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  • Tabinet™ 10
    Offering slimline, wall mounted, secure storage for tablets and iPads, with built-in charging for up to 10 devices, Tabinet™ 10 offers an unobtrusive sync, charge and storage solution perfect for corridors, smaller offices, huddle areas and anywhere else where space is at a premium. The Tabinet™ is 890mm high, 450mm wide and just 220mm deep (excluding the lock). The smart design accommodates 10 tablets complete with fully managed charging, so every product – regardless of manufacturer or model – receives the perfect charging profile. There’s also plenty of in-built ventilation, allowing air to circulate around the devices, ensuring that there is no heat build-up within the cabinet itself.
  • Tackling Add & Subtract
    Tackling Add and Subtract uses same principles as Tackling Tables to help children master mental maths
  • Tackling Tables
    Tackling Tables is a fun, easy-to-implement whole school approach to helping children learn their tables and the inverse by the end of year 4. The learning is exciting and engaging as it is through playing the Tackling Tables cards. The motivation is through "Beat your Best" tests and in the whole celebration of success. The package also includes a bespoke tracker system to enable pupil progress and age-related achievements to be monitored.
  • Tango Touch
    Integrex offers a wide range of screen and teaching software solutions allowing you access a vast amount of teaching resources. Screen sizes ranging from 43” to 55”, all the way up to 98”. Partnering with the likes of SMART, Promethean, ViewSonic, Clevertouch, Tango Touch and many more, wall mounted or fully mobile, Integrex and its dedicated professionals can offer the best Interactive Solution for you”.
  • TARGET - Combining multi school key performance data
    Shaping your schools future strategy Presenting multi school key data in user-friendly, clear and manageable web-based solution for all schools within your MAT, Trust, Group or Local Authority. Live dashboards display attendance, behaviour, grading performance levels, Leadership plan interventions via timeline – Manage your school groups data effectively www.tascsoftware.co.uk
  • Teach Early Years
    Be they nursery practitioners or childminders, preschool managers or Reception class teachers, Teach Early Years has its readers covered. Our remit includes all aspects of the business of caring for and educating the 0–5s – so readers will find everything they need inside, from pedagogical guidance on all areas of learning and development, to tips for leaders on developing staff, engaging with parents and achieving a successful Ofsted judgement. In a sector in which change often feels like the only constant, we are also committed to sharing the opinions of policy-makers, influencers and campaigners, and the latest research, to keep our readers informed of the issues and thinking that shapes the way they perform their roles
  • Teach Primary
    Teach Primary is a large and vibrant staffroom filled with talented colleagues. Our readers are also our writers. They are experienced heads, senior leaders, academics and consultants. The magazine is a conversation that spans the big issues shaping education, the daily substance of classroom life, and the career concerns of every school professional. Responding to curriculum, assessment and inspection changes is part and parcel of teaching life – like it or not – and our columnists provide expert opinion, perspective, and a touch of much needed humour on the key issues of the day. Information comes direct from schools too, as we regularly visit the top-performing settings in the country.
  • Teach Secondary
    The world of education is fast-moving and high-pressured; everyone has an opinion, and no one can deny that what happens in schools is incredibly important, for students, communities and indeed, our nation’s future. Expectations of teachers have arguably never been higher; yet at the same time, the status of the profession is somehow strangely undervalued. Teach Secondary acknowledges this – and responds with an editorial policy that is based on respect and celebration. Sharp, relevant contributions from some of the most innovative and credible educational thinkers and practitioners around are presented with style and in a way that encourages challenge and debate. Real voices from actual classrooms ensure that effective teaching and learning is always the main mission, with sharing best practice a top priority.
  • Teacher & Parent Communication Platform/ App
    Enable effortless teacher-parent communication via e-mail, sms, private social media and mobile app. Weduc encourages targeted communication and makes seamless parental engagement possible in any educational establishment.
  • Teacher Dashboard for Microsoft Office 365
    Teacher Dashboard transforms Office 365 into a powerful learning and assessment environment for teachers, students and parents. Teacher Dashboard includes Multischool, Student Dashboard and Parent Dashboard.
  • Teachers2Parents
    Staying connected with parents is important. Teachers2Parents offers a range of services that covers every aspect of your school's communication requirements. We are the market leaders of school communication systems, with over 10,000 schools nationwide using our services
  • Teaching Tech Savvy students
  • Technology and Innovation
    Technology has so much to offer the world of education – the possibilities are endless and exciting; but how are teachers supposed to tell the latest fad from the next best thing for long-term, sustainable improvement? Technology & Innovation magazine exists to support everyone who works in schools as they navigate their way through an edtech landscape that seems to change by the day: highlighting developments; considering the evidence; testing the latest products, resources and pedagogical theories; and generally encouraging a creative, evidence-based approach to classroom practice and personal CPD.
