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22 - 25 January 2020
ExCel London

Write. Collaborate. Educate. Adding smart collaborative authoring components to education and publishing software.

22 Jan 2019 by: CKSource CKSource

CKSource has brought CKEditor Ecosystem and its collaborative content authoring components to Bett this year.

With the advancement of modern learning platforms and innovative edtech, educators, students and authors need to become proficient with a variety of content creation tools. The challenges of 21st-century education often require the users to switch from one application to another in order to find the most suitable set of tools for the job.

CKEditor Ecosystem