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23 - 26 January 2019
ExCel London

Bett 2019 Product List

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  • 0 HDMI & VGA Joy-SciCam G2 Industrial Camera For Microscope
    Separate design of VGA/HDMI port brings a highly integrated compact structure and low failure rate. Connected with PC via USB port or connected with mouse for PC-free operating.G2 Industrial Camera has made a leap of image quality, color reduction and response time.1080 resolution matches mainstream HD screen in market.Helps a lot in teaching demonstration experimental recording and other industrial detection fields. SMT PCB detection、Warehouse incoming materials detection、Biology experiments demonstration、Medical anatomy presentation.
  • 0 Mini Design Joy-CamScan E Series Document Camera
    Based on a wide scale of imaging data and user experience analysis, the designed fill-in LED properly suits for various light conditions.Foldable design, light in weight ( about 408g), you can simply put it into pocket.​Doccamera® TWAIN driver is a standard driver program developed by Joyusing for calling data by other developers. This eliminates many of the incompatibility problems that occur between system and device.
  • 0 Joy-CamScan L Series Weight Light Portable Document Camera
    Made from aluminum alloy, simple and industrial style. Weight light for easy portability.Optional 5.0MP/10.0MP fixed focus lens for A4 size document, born for documents scanning. High speed, stable imaging.Joy-ScanAssist, the software for Joy-CamScan, is incorporated with ABBYY OCR, optical character recognition. It could instantly convert scanned characters into editable words, with an accuracy up to 99%.
  • 0 High Resolution Portable Fast ​Joy-BookScan V160 Book Scanner
    Scanning 80 Pages Of A Book In one Minute. As A Smart Document Scanning Device, Joy-BookScan V160 Has The Features Of Advanced Algorithm Of Distortion Correction, flattening surface, finger removal, background purification, auto paging etc., What's More, It Is Integrated With The World Leading ABBYY OCR, To Convert Scanned Documents Into Editable E-file In One-Click.
  • 0 Economic 8.0 Mega Pixels Auto-focus Joy-DocCam V500S Visual Presenter
    Lighten An Object By Automatic Fill-In Light From The Top And The Side.Dimmable LED Light With Touch Control.Five Joints In Two Arms,Reveal Details From Close-up To Full Shot Of Various Objects. Rapid Imaging By 8MP HD CMOS, Removing The Noise While Preserving The Details. One Click To Auto-Focus, Fast Response To Various Situations.
  • 0 Built-in PC-free Software Joy-DocCam V500 Document Camera
    Joy-DocCam V500 could easily reach out to various displaying terminals.Proper layout and functional integration of physical buttons for a more comfortable user experience. Capture 3D objects or even room view from any angle by flexible joints and digital zooming.It delivers high definition 1080p videos in RGB true color and never misses any single detail.
  • 3D Printing
    The UP Mini 2 is a low cost, high quality 3D printer which is perfect for schools. Fully enclosed for safety, HEPA filter for cleanliness, quiet and easily portable.
  • :GAME ZIP 64 for the BBC micro:bit
    The :GAME ZIP 64 is the ultimate retro handheld gaming platform for the micro:bit. It's got everything; a screen, programmable buttons, haptic feedback and more
  • :KLEF Piano for the BBC micro:bit
    Unlock your inner composer with the Kitronik :KLEF Piano, a capacitive touch keyboard for micro:bit. Featuring a full octave Piano Keyboard, amplifier & speaker
  • :MOVE mini buggy kit for micro:bit
    The Kitronik :MOVE mini buggy kit for the BBC micro:bit is a fun introduction to the world of robotics. Once built it can be coded for a variety of activities.
  • 2Connect
    A mapping and concept planning tool that allows pupils to generate ideas with text, image and sound to write in one place. Learners can also collaborate with each other on a concept map, making 2Connect a dynamic addition to Purple Mash.
  • 2Type
    Type is a highly engaging and customisable typing program that familiarises children with the keyboard. Children can choose their own letters, words, text and speeds, or enjoy using a series of pre-set activities such as Falling Words, Typing Practice, Dictation, just to mention a few.
  • 2Design and Make
    Design your own 3D models with this primary C.A.D. software. Print them out and make them up to bring your designs to life. Chose a pre-made template to decorate (car, house, truck, bear, crown, cube, polygon, bus, lorry cab, lorry trailer or train) or make your own unique design.
