Imagine a world where assessments are digital and on demand

24 Jan 2020
Schools Theatre
Empowering teaching and learning , Inclusion and SEND
The economic, political and social landscape is rapidly evolving, and technology is continuing to open new opportunities in work and education. Every learner is unique and preparing them for their future is more important than ever before. The ongoing assessment of young people around SEN and mental health and ensuring there is a plan in place to enable them to succeed remains a constant focus. Innovations in technology continue to provide an opportunity both inside and outside the classroom with engaging learning environments and new ways of assessing learners. Hear from Pearson’s Hayley White on how assessments are becoming more accessible and inclusive for all and Robert Reilly-Craig on how using assessments across interdisciplinary teams can help you understand why learners may not be learning at their expected rate in order to help them achieve success.
Robert Reilly-Craig, Head of Clinical Assessment - Pearson
Hayley White, Assessment Director - Pearson

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