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    i3LEARNHUB was developed using the input and feedback of both teachers and learners. With its simple interface stripped of all clutter and offering just the essentials, it mimics the simplicity of traditional teaching tools. We are proud to be shortlisted as a finalist for Educational App of the Year 2018.
    An innovative new digital learning tool for classroom environments that promotes hands-on, active learning and engages students like never before. Designed to support k-12 learning environments, i3LIGHTHOUSE helps teachers bring lessons to life while encouraging students to play, collaborate, share and engage. i3LIGHTHOUSE not only supports the I.Q. side of learning but the E.Q side as well. Developing strong social and communication skills at an early age prepares students for a more successful learning path. Developing a basic familiarity with technology and digital media at a younger age is strongly encouraged by early childhood theorists and leaders of thought.
  • iBOXX Cart 30
    iPad Charge and Sync Trolley for 30 iPads
  • ICT Now
    ICT Now is an easy to use solution for developing ICT skills and improving results across an organisation. It uses an Initial Assessment, Diagnostic Assessment and Learning Resources to provide a detailed profile of a learner at the selected level and identify gaps in their skills.
  • ICT Support
    Dedicated, helpful and professional support whatever your level of ICT expertise.
  • iDBalance Balance Checker
  • Identity Management
    BioStore’s IDManager is the central console for managing BioStore databases and the identification services for all applications.
  • iDLocker Locker Management
    iDLocker removes the need for locker keys and and utilises multiple recognition methods in order to either permanently or temporarily allocate lockers, as required. Users are automatically registered to use the solution and administration no longer need to spend time issuing new keys or replacing lost keys.
  • iDPassword Password Management
    This password management solution provides users with a quick and efficient way to reset domain passwords at the touch of a button. If the user is registered within iDStore and the school's Active Directory, then the user can update their own password without any assistance from IT administrators or staff.
  • iDReader Identity Reading Device
    The iDReader and iDReader Pro are the single and multiple application identity reading devices. Supporting electronic registration, print & copy, token schemes, password management and more, iDReaders can be placed anywhere in a school environment for convenience and efficiency
  • iDReg Electronic Registration
    Reduces hours of valuable administration time by allowing students to register their attendance electronically. Students can register quickly and easily using the iDReader, an identity recognition device, which links back to the school MIS. Student attendance can be registered as lesson-by-lesson, AM and PM or simply as a clocking in and out system for older students.
  • iDStore Identity Management
    This identity recognition method sits at the heart of all CRB Cunninghams solutions, providing an automated, efficient way of maintaining one single database for all necessary information to keep your school running smoothly. iDStore integrates with the school MIS and eradicates the need for multiple databases across a range of solutions.
  • iDToken Token Scheme
    This token scheme refreshes automatically with meal allowances and users can quickly retrieve the meal that they are entitled to without the need for a physical token. Users simply visit an iDReader at the POS in order to redeem their meal for the day.
  • IE300 Series Industrial Switches
    Industrial Ethernet Layer 3 Switches Built for enduring performance in harsh environments. This series delivers the performance and reliability demanded by industrial deployments in the Internet of Things (IoT) age.
  • IK Multimedia iRig Keys I/O
    The iRig Keys I/O controller keyboards integrate 25 or 49 full sized music keyboard together with a fully-fledged professional audio interface. The audio interface provide 24-bit audio up to 96kHz sampling rate, balanced stereo and headphone outputs, plus a combo input jack for line, instrument or mic input (with Phantom power.) The iRig Keys I/O also packs all the controls you would expect from a premium controller including velocity sensitive multi-coloured pads and programmable touch-sensitive sliders, buttons and knobs for unique expressiveness and fast workflow.
  • Immersive Interactive
    Interactive immersive space
  • Immersive Room
    Using the latest motion tracking technology our immersive rooms are fully interactive, featuring highly responsive interactive floors and interactive walls whether you need just one wall or 360° of interaction. What’s more, with edge blend technology your immersive room can feature content that can seamlessly wrap around corners, use curved projection or produce large panoramic landscapes. Tied into our range of sensory hardware we can create a truly immersive environment. Imagine an ocean scene being projected with interactive water ripples & swimming fish with all the lights in the room set to blue to create an underwater feel. Or a bonfire being projected with a burst of smoke from the smoke machine with a smoke smell from the aromatherapy unit. Or even a snowflake scatter projection with a blast of wind from the wind machine. With our immersive rooms the possibilities are endless. Our Range of sensory hardware includes: • Wind Machine • Smoke Machine • Aromatherapy Unit • Coloured lighting • Bubble Walls • UV lights • Star Ceiling • Soft padding (optional vibration)
    iMO-LEARN is a smart cube that gives students the opportunity to move while learning. It creates variety in the teaching materials and lessons. These won’t be more complex, but more fascinating, both for the teacher and for the students. There are many sides to the iMO-LEARN: it challenges students and teachers to create more and more active learning methods on a daily basis.
  • Impero EdLink
    Designed specifically for the education sector, Impero EdLink support BYOD and 1:1 initiatives while simplifying the centralised configuration and management of mobile devices.
  • Impero Education Pro
    Impero Education Pro is the consolidated solution for classroom management, network management and online safety.
  • Impero iSafeguard
    Impero iSafeguard is an online training hub that provides school staff with the opportunity to meet all of their legally-required safeguarding training requirements online, at a time that’s convenient, and gain three CPD accredited certificates in safeguarding and online safety in the process.
  • indigocart™
    Attractive and ultra-compact mobile trolley range offering secure storage and charging for up to 32 iPads or similar devices. Makes device management easy.
  • indigodesk™
    With a small footprint, this attractive desk cabinet is perfect for managing and keep safe up to twelve devices.
  • indigohub™
    Keep up to 16 devices fully charged and updated with this neat desktop charging station. Ideal for collaborative working areas or for use by IT technicians to sync and update devices.
  • indigowall™
    Bring a touch of class to your wall with this ultra-slim wall storage and charging cabinet that offers both intelligent charging and an innovative space-saving design. Extremely robust and secure with a modern look and feel.
  • iNdota Charge and Sync Range
    The iNdota Charge and Sync cart range allows you to safely store, transport, charge and sync 24 - 36 devices such as iPads, Tablets, Laptops, Chromebooks and many other devices.