  • Technology Infrastructure
    Server and Storage virtualisation, Core and Edge Switch solutions, Wireless implementation and Security UTM
  • The new pi-top modular laptop
    The new pi-top is a modular laptop and introduces the world's first, all-new sliding keyboard. Your pi-top now includes a FREE inventor's kit
  • The new pi-top modular laptop
    The new pi-top is a modular laptop and introduces the world's first, all-new sliding keyboard. Your pi-top now includes a FREE inventor's kit
  • The Nisai Skills Academy
    Designed to equip every student with skills and vocational training.
  • The Nisai Virtual Academy
    The online learning platform that is the core of all our services, the NVA provides live interactive classes from KS3 – KS5 level. Short-term or long-term, all our students study at their current working level and can gain accredited courses such as Functional Skills, GCSEs, A Levels and vocations.
  • The powerful data analytics tools
    At Bett we will launch a powerful data intelligence tool that will allow you to explore your Trust’s own data without restriction or the need to standardising on one MIS. It will help you see exactly what’s going on and drill down into detail across your whole Trust, your regions, individual schools, year groups and even individual students and staff. Aiding you to make data driven decisions by reducing the time and cost of gaining relevant insight, Groupcall Analytics will help you demonstrate how you are improving outcomes and identify new ways to increase your success.
  • The SpellBots
    Looking for a better way to teach spelling? The SpellBots are on their way to help you and your learners!
  • Theatrical Lighting in a Primary School Hall
    Budget conscious design of sound, lighting, projection and drapes through the sensible reuse of existing equipment.
  • Timetables
    Give students everything they need to stay organised with Timetables. Accessible on-the-go, from school or at home with their Show My Homework account.
  • TINA   - The Complete Electronics Lab
    Analog, digital, symbolic, RF and mixed mode circuit simulation & design, virtual and real-time measurements, integrated PCB design. Enhanced with super-fast multi-core engine, mixed HDL, microcontroller (MCU), SMPS and Spice simulation, Flowchart Programming, Live 3D Breadboard, S-parameter models, Stress Analysis, and much more.
  • TINACloud  -  Web-Based Circuit Design & Analysis
    TINACloud is the cloud based multi-language online version of the popular TINA circuit simulation software now running in your browser without any installation and anywhere in the world.
  • Totem
    Our brand new Plastic2code range takes things to a whole new level with an enhanced mechanical approach and lots of new sensors. Each product is a different robotic animal from the recently discovered ‘Planet Totem’ and has a unique characteristic. When in ‘sentry mode’ the robots will respond instinctively. If you poke them, they get angry, stroke them to calm them down.
  • TouchBoard Interactive Whiteboard
    TouchBoard Powered by MimioStudio is an infrared IWB designed for six contemporary touches, with an area of work in steel and supplied with the author software MimioStudio. TouchBoard powered by MimioStudio is available in two different sizes: 80 “ in 4:3 format and the extraordinary wide 88” in 16:10 format – more space for the teacher’s work and more visibility for students. TouchBoard powered by MimioStudio supports multi-touch and multi-gesture inputs (zoom in, zoom out, etc..) both with the flick of a finger as well as using any type of passive pointer.
  • TP-WIRELESS 5.8GHz Pencil Type Wireless Microphone and Receiver
    The system contains a microphone and a wireless receiver. It adopts the latest 5.8GHz wireless transmission technology. The anti-interference ability has been improved with two times. It is applicable for classroom that already has active speaker and need wireless solution.The microphone also support external microphone input. In addition, PPT paging can be realized with a USB dongle for multi-media classroom or conference room.
  • TP-WIRELESS 5.8GHz Pencil Type Wireless Microphone and Speaker
    The system contains a microphone and a wireless speaker. It adopts the latest 5.8GHz wireless transmission technology. The anti-interference ability has been improved with two times. It is applicable for classroom that need wireless solution.The microphone also support external microphone input. For multi-media classroom or conference room, PPT paging can be realized with a USB dongle
  • TP-WIRELESS Recording Conference High Sensitive Microphone System
    Recording Conference High Sensitive Microphone System is aimed to pick up and record the dialog between teachers and students with high quality. It contains smart full scene mixer and digital high-sensitive microphone. This system supports 4 channels digital high-sensitive microphone input , one 5.8GHz digital microphone input, two stereo audio output. With a voice filter, it can filter out the frequency components other than the human voice which makes the voice pickup clear and clean. Within 6 meters, the automatic volume adjustment function can make the loudness of voices to a same level no matter where is the voice source from.
  • TP-WIRELESS TP-CTS10 All-in-one Multimedia Smart Podium
    TP-CTS10 multimedia Podium is designed for multimedia classrooms and conference rooms. Multi functions are highly integrated. Such as intel OPS plug, touch screen, 5.8G wireless microphone, wireless controller.
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