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23 - 26 January 2019
ExCel London

Bett products list

  • :MOVE mini buggy kit (excl micro:bit)
    The Kitronik :MOVE mini buggy kit for the BBC micro:bit is a fun introduction to the world of robotics. Once built it can be coded for a variety of activities.
  • ‘Engineering Class in Moscow School’ Project
    The project has become a reality with the support of the Moscow City Department of Education alongside 60 schools, 17 federal state technical universities and about 100 high-tech enterprises located in Moscow. The task of the Project is to create the conditions of pre-professional engineering education in Moscow schools. School students have a chance to choose such elective courses as Colloid Chemistry and Basics of Nanotechnologies, SCRATCH programming etc.
  • ‘Science-Technological class in Moscow School’ Project
    The project is supported by the Moscow City Department of Education and the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations. The task is to involve students in real-life research carried out using top-notch equipment and have them make a conscious choice of one of the STEM-related jobs. Students have opportunities to investigate methods and tools of research work, assess research results, collaborate with other students and scientists implementing their own project activities.
  • 10 Bay USB Desktop iPad/Tablet Charger
    10 Bay USB Desktop iPad/Tablet Charger 96W ~ 12V/8A 10 ports USB Desktop Charger with 10 Slots.This charging station is a perfect solution for you to charge 10 of your many electronic products such as mobiles, iPad / Tablets, Cameras etc. in the same time from a single power outlet. And don’t worry about the socket. The button design saves you the trouble of plugging and unplugging your power cables after use. It could support current as 12V 8A, could charge 8 iPads/Tablets and 2 mobiles together at the same time. Cradles and Slots design can store devices/cables easily. # Dimensions: 350 x 200 x 70mm # Each charging section 15mm wide x 25mm depth.# Suitable for charging tablets out of protective cases only. An ideal solution for Schools, Hospitals, Hotel / Conference centres, Exhibitions, Internet café’s, the workplace and at home etc
  • 135” Interactive Whiteboard
    i3 Technologies is the first to launch a 135” interactive whiteboard. This is world’s largest interactive whiteboard, because size matters! Now you can fully enjoy 10-touch when working with different users on to 1 surface. The huge writing surface allows to open different windows next to each other, without compromising on visibility.
  • 3D Educational Videos (K-12)
    Our 1050+, videos for Physics Chemistry, Biology, Maths, and Earth Science are being used by over 1.9 million users across 18 countries, in 9 languages. Engage learners with enthralling visuals and compelling scripts Explain concepts using 4-6 minutes video including: • Learning Objectives • Summary • High-quality VO • 3D Animation
  • 3D EyeWitness - Crime, Fire and Traffic Accident Scene Reconstruction Software
    3D EyeWitness is the most powerful PC-based 3D visualization software designed specifically for the law enforcement community. There is no need for any CAD training with this program since 3DEyeWitness utilizes the pick-and-place ease of the Windows environment. For crime scene recreation, traffic accident documentation, and pre-raid planning, 3DEyeWitness is ideal.
  • 3D Printing
    Tiertime 3D printers offer excellent quality and value.
  • 3D Stereoscopic Videos
    3D stereoscopic videos are engaging, and have a lasting impression on learners' minds.
  • 4Matrix
    4Matrix is a leading performance data application now used in 1200+ secondary schools. It is a cost-effective and comprehensive school performance data system. It provides essential performance tools for key stages 3, 4 and 5 which support the work of teachers and school leaders. It offers innovative solutions to new challenges in school evaluation, curriculum management and assessment. Increasing numbers of schools are benefiting from the growing range and sophistication of its data analysis tools and its time-saving features. Our new multi-school analysis tool, designed for Multi-Academy Trusts and school improvement groups, will be unveiled at BETT 2018.
  • 5-a-day Charleston
  • 5-a-day Football
  • 5-a-day Groove
  • 5-a-day Pop
  • 5-a-day TV
  • A real purpose to write
    Give your pupils a purpose to write! Turn pupils into published authors. A global community of peers, families, teachers and authors provides a real audience to write for.
  • Access Control
    The Live Register Access Control module will cope with even the most complex security policy and can enhance our electronic registration providing an accurate list of those on site. Staff and Visitors can easily be granted access with Biometric, Card or PIN. Should you require faster entry and/or prevent tail-gating then our readers can be incorporated into turnstiles. We work closely with KABA to provide an integrated solution with turnstiles/automatic doors. Our MIS integration means Policies can be created which use groups managed within your MIS such as academic year, form group, class or house. We can manage the whole project including design, installation and support or alternatively we can supply our readers to be integrated into a third party access control solution. Site security is managed centrally using our Access Control Manager software. Updates to site policy are enforced the moment they are committed. Our readers are available in a waterproof version and so can be used on external doors/gates.
