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  • Hands-on Lab
    Hands-on Lab is a series of 84 science experiment kits for children from 6 to 12+. These were developed based on science curricula of over a dozen developed countries. Each kit consists of high-quality original science material and a detailed and fun booklet (16+ pages). These kits have a proven record of being used in schools all over the world.
  • Harmonys Class Change System
    Harmonys Class Change System is a five-in-one solution which offers Class Change, Lockdown Alerts, Synchronised Clocks, PA functionality and music streaming. It runs across your IT network using Power Over Ethernet (POE) to power the system and offers an innovative and fun approach to ensure your school runs on time and communicates effectively.
  • HC 404
    Meeting Space Collaboration System
  • HE42A 42-port USB 2.0 hub/ charger
    42 USB 2.0 port hub/ charger - 40 ports on the top side - (transverse pitch: 30 mm - longitudinal pitch: 21 mm) - 2 additional side ports - three status LED - 1 m USB cable.
  • Helgi Interactive Flat Panels P series
    Helgi Interactive Flat Panels, available in three sizes, 65” 75” and 86”, all with a 16:9 ratio. 20 simultaneous inputs of the fingers (even with gloves) or any solid object, Dual Core built-in processor, 2Gb RAM, 16Gb HD and Android 5.1, a wide selection of education softwares (whiteboard annotation and lesson creation, lessons recording and editing, mobile device interaction and sharing). Techical features: LED backlight technology, antiglare tempered glass with a 4mm thickness Mohs 7, Ultra HD 4K resolution (3840x2160px), brightness 330cd/m2, a wide range of I/O ports (1x HDMI Out, 1x HDMI 2.0 In, 2x HDMI 1.4 In, 4x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0).
  • Helgi Interactive Flat Panels V series
    The Helgi Interactive Flat Panels V series allow you to interact with the touch of your fingers or any solid object with the PC that is connected to it via USB without the need to install any driver. The multi touch multi gesture features are fully supported thanks to a simultaneous input of 10 touches. The large assortment of analog and digital I / O connections on both the front panel and in the rear allows you to connect to PC monitor Touch Display, USB keys, media player etc., ensuring maximum operational convenience and high compatibility with most varied technologies. Available with FullHD 1080p / UHD 4K resolution and OPS standard slot.
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Servers and storage
  • Hills Components Robust Headphones
    Extremely robust (virtually un-breakable) Ultra durable designed multimedia headphones with short fixed microphone for clear speech and high performance ideal for educational use. Available in handy classroom sized cartons of 32 headsets as well as individuals. making this an ideal headset for Schools, Colleges, Universities / other Educational establishments. Strong braided cable with a cord attached to prevent cable pull damage. Double steel headband, tensioned to retain shape.
  • Hive: ONE Software for Digital Whiteboard, Collaboration, Assessment & Feedback, Resource and Multiple File Support
    iBoardTouch are lauching their newest innovative software. Hive combines Digital Whiteboarding and lesson delivery tools with Collaboration, quick immediate assessment and feedback and the ability to open SMART and Promethean files with all the layering intact. Visit stand D180 for an inspiring demo.
  • Homework
    Our online homework module is focused on supporting consistency and quality in homework setting and on ease of access by students and parents.
  • Hopspots - Active Learning
    Hopspots is an interactive learning tool with additional games and exercises that all focus on movement, play and learning in relation to teaching. Hopspots combines technology and physical space and focuses on the interaction of children. The children get to be part of creating their own educational material and become part of an innovative proces. This is expressed through the possibility to self-program Hopspots’s games, for example recording your own sounds. In that way the games can be customized the individual needs of the children. Hopspots consists of 12 interactive, wireless physical spots that are connected to an iPad and speakersystem. Children are empowered to move, while learning and playing at the same time.
  • HoverCam Pilot 3™ Podium
    The Pilot 3™ Podium puts all of the technology a teacher needs in one device, and there has already been strong interest in the product in the University sector at the recent LTSMG conference.
  • HoverCam Solo 8 Plus
    The Solo 8 Plus is an improvement on the Solo 8—with 4K resolution, 480 times zoom and new software features including time-lapse and slow-motion video.
  • HoverCam Ultra 8
    Ultra 8 connects directly to any HDMI or VGA display device, such as touchscreens or projectors, or can connect via USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 SuperSpeed to a PC or Mac. With the Ultra 8, you won't be held back by lacking connection options.
  • HoverCam Z5
    The camera neck folds down into the base for easy storage. It offers features of much more expensive cameras like an adjustable camera head, LED light with an on/off switch, auto focus, auto focus lock, digital zoom, and the ability to record snapshots and video. The HoverCam Z5 connects to your computer through USB (USB 2.0 cable is included) and it runs through HoverCam’s Flex10 software. This gives you the ability to capture images and video, adjust resolution, annotate, and control the camera from your interactive whiteboard.
  • HP Core i7 8300 Elite Small Form Factor PC
    The HP Compaq 8300 Elite Series incorporates the newest business PC technology with HP’s designs, specific programs and services created for business including stable and lengthy lifecycles, with security and remote management solutions.
  • HUB
    Supporting teachers in delivering outstanding education, HUB is the first true cloud information management system for independent and international schools. With unrivalled communication, scalability and reporting functionality plus a simple migration, from the trusted, established WCBS brand, HUB is the solution that will grow with you by offering a multitude of unique features to enhance your school or group management.
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