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22 - 25 January 2020
ExCel London

Bett 2019 Product List

  • Letter
    • A
  • ActionJoin
    Teaching computational thinking and programming principles through visual software builder.
  • Aproshe Editor
    Aproshe Editor is an Interactive PDF and HTML5 Authoring Software that makes it easy to add useful objects such as images, videos, audios, animations, and other interactive features directly on existing PDF documents. You may use Interactive PDF with our viewer applications or convert them in HTML5.
  • A Tool for the transportation admin 2
  • A Tool for the transportation admin
  • Activate System
    A full instructional audio and video platform that includes whole-room and small group audio pods, mobile app for control and video capture, video management system for sharing.
  • Alternative Provision
    EDLounge prides itself on our online learning and tutor support. We have a customisable learning environment and gaming environment. You will also have access to over 8500 lessons, puzzles and tests. As your alternative provision, EDLounge can help you in many ways including; engaging vulnerable students, reducing the cost of the alternative provision and raising the standards of behaviour.
  • Annoto Video Analytics
    Comprehensive analytics provide additional insights and enable Annoto to create a 360° view on how users interact with the video content and between each other.
  • Annoto Video Space
    Annoto VideoSpace is a fully customized cloud based VCMS - Video Content Management System , with tools for managing, importing, editing media content, and tools for collaboration activities
  • Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) Certification Programme
    Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification demonstrates proficiency in Adobe's digital communication tools i.e. Creative Cloud (CC) software. ACA is a prerequisite qualification to succeed in the high demand areas of digital communication and media. It provides students and job-seekers with a valuable competitive edge. ACA Exam Packs make it very affordable for academic institutions to offer ACA training and certification. Certiport's Live-In-The-Application testing software makes ACA exams easy to deliver and delivers robust, internationally standardised assessment of each student's performance.
  • Apprender
    Apprender.sm appears with the aim of carrying out innovation inside and outside the school. A marketplace where you will find the best educational apps with the guarantee of the pedagogical team of the Spanish publisher SM. Children will enjoy a personalized and stimulating learning.
  • Admin Dashboard: Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere
    Blocksi Manager Administrator Dashboard is at the heart of the Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere cloud web and youtube filtering solution for Chromebooks. It features as well cyberbullying and self harm early warning detection across GSuite Gmail and Google drive
  • Akademi.net
    Enterprise Learning Experience Platform for mobile & social , micro learning Akademi.net LMS Akademi.net MOOC
  • Apply FENTEK
    APPLY FenTek is an innovative online admission process for Bahcesehir High School for Science and Technology, available to all 8th grade youth. It was developed to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in high quality STEM education. Admissions are made through applyfentek.com by uploading the portfolio of the students to the system, taking the online entrance exam measuring higher order thinking skills in mathematics, science and language, and going through an interview with the academic faculty. Students are evaluated based on their portfolios including social responsibility and science projects, exam scores, interview performances and dreams in pursuing a STEM infused career.
  • Avishkaar E-Series X
    At Avishkaar, we have embraced the open source movement and our Avishkaar E-Series X kit is an initiative in that direction only. It fits in well with various Arduino, RPi or open hardware movements of the world and is just the right prototyping platform for 14+ students.
  • Avishkaar E-Series LITE
    The Avishkaar E-Series LITE kit has the capability to teach limited Programming skills in addition to a wholesome Robotics Design system. Since it comes equipped with a microcontroller based brain, one can control various designs that one makes either through a program or a wireless controller. Its aimed at 10 to 12 year olds.
  • Arbor MIS for groups & MATs
    Our Group MIS brings your schools’ core student and staff data together in one place, transforming the way you operate your Group
  • Arbor MIS for schools
    A simple, smart cloud-based MIS for primary, secondary & special schools. Use as a single school or across your MAT or Group
  • Accessibility:
    Trivium’s content repurposing service enables organizations of different sizes to successfully leverage their intellectual capital by making their content easily accessible to diverse audience in multiple learning contexts and environments. In an ever-changing technology driven world, newer platforms for dissemination for content is the norm rather than the exception. Trivium’s clients save time and money by having a single vendor to develop their content to multiple platforms. Some of our past projects in this category include • Conversion of books to proprietary e-books • Conversion of paper based English passages to web based flash cards • Creation of accessibility read aloud texts for images and videos for online courses • Alt Text Indexing • PDF metadata tagging • Digital repository building • Language translation
  • Assessment Writing:
    Trivium provides a portfolio of item (question) writing services that includes original item creation, item cloning, item alignment and item review. Items can be delivered in word document, excel table, professional writing software like InCopy or entered directly into client specific content management systems. Trivium provides its clients a dedicated project team to manage the entire life cycle of item development to ensure production costs are kept to a minimum. The key aspects of Trivium’s development process includes: • Understanding client and project requirements and specifications • Creating a team based on required expertise • Developing and discussing a prototype with client to ensure alignment • Three level quality assurance process to ensure error free items • Regular client communication for status updates and feedback
  • Alinea
    Alinea is the largest educational publishing company in Denmark. Together with top researchers and exemplary practitioners Alinea develops teaching materials in both printed and digital formats for all school subjects and all grade levels. Experience Alinea’s new digital publishing platform NEXT.