  • 2Calculate
    2Calculate offers the same powers as a basic spreadsheet but uses language and mathematical symbols that children can relate to. There is a wide range pre-set activities to challenge and stimulate at all levels from mathematical quizzes and counting money to decimals and formula wizards.
  • 2Code
    2Code has been purposefully designed to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum 2014. It enables teachers, even those with no prior coding experience, to confidently deliver fun and engaging lessons that meet the requirements of the curriculum. 2Code turns children as young as five into competent coders by using fun ready-made Guided Lesson activities.
  • 2Write
    2Write allows children to work collaboratively in real time. Children can work on the same document with each child’s input appearing in a unique colour. It is perfect for: • Word and idea walls • Peer assessment • Collaborative fiction • Research Wikis • Inter-class projects It can also be used as a simple word processor. It follows ‘web’ rather than ‘desktop publishing’ standards and is a great way to get children used to writing for an online audience.
  • 2Quiz
    2Quiz is the creative way to re-enforce and test knowledge and skills from across the curriculum. Teachers and children can make their own imaginative test. You have wide range of quiz types available, from simple multiple-choice to your own custom labelling challenges.
  • 2Blog
    2Blog is a simple and versatile way of setting up blogs for classes, groups and individuals within your school. Once set up, you have full control who can view and post on the site. As well as posting text and photos, bloggers can embed their Purple Mash projects and comment on other posts.
  • 2Email
    2Email allows children as young as five can practice composing, sending and replying to emails in a safe and secure environment. It includes a range of ‘2Respond’ lesson activities where children receive emails from fictional characters and are asked to respond appropriately. With a special safety feature teachers are able to review every email sent. For extra peace of mind they can prevent emails from being delivered until they have been reviewed.
  • 2Build a Profile
    The multi-award winning app for gathering observations on the go. It improves the quality and consistency of formative assessment, while also saving educators hours of record keeping time. Enjoy seamless progress tracking from Reception through to the end of Primary.
  • 【Thunder】14-IN-1 Robot Construction Kit
    1. Step by step instructions for at least 14 different robots 2. Easy-to-use App to control the robot and have fun 3. Blockly-based programming with STEM curriculums
  • 【Wingbot】Programmable Drone
    1. Incredible motion control function makes it the easiest drone to fly. 2. One baton, four different ways to control 3. Playful physical programming function to teach kids programming logic. 4. Specially designed propeller protectors,safe to fly indoors and our doors.
  • 【Rebot】STEAM  Metallic Robot
    1. High-quality aluminum alloy with high-end texture 2. Integrating mechanical engineering with art creation 3. Stronger versatility with systematized and standardized components 4. Capable of being used in robot teaching and competition 5. Enhancing teamwork spirit by sharing components 6. Compatible with Lego, unlocking more building play
  • 【Mabot】Modular Educational and Programmable Robot
    Mabot is one of the best AI STEAM toys to let kids build, customize, and program robots, exploring mechanics, engineering, coding, and developing STEAM skills. 1. Modular design, easy to assemble 2. Multi-angle plug for multiple forms of robots 3. Hot-plugging function allows easy accessibility and uninterrupted gaming 4. Comes with an entertaining app that turns learning into a game 5. Compatible with Lego
  • 3D45
    Bring your ideas to life with easy and reliable 3D printing. From experimental creation and design to prototyping for beginners and experts. A variety of filament types, supported by RFID filament recognition, assisted build platform leveling and Wi-Fi connectivity allow you effortless and successful prints for your 3D printing purpose.
  • 3D40
    Explore your imagination. From gadgets to toys to spare parts for your DIY projects, easily print your 3D objects. Easy set-up with semi-auto quick leveling of the build platform and Wi-Fi for remote printing allow you to start bringing your ideas to life in no time.
  • 3D20
    The 3D20 comes fully assembled from the factory and includes everything you need to go from unboxing to your first print in 10 minutes. Print high quality parts with excellent bridging, overhangs and supports in up to 100 micron resolution. The intuitive touchscreen allows you to easily access print files, start, pause and stop prints and manage your printer.
  • 3.0 Classroom modular furniture
    The 3.0 CLASSROOM furnishings adapt to the different needs of today’s didactics: from individual desks to multiple configurations – island, horseshoe or linear – capable of accommodating groups of 2, 4, 6 or more students: the perfect solution for collaborative activities! The 3.0 Classroom furnishings are available in different heights and respond to both the EC Directive on safety and the requirements established by italian Legislative Decree N. 81/2008.
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