  • Access Control
    The Access Control Module is fully integrated with the core Synel EduReg for a truly effective holistic solution. It is especially useful in a dynamic and ever expanding access control environment in which readers are added or moved and access definitions constantly change. Define security groups per time zones and date, assigning of access card to each group. ​
  • Access Control
    BioStore’s IDAccess helps resolve many of the issues around implementing a secure access control system for buildings, rooms or digital assets requiring management of user access provisioning. Maintaining an access control system can be time consuming, especially when there are a large number of access points to control. IDAccess can be used to define access permissions, and to monitor the use of these permissions in real time.
  • Across Site Paging System
    Zoned across campus PA system for emergency evacuation and day-to-day announcements for the smooth and safe running of the school
  • Activall
    Activall provides a fun full body and mind workout, challenging users’ balance, reach, reactivity and mental agility. This innovative technology engages pupils of all ages and abilities and is proven to increase strength, coordination and overall fitness. Activall provides a unique method of active play that motivates children to exercise. Activall improves children’s coordination and balance which is proven to dramatically increase their concentration and learning skills in the classroom. Progression can be measured by recording scores. Activall is suitable for those with educational, hearing and sensory impairments and those with physical disabilities. The programmes can be tailored towards each individual depending on their ability. They are available in various sizes and can be wall mounted or fitted on portable stands. Activall can easily integrate with existing PE equipment as part of a relay race or circuit.
  • ActivInspire
    Deliver visually engaging and interactive lessons with ActivInspire. Use ActivInspire’s assortment of tools, images and activities to bring lessons to life in the modern-day classroom. Visit http://bit.ly/bettactivinspire for more information.
  • ActivPanel
    ActivPanel is powered by the Android-based ActivConnect OPS-G that creates a captivating, tablet-like experience at the front of the classroom. This unique design enables schools to upgrade the device’s performance over time to keep pace with rapid advances in computing technology. Visit http://bit.ly/bettactivpanel for more information.
  • Additional Products
    bksb offers a range of additional products such as: • Advanced Assessments and Resources supports students who already have their GSCE grades in continuing to improve their English and maths skills. • The bksb ESOL helps learners to improve in their skills of reading, writing and listening by taking them through an Initial Assessment, Diagnostic Assessment and Resources. • The International English Language Testing System covers reading, writing, speaking and listening through assessments and resources designed for five levels of ability. • The Learning Styles Assessment, a quick and concise, self-marking assessment that identifies the way in which individuals or groups prefer to learn. • The Dyslexia Quick Check covers a series of ‘yes/no’ based questions in a self-assessment to help identify whether a learner needs to see a dyslexia specialist. • The Personal Learning and Thinking Skills Assessment comprises of an initial assessment and six evidence generating activities that are designed to develop the skills needed to enhance the learner’s employability.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
    Adobe Creative Cloud delivers the world's best creative apps — including Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro — so students can master the digital skills they need to succeed in the classroom and in their careers.
  • Adobe Spark
    Turn ideas into stunning visual stories in minutes. Adobe Spark is a free online and mobile graphic design app. Easily create beautiful images, videos, and web pages that make you stand out. Spark Post lets you turn your text and photos into a professional-looking, attention-getting graphic. Simply pick a design template, add your photo and text, and quickly resize your creation to fit your favorite social media site or blog. Transform words, images, and videos into dynamic web stories with Spark Page. Select from a wide variety of curated designs, add your content, and you’re done. Put a unique twist on anything — a book report, weekly newsletter, or your latest travel adventure. Spark Video makes it easy to combine video clips, photos, icons, and voiceover — plus cinematic motion and professional-quality soundtracks — to create compelling video stories. It’s big-impact communication that takes just minutes to create.
  • Aerohive AP122
    AP122 offers the full scope of Aerohive’s enterprise-grade feature set in medium density environments. The integrated BLE radio and USB interface opens up a multitude of deployment use-cases in IoT and proximity/location-oriented services.
  • Aerohive AP130
    AP130 is built for pervasive Wi-Fi in very high density environments, powerful enough to provide all the services needed for an enterprise network, and inexpensive enough to deploy for ultra-high-capacity networks.
  • Aerohive AP150W
    AP150W is a compact enterprise-class wallplate access point and switch with embedded IoT technology designed for wall or desktop mount. AP150W is very suitable for use-cases such as hotel rooms, cruise ships, residential halls, or other multi-dwelling-unit deployments.
  • Aerohive AP230
    The AP230 offers superior price-to-performance and full Wi-Fi functionality on legacy POE infrastructure allowing enterprises of all sizes to broadly deploy 802.11ac for their mobility needs.
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