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  • Web Filter
    Lightspeed Systems Web Filter is a scalable hardware or cloud-based solution designed just for schools, colleges and Local Authorities. Our adaptive AI database contains billions of constantly updated URL’s in education-specific categories. Our partnerships with IWF, Department for Education and the UK Safer Internet Centre ensure we have the latest URL’s to ensure e-safety compliance with Ofsted e-safety and Prevent Duty Guidance. The Web Filter also contains the most advanced tools for SSL decryption, Filter Bypass and even has a separate login for teachers, which allows them to temporarily override content filter rules for specified periods of time. The newest feature included with our Web Filter is Smart Play, a powerful tool for safe YouTube browsing that lets schools allow and block videos with ease.
  • Web Filtering
    Schools Broadband understands that you need to keep your students safe without technology getting in the way of effective learning. We provide Lightspeed Systems’ web filtering which is one of the most advanced available when it comes to protecting children online. Our filter fully complies with Ofsted’s Statutory Guidance and fulfils the recommendations that they make to schools. It is fully customisable so staff have the freedom and flexibility to customise filtering accordingly, allowing them to block or allow websites for set periods of time on certain devices.
  • WebScreen2.0
    Proven web filtering that addresses the particular needs of the UK education sector with site-level control and dynamic AI filtering.
  • Website Design
    Bespoke, Responsive Website Design
  • What is AppWriter?
    AppWriter is an Assistive Technology Tool that provides literacy support to those who battle with reading and writing difficulties at school, work or when communicating on social media.
  • What is G-Suite for Education?
    Google is famous for its ease of use, effectiveness, and reliability. G-Suite for Education is Google’s suite of tools that can help educators to stimulate critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity in the classroom. G-Suite for Education is • Free for schools • Ad-free • 24/7 support • Best-in-class security • Everything is stored in the Cloud • Usable on any device • One Account for Everything...and much more! With EduLife, you can save time and money to setup, manage and synchronise your school’s G-Suite domain - flawlessly.
  • What is TxtAnalyser
    TxtAnalyser is a unique language tool that finds, and corrects, your students’ spelling, and grammatical mistakes. Teachers receive a report for each assignment, student, and group. TxtAnalyser saves you time and allows you to focus on what they write, rather than how they write.
  • Wide Range of Media Converters:
  • WiFi
    Strong, comprehensive and reliable wireless internet
  • Windows Notebook ProLine
    A powerful and convertible notebook equipped with the intuitive Windows 10 and touchscreen. The notebook allows you to convert the screen to whatever angle you choose, from laptop to tablet and everything in between.
  • Wireless CO2 Sensor
    Measure the concentration of Carbon Dioxide gas in a closed system or open environment. Study core topics (including photosynthesis, respiration, and carbon cycling) with this versatile probe. CO2 data can be logged directly on the device for long term life science and environmental science studies.
  • Wireless Colorimeter & Turbidity Sensor
    The Wireless Colorimeter can measure absorbance and transmittance at six different wavelengths. Each wavelength represents a region of the ROYGBV color wheel. Measure the colors of a solution to introduce the principles of spectroscopy, relate absorbance to concentration, and study reaction rates. The colorimeter also functions as a turbidimeter for water quality analysis by measuring the scattering effect of suspended particles.
  • Wireless Networking
    Through in-depth site surveys and excellent design, Lynx Networks can give you fast WiFi that reaches every corner of your school.
  • Wireless Science Sensors
    What should the science classroom of future look like? Do you imagine students using modern tools that collect the data they need and stream it to any screen for analysis? Information gathered directly by students and at their fingertips? That’s our vision and it’s simpler, more powerful and definitely more cost effective than you might imagine. Our growing list of wireless sensors are rugged, high quality and low cost. They provide freedom and flexibility without compromise for any device, platform or science lesson.
  • Wireless Solutions For Schools
    As a Ruckus Top Dog authorised partner, Joskos delivers a wireless network that enhances mobile learning and builds confidence in learners and teachers. We can provide you with a robust and secure wireless network that offers ultimate flexibility, providing network access in areas of your schools site that may not be otherwise possible.
  • Wireless Temperature Sensor
    Welcome to the modern thermometer. With its waterproof, rugged design, this sensor functions in the lab or out in the field. Study evaporative cooling, homeostasis, monitor a water bath, or store weeks of environmental data on the sensor with this one device.
  • Wireless Weather with GPS Sensor
    The Wireless Weather Sensor is an all-in-one instrument for monitoring environmental conditions. By incorporating several sensing elements into a single unit, the sensor provides up to 17 different measurements! Use the sensor in logging mode with the Weather Vane Accessory for long-term monitoring, or use it as a hand-held instrument to study microclimates and record ambient conditions relevant to many biological and environmental phenomena.
    Scan a wide range of documents on the go with the fastest portable business scanner on the market1, with Super Speed USB 3.0 connectivity
    Intelligent, secure business scanner with built-in networking and smart features for fast, high-volume scanning and circulation.
    Print high-quality documents at superfast 100ipm speeds with this reliable and environmentally-friendly departmental colour A3 business MFP.
    Save on energy and cut waste with this reliable 4-in-1 business MFP, featuring predictable printing costs and low user intervention.
    All the parts required to make this engaging buggy are included in this kit as well as a Project on a Page presentation which gives step by step instructions and tips. Contents: 10 Logiblocs parts Platform including 1.5V battery compartment Geared Motor (including axle, wheels and fixings) A3 Project on a Page guide The Buggy Car kit is a first opportunity for children to link the Coding World with the Physical World and gives a great insight into the subject of Control. The buggy can be dismantled and re-used time and time again.
  • World Leading Content Providers
    We curate the best educational videos from the world’s leading content providers, plus each month we create our own ClickView Original Series. https://www.clickview.co.uk/video-content-primary/ https://www.clickview.co.uk/video-content-secondary https://www.clickview.co.uk/higher-ed-fe/
  • WriQ
    Keeping track of every student’s writing ability can be time-consuming for busy teachers. WriQ gives educators a complete picture of each student’s journey as an increasingly confident writer. This free add-on for Google Docs measures age-appropriate use of sentence length, vocabulary, and correct and incorrect word sequences. What’s more, it gives teachers a benchmark to assess the quality of writing by genre-specific criteria, like plot and analysis - just like current standards that measure the maturity of students’ reading.
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