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23 - 26 January 2019
ExCel London

Bett products list

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  • Fable Class Set
    Teach STEM, robotics, innovation, coding. With ease. The Fable Class Set allows 10-30 users in 1-10 groups to build and program advanced robots, in a matter of minutes!
  • Fable Large Set
    Teach STEM, robotics, innovation, coding. With ease. The Fable Large Set allows 5-15 users in 1-5 groups to build and program advanced robots, in a matter of minutes!
  • Fable Medium Set
    Teach STEM, robotics, innovation, coding. With ease. The Fable Medium Set allows 4-12 users in 1-4 groups to build and program advanced robots, in a matter of minutes!
  • Fable Standard Set
    Teach STEM, robotics, innovation, coding. With ease. The Fable Standard Set allows 2-6 users in 1-2 groups to build and program advanced robots, in a matter of minutes!
  • Factory Simulation Model IoT
    Pre-built simulation model to test, simulate and visualize Industry 4.0 applications
  • FamWeek
  • FeeMaster
    Fee billing software for your school FeeMaster® - the ultimate fee billing service, integrates with exams, activities, buses, links to Sage and other accounting systems. Available as a stand alone system or as part of SchoolBase.
  • Fibre laser cutting machines
    Fibre laser cutting machines with powers from 750W for fast and extremely accurate cutting of a wide range of metals.
  • Fibre laser marking machines
    Compact fibre laser marking machines offering extremely fast and accurate permanent marking of a wide range of materials
  • Filewave Engage
    Engage provides modern management for the modern classroom by seamlessly connecting today’s teachers and learners – great for 1:1 initiatives, and more. Teachers can take control of their lessons by directing students’ attention, encouraging student interaction, and adjusting instruction based on student needs, all from an easy to use interface.
  • Filewave Management Suite
    Since 1992, FileWave has provided business, education, and government customers with industry-leading systems and mobile device management software to effectively, and efficiently, secure and manage devices, applications, and content from one easy-to-use console. With offices throughout the United States and Europe, FileWave provides the support you need, when you need it. FileWave is a key player in the mobile tablet revolution by adding Mobile Device Management software to its flagship FileWave client product. Institutions now deploy and support millions of interactive tablet products, computers and smart phones with the assistance of FileWave Client and FileWave MDM software. FileWave has offices in the USA and Europe, FileWave (Europe) GmbH of Switzerland and FileWave (USA) Inc. are wholly owned subsidiaries of FileWave International Holding AG, Switzerland.
  • Firefly
    Firefly is an online tool that empowers teachers, students and parents to learn more together. Schools can set homework, track progress, create rich resources and engage parents. The result is teachers have more time to focus on what matters most - teaching - and students can learn in ways that work best for them.
  • Flex-i Transactions
  • Flipped Learning
  • Fluency Tutor
    Great for time-stretched teachers, Fluency Tutor helps students of all ages and ability levels become more avid, engaged and confident readers. What’s more, it gives educators a clear picture of every child’s reading attainment and progress over time. This easy-to-use app lets students record themselves reading aloud on their laptop, Chromebook or tablet, away from the stress and embarrassment of reading in a classroom environment.
  • Focus Functional Skills
    Focus Functional Skills is an online training and learning resource designed to improve candidates’ essential skills, knowledge and understanding of literacy and numeracy. Using our online teaching and learner assessment tool, we prepare candidates for their maths and English examinations, and provide support in the teaching of transferable skills required in the classroom and workplace. We use a five-step process to support the student through all key elements of their maths, English or ICT examinations. These include: • Initial Assessment • Diagnostic Assessment • Learning Resources • Skill Checks • Revision Scenarios
  • Forces & Machines STEM Module & Engineering Kit
    Our Forces and Machines Kit engages students in a wide range of physics, physical science, and engineering concepts. Two triple-pulley blocks make it easy to build machines with mechanical advantage up to 6:1. Build all three classes of levers with our pair of 20-cm levers, or combine gears, levers, and pulleys together to show how rotating machines work.
  • Form Manager
  • Free Premium School Radio Recourses
    When you join the School Radio family you gain access to fanstastic Premium Resource Kits, School Lesson Plans, Industry Tips, School Radio Player, support, training and much more… Every School Radio system includes access to a fantastic range of Premium Resource Kits that will inspire your students and help you to develop content that not only covers many aspects of radio but also relates directly to key goals and statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. We have identified more than 100 individual points in the National Curriculum that School Radio can help you achieve. School Radio customers can download the annotated document from schoolradio.com today! Premium Resource Examples: • Radio Drama – Spooky Hill. • Book Review Show. • HistoryLIVE! • Good Radio Interviews. • The Discussion Show. • Build A School Radio Player using a Raspberry Pi
  • Freedom Cloud
    Customisable cloud-based ICT infrastructure solution for education.
  • Front of Class Technology
    Projectors, Flat Panel, interactive or non-interactive - Front of classroom technology is a big investment that needs careful consideration of the Curriculum. We can also assist with Hall AV Data and Electrical Cabling
  • FrontRead
    FrontRead is a unique online training course, that improves the reading speed and comprehension as well as helping to develop better reading strategies for each individual student. FrontRead is usable by all types of educational institutions.
  • FSLASER desktop lasercutter
    This compact desktop CO2 laser cutter is capable of cutting 1/4" acrylic and 1/4" wood as well as marking anodized aluminum, glass, marble/granite and Thermark treated metals. With this laser you can engrave from any Windows application that can print to a standard printer including CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Autocad, Inkscape and even MS Word and MS Paint.
  • Fusion Controller
    Using robotics controllers can be quite challenging, particularly in school environments. The new Fusion Controller from Modern Robotics is an innovative approach to robotics control, which can easily be configured, programmed and controlled through a web browser. This means no extra software has to be installed and is accessible through a wide range of WIFI enabled laptops, tablets and desktop computers.

    The powerful Raspberry Pi 3 processor has been incorporated with our own custom hardware and software, allowing for greater versatility and ease of use.

    The Fusion Controller works as a wireless hotspot which, when connected to, acts as a web server and resource centre. Protected by secure logins, each Fusion Controller is a hub for activities and lesson plans, or provides various interfaces for different coding languages.

    Simple and intuitive user interfaces enable users to code in Blockly and Python, which allows for novices and experts to code freely.

    Our new MyBot Education range all come equipped with Fusion controllers, which serve as excellent kits for learning coding. However, the Fusion is also compatible with a wide range of Modern Robotics components, allowing users to construct a wide range of devices.

    We will be showcasing the power and flexibility of Fusion at BETT 2018 with a diverse range of models. Make sure to come and have a look at this innovative solution to robotics control.
  • FUYL Tower
    The FUYL Tower takes device charging and security to a whole new level. It’s an intelligent charging station with 15 individually lockable compartments that can store and charge any mobile device.
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