    Devices are charged using their own USB cables utilising the sync box in the rear of the cart, the wires lead into the front of the cart where the devices are kept. The iNdota Cart includes an efficient cable management system that eliminates the risk of cables becoming tangled with one another.

    The iNdtoa Plus range are ‘Charge and Sync’ carts, made possible thanks to the smart SyncBox in the rear of the unit ready for you to plug in your own USB cables for your chosen devices, giving you ultimate flexibility with what to use. With no programming required, the iNdota T1 Cart ensures safe and efficient charging for all devices saving time and money.

    Devices are charged using their own USB cables utilising the sync box in the rear of the trolley, the wires lead into the front of the cart where the devices are kept. The iNdota Carts include an efficient cable management system that eliminates the “octopus” effect. Individual slots for power adaptors with wide space between outlets to accommodate most plug adaptors keeps cables clean and organized.

  • iNdota Charge Only Range
    The iNdota carts allow you to safely store, transport and charge 16 - 40 devices such as tablets, laptops, Chromebooks and many other devices. The rear of the cart features plug sockets for you to plug in your own AC power supplies, depending on what devices you need to charge

    All devices are safely stored and charged vertically within the cart; each device being stored in its own designated space Every iNdota cart has a locking service access door at the rear of the cart designed for your ICT technician’s use, preventing both unnecessary access by students, and theft of the devices stored inside

    The iNdota carts offer an efficient, affordable solution whilst maintaining the highest level of build quality and device security. Made of strong but lightweight steel Supplied with 3 Year Return to Base Warranty Dual slide-out shelves for easy access to the devic SMART Timer for efficient charging Supplied with 3 Year Return to Base Warranty
  • InFocus INF4030 - JTouch whiteboard & display
    JTouch 40" Whiteboard & Display: INF4030 Draw, write, and capture notes and then share your device’s screen - all at an unbeatable low price. Compact size and versatility make it a great solution for administrative offices and/or huddle spaces. Interactive Whiteboard Draw, write, and capture notes on a multi-screen canvas, with room for free-form drawings, diagrams, and more. Multiple people can write or draw at the same time with a complete collection of digital pens, highlighters, shapes, lines, and colors, then view and annotate over PowerPoint, Word, or images. Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP) The ultra-responsive and sleek bezel-less technology found in tablets and smart phones is now available in the JTouch Whiteboard. Draw or write smoothly with your finger, a stylus, or with medical grade gloves. LightCast Wireless Collaboration Use the LightCast Key (sold separately) to easily connect and share content from your Apple, Windows, Android, or Chrome devices. Access the internet with a built-in web browser, and view or present documents, videos, and photos. Easy to Connect Display your PC, Mac, or Chromebook via HDMI, VGA, or component video, then control it from the display via touch. Just enable touch from the computer via USB, and extend the reach of your computer’s USB ports with the easily accessible USB ports on the display. Key Features / Top Reasons to buy • 40-inch 1080p capacitive touch display • Portrait or landscape orientation • Built-in, full-featured interactive whiteboard • Add the LightCast Key to wirelessly cast from any device, browse the web, or view documents • Quickly connect and display your notebook via HDMI, VGA, component and USB • Engage your students with a professional, high-tech tool that's fun to use • Use with or without a stylus (included)
  • InFocus INF6522AG - Mondopad collaboration solution
    Bring people together anytime for efficient face-to-face collaboration with the 65-inch Mondopad. Combine video calling, whiteboarding, annotation and more with ultra-responsive capacitive touch technology and the power of a Windows PC.
  • InFocus INF7530eAG - JTouch display
    75” JTouch interactive display
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