Bett 2021 Product List

  • Research suggests that those with Dyscalculia are more more likely to suffer from the following symptoms:

    • Below average understanding of basic counting principles
    • Inability to use counting strategies for addition
    • Difficulty in memorising arithmetic facts
    • Lack of number sense
    • Reduced automatic processing of numbers


  • IDL uses sight, sound, touch, and voice to improve literacy and mathematical ability. Links are made between the visual, auditory and tactile pathways.

    Teachers can easily see how pupils are achieving against expected standards for their age group along with identifying areas they are struggling with most.

    IDL has been simply designed to make it easy for pupils and teachers to use. Pupils are able to work independently or with minimum supervision.

  • Cinema8 is the next generation interactive video technology, which supports many kinds of video interaction and user engagement on linear & 360 videos.

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