivate after break or lunchtime, or as part of a warm up during a PE lesson. Our routines are differentiated through complexity and speed which is indicated by our star rating system.
  • FasTrak Cashless Catering
    BioStore’s powerful, integrated Cashless Catering solutions are simple to use and solve many of the administration problems faced in operating a canteen environment for schools, colleges and universities.
  • Fun Days, Festivals and Community Events
    A bespoke plan is drawn up and reviewed with organisers, if suitable, GlamSci will deliver sessions required throughout the day. Great flexibility, sessions designed to fit in with current ideas, themes and curriculum. Bookable for half and full days, as well as STEM Days/Weeks.
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