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  • Padcaster
    Turn your iPad into an all-in-one, rugged, elegant & versatile mobile production studio
  • Padcaster iPad Video Studio
    The new Padcaster Ultimate Studio is a complete turnkey system that makes filming projects a breeze. It's the perfect product for capturing material from a wide range of education activities including digital storytelling, video production, green screen projects, sporting events, concerts, news & journalism, and classroom instruction. Turn your classroom into a professional media studio. The Padcaster has been adopted around the world by hundreds of schools, colleges, teachers, students, and parents to capture, create and share compelling digital content.
  • PaperCut
    PaperCut is extremely affordable and allows you to track, control and optionally charge for printing, copying, scanning and faxing. It is also the only true cross-platform print control software providing full support for Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell network environments which helps to reduce paper and toner usage, cuts costs and minimise the environmental impact of printing.
    The PARAPROJECT® Case i16 has proved its worth as a mobile transport, charging and sync solution for tablet use in classrooms and training courses. The system case simultaneously charges and synchronizes up to 16 iPad with a central power supply. USB ports, connected in series, support neat cable management, the respective USB cables can be easily replaced thanks to the practical "Flex2Connect" mechanism. The PARAPROJECT® Case i16 is compatible with iPad G2,3,4 Air and Mini/Retina. USB lightning cables are included in the package.
    The PARAPROJECT® Cube U10 safely stows away up to ten iPad devices or other tablets (up to 11.6‘‘). In addition to reliable charging, the Cube U10 enables platform-independent synchronization of identical software environment and updated data. This storage solution provides extra protection thanks to a combination lock and an integrated theft protection. The Cube U10 can be easily and firmly installed in the right place using the optionally available wall mounting assembly.
  • Parent Evening Bookings
    WisePay's Parent Evening Booking Service is fully integrated and available from WisePay's App. The Service can be accessed through single sign-on together with all other WisePay Services. Schools can quickly make teacher appointment slots available and parents can view and make bookings at their leisure. Available also with WisePay's Communication Hub Service, it is quick and easy for schools to send emails, texts and alerts to specific parent groups should a booking need to be changed or cancelled.
  • Parental Access
    Our online parental access module allows your students' parents and carers to follow their child's progress online and to see it in context alongside attendance and behaviour information.
  • Parents Evening System
    The market leading Parents Evening System used by over 2,000 schools worldwide
  • Parotec Wall & Locker Cabinets
    WL5 & WL10 are two new lines from Parotec offering charge only from the WL5, 5 x iOS iPads or WL10, 10x iOS iPod Touch / iPhones. Fully lockable units. Parotec Lockers offer Storage of 10 x bay with 2 x USB ports and Wall Socket within each bay. Lockable bays via code input.
  • PARS Connect - school learning gateway; pupil data management software
    Edit, analyse and track your school pupil date including registers, attendance, behaviour, assessment, Attainment 8, pupil tracking, text/email, homework, seating plans and more, using desktop, tablets, iPads and mobile technology. www.tascsoftware.co.uk/pars
  • PASCO Capstone Software
    This powerful and versatile software is designed specifically to collect, display, and analyze data in physics and engineering labs!
  • PASCO Wireless Spectrometer
    This award-winning wireless spectrometer is the one piece of equipment you need for your Biology, Chemistry, and Physics labs. It measures intensity, absorbance, transmittance, and fluorescence!
  • Password Manager
    BioStore’s Password Manager helps resolve many issues when implementing a secure password policy for Windows networks. Providing a secure biometric backed method for password reset which does not require staff intervention, reduces pressure on the IT department and removes any stigma attached to forgetting a password.
  • PAY+
    An easy to use online payment service for school meals, trips, clubs, funds wraparound care and more...
  • P-CASE Safety box for laptop PC
    Securing your investments is a priority for anyone, especially when it comes to easily removable or detrimental assets. To meet this need, Ligra has built the P-CASE line, a series of wall, floor or chair “safety boxes” in which the classy notebook, mouse, keyboard, graphics tablet, and Cables can be safely housed after the lesson. The robust steel structure and the presence of locks with safety locks (on some certified TÜV models) make P-CASE solutions a particularly secure security guarantee. Positioned on the wall beside the Multimedia Interactive Blackboard, positioned below the chair or on its surface, the various versions of the P-CASE keep and make available at any time the basic tools of any multimedia lesson.
  • Pepper humanoid robot
    Pepper is an autonomous talking humanoid robot which can be programmed to perceive emotions and adapt its behaviour to the mood of the humans around it. Pepper can identify joy, sadness, anger or surprise and respond appropriately making interactions with humans incredibly natural and intuitive. It has astonishing flexibility and fluidity of movement and can gesture with the speed and grace of a human while its 3 omni-directional wheels enable the robot to move around freely through 360°. Pepper has a total of 20 degrees of freedom. The robot also has a 10.1 inch touch screen which allows the integration of web pages, applications and images.
