23 - 26 January 2019
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Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 to visit Marco the Malta Bus

24 Jan 2018 by: Dr Margaret Evans (D. Applied Educational and Child Psychology, MSc, MSc (Psychology Research)BSc, BA, Cpyschol,BPS,QTS, HCPC, Malta warrant - MPPB127) – Senior Educational Psychologist Marco The Malta Bus Ltd

Richard Evans British Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Educational Investor of the Year, will visit Marco the Malta Bus Stand C64 on January 24th and January 25th and help us to advise our visitors how useful Marco is as an early reading tool.  Marco the Malta Bus supplements the phonics curriculum at school that some children just cannot grasp.  Margaret believes this is the a substantial factor in poor reading ability by children entering secondary school, by which time the “bus” has been missed and despair is substituted by truancy.  Marco helps all children over the hill and then they can drive along towards fluent reading.  Richard Evans believes that success in education starts as soon as children become interested in gaining information through the written word.  A habit is set for a lifetime and the more information a young person can access and retain the better their examination results will be.  The Profs supports young people to achieve much more, building on firm foundations laid down previously.  Sometimes gaps in learning as identified by the Profs can make all the difference to gaining exceptional grades in Higher education. 


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