  • Answermats - a visual marking system that reduces marking time
    The patented Answermats form part of the core Numberfit programme across all age groups and provide a visual marking system that dramatically reduces marking time. Students can work alone, or in groups, using materials suited to their ability levels, to complete the questions in their Answermats. Once finished, the students turn their Answermats over to reveal a mosaic to demonstrate whether they have the correct answers or not. Visit stand G188 to see ‘the big reveal’!
  • Aerohive AP630
    Aerohive AP630 802.11ax
  • AssessPrep
    AssessPrep is the future of assessments. AssessPrep enables creation, delivery and grading of rich, interactive assessments in a high stakes and low stakes environment. In 100+ schools internationally and growing fast.
  • Appraisals & CPD
    Easily manage appraisals, lesson observations and Continual Professional Development (CPD) with Appraisal System available in FrogLearn. It's uniquely flexible that reduces administration, providing a measure of personnel development and progress.
  • ALTO Performance
    ALTO ensures that the process of staff appraisals are as effective as possible, while also positively impacting on the performance of your organisation. Staff are able to take ownership of their professional development which is linked to overall aims and objectives.
  • Authoring Digital Exams with WISEflow
    In the author module, you can build powerful interactive tests, choosing from more than 50 question templates ranging from simple multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, short and long answer to advanced maths and graphs. You can choose the type of exam that best suits your wants and needs: home assignment, on-site exam, group exam, multiple choice or oral exam. You can even align it automatically with the specific rules and regulations of your institution.
  • Autodesk Fusion 360
    Fusion 360 is a powerful CAD tool that combines the benefits of running software on your local machine with harnessing the power of cloud technology. Design, make, render and test your products in a single piece of software. And the best part? It's free for educational use. Fusion 360 is at the heart of the Airgineers project - visit us to find out more about implementing CAD in your classroom.
  • Aspen Studio
    Interactive HTML5 e-learning contents authoring tool
  • AR1 Accessibility Studio
    The World’s most accessible radio studio, the AR1 was developed in conjunction with a number of special schools around the UK to provide a School Radio studio package that would be accessible to students with varied levels of special educational needs. Installed from £8699+VAT. Comes in a range of vibrant colours. The AR1 offers the same benefits of the SR4 but with a number of additional features to add accessibility including: • Height adjustable main desk (manual adjustment via winder). • Tilt adjustable mixer frame to angle mixer from flat to near vertical. • Dual articulated mic arms to position the microphones where you need them. • Switch interface + scan/switch support in Myriad to offer a range of control options. • Customisable font size and high contrast colour schemes.
  • AskMo
    Edmodo is using machine learning and artificial intelligence to curate the world’s largest video content. Through AskMo, Edmodo’s unique free search engine, students gain access to personalized resources for learning, tutoring, test preparation, and college selection. Discover more at askmo.edmodo.com.
  • AllStars Training International
    Train your staff to British Standards – The most respected system in the world! AllStars Training provides CPD Accredited online training courses for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) staff. Our mission is to give individuals and organisations the technology they need to teach and train with confidence. Developed by an accredited, award-winning British EYFS team. AllStars Training includes a simple online management tool that allows courses to be allocated to your staff and their progress centrally monitored and recorded. Successful course participants receive accredited CPD certificates. There is a wide range of EYFS courses available, including child development, behaviour management, safeguarding, and parent partnerships. With more modules being released in 2019.
    Creative Technologies in the Classroom 101, or CTC 101, is Arduino’s one-of-a-kind STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) program. Tailored for students ages 13 to 17, CTC 101 is the ideal professional development program for educators. CTC 101 has been certified by the Finnish Kokoa Education Standard™ that guarantees high educational value and robust pedagogical design on global learning. What Does It Include? - TOOLBOX: More than 700 components for a class with up to 30 students. - ONLINE PLATFORM: Access to the Arduino Education Learning Management System with step-by-step instructions and lessons for more than 25 hands-on experiments based on themed modules. - SUPPORT: Guided educators training, live webinars, and forum monitored by Arduino Education experts.
  • Airgineers
    Airgineers is a schools drone racing project developed in partnership with Autodesk and Rapid Education. Use free Fusion 360 or TinkerCAD software to design and develop a fully functioning micro drone before manufacturing it using 3D printing, vacuum forming, laser cutting or just about any other technique you can think of!
  • Aelos 1EDU-A.I programming education
    Aelos 1EDU is the first humanoid robot with complete educational solution, take the advanced humanoid robots as the carrier, combined with the sensor, the open source hardware accessories, software programming,professional curriculum, teacher training, competition in the integration of systematic solution, delivery STEAM conception and robot education to global primary and middle school students, help students master multidisciplinary knowledge, including science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics. There are 17 public primary and secondary schools in China, and more than 500 off-campus training centers are carrying out Aelos education robotics courses.
  • Aelos 1S
    Aelos 1S is the enlightenment robot for A.I programming. It is also the first two-legged humanoid robot capable of fast walking in China. Aelos 1S can perform thousands of movements, complete tasks such as dancing, football, competition, yoga, and voice interaction with children. What's more, kids can master programming logic and skills through task-based Blockly programming, enabling Aelos 1S to be more capable and applied in more scenarios.Children can also upload their programming ideas to the robot community of leju and share with other robot enthusiasts.
  • All-in-one Robotics Board for BBC micro:b
    Significantly up your microbit robotics game with the Kitronik All-in-one Robotics Board for the BBC microbit. Control motors, servos and process i/o and I2C.
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