  • Physical Science with Vernier 4th Edition
    Containing 40 experiments, Physical Science with Vernier is perfect for introductory physical science and integrated science classes. Physical Science with Vernier contains 40 ready-to-use experiments for physical science (middle school through grade 10). Experiments are included for nine Vernier physical science sensors and cover topics in chemistry and physics. The experiments are perfect for introductory physical science and integrated science classes.40 ready-to-use student experiments Access to up-to-date versions of the experiments Instructions for data collection with Graphical Analysis 4, Logger Pro 3, LabQuest App, and EasyData Essential instructor information including teaching tips, instructions for preparing solutions, suggested answers, and sample data and graphs Word-processing files of the student experiments, so you can edit the files to match your teaching preferences Complete equipment and supplies list A generous site license—buy one book and duplicate the experiments for your class
  • Physics with Vernier
    Physics with Vernier has 35 experiments in mechanics, sound, light, electricity, and magnetism. This book has a wide variety of experiments for Motion Detectors, Force Sensors, Light Sensors, Magnetic Field Sensors, Microphones, Current & Voltage Probes, Photogates, Temperature Probes, and Accelerometers. Features Include Experiments for more Vernier sensors and accessories (including Vernier Projectile Launcher and Optics Expansion Kit) Improved Preliminary Questions to help get students thinking about the activity Time estimates for each experiment Improved instructor pages, including more equipment and data-collection tips, as well as new sample results
  • pi-topPULSE with Amazon Alexa
    pi-topPULSE brings the Arts into STEAM. It is an integrated solution for music, lights and sound. Easy to transport and deploy in any classroom. It can be used both, as an accessory for a pi-top or pi-topCEED, and additionally as a HAT/ add-on board to the Raspberry Pi 3. pi-topPULSE allow all functionalities to be used simultaneously to enhance its application in the classroom. The microphone can be used to record music, as a DIY cloud-based voice service for students to ask computer science related questions and more!
  • Pixel Kit
    Build and code dazzling lights. 128 LEDs and 16 million colors to create with.
  • Planet eStream - Access To Educational Resources
    Content is king, but only if the content is of a high standard and fit for purpose! With the Planet eStream Connect service, you can browse and add content from a library of over 1.7 million programmes. This extensive resource includes the BBC Digital Archive, the BBC Shakespeare Archive, the Planet eStream Freeview Recording Library and the Freeview archives of every other Planet eStream Connect user. This powerful and educationally relevant content is available at the click of a button to add to your media library.
  • Planet eStream - Digital Signage
    A full digital signage platform available as a module of the Planet eStream solution. This simple to use and scalable signage system enables the delivery of media rich screen designs with video, live streams, Twitter feeds, calendar information and much, much more across your estate. Everything is controlled centrally and can be managed from anywhere, with a flexible permissions structure that makes it easy to empower designated users to design, edit and control specific display screens. With Planet eSign, you can keep control of your overall branding and look and feel for your signage screens, whilst simultaneously encouraging key stakeholders to get involved and create content panels with their own messaging.
  • Planet eStream - Live Streaming
    Simple 1’click live broadcasting enables you to live stream instantly and for free. There are so many applications for live streaming in education; students can view live lessons or lectures remotely, you can deliver broadcasts of key events across your entire organisation for maximum inclusion. Key stakeholders can view live streams securely, so they don’t miss any important events or presentations. Our simple streaming application turns what has traditionally been complicated and challenging to set up, into an easy process that anyone can follow.
  • Planet eStream - Video On Demand
    Create your own ‘YouTube’ style web based platform to provide simple around the clock access to your media library for both educators and students. Make your media library more than just a video repository. The flexible format support enables users to upload a whole range of digital assets including videos, photos, audio and documents. Built in learning tools, designed specifically for education dramatically increases student engagement and flips the traditional passive video viewing model into an interactive and active learning experience.
  • Planet eStream -TV & Radio Recording
    Schedule recordings of Freeview television and radio via an intuitive electronic programme guide and never miss a programme thanks to Planet eStream’s flexible buffering. The Planet eStream Freeview Scheduler enables teaching staff to schedule or request their own recordings which reduces the overhead on IT staff. The system will constantly buffer your selected channels for up to 21 days, which reduces the chance of valuable resources being missed.
  • Plus Series
    Available in 55"-86", the Plus Series has 20 touch points, and 4K resolution. With the UK designed LUX interface and the Cleverstore (containing over 100 free to use apps), the Plus Series is filled with educational resources to improve any learning environment. The latest generation includes advanced screen sharing capabilities from Clevershare.
  • Pobble Assessment
    Our new assessment tool makes the moderation process slicker, simpler and much quicker for teachers. Writing can be annotated and checked against relevant criteria and colleagues can easily be invited to collaborate.
  • Pobble Resources
    You can now plan and create lesson plans on Pobble. We've partnered with major education providers to bring you the best teaching resources all in one place. The best thing is, it's super simple to use! No more spending hours trawling the internet for inspiration.
  • PowerSchool Student Information System (SIS)
    PowerSchool SIS gives schools and districts of all sizes real-time access to student data on any browser or device to improve administrative productivity, reporting and compliance, teacher’s instructional time, and parent engagement and communication. We offer educators the most feature-rich, easy-to-use and empowering SIS available — packed with a robust digital gradebook, attendance tracking, behavior management, master scheduling, and more. · Web-based for easy real-time access to data on any browser or device · Accurate, timely compliance reporting, including validation reports · Highest-rated mobile app and parent portal maximizes engagement with anytime, anywhere access to student data to support academic growth
  • PowerSchool Unified Classroom™
    The award-winning PowerSchool Unified Classroom™ eliminates traditional technology silos and empowers teachers to manage the entire instructional process more efficiently. Student-centric technology combines PowerSchool’s student information system, assessment, learning, and gradebook products into a single, unified software solution. Winner of 2017 CODiE awards for “Best Classroom Management Solution” and “Best Learning Relationship Management Solution,” the Unified Classroom allows K-12 schools and districts to: · Enable personalized learning with 360° views of student progress · Get right to work and save teacher training time with an easy-to-use, intuitive user experience designed by educators · Increase parent engagement with easy visibility to grades, assignments, and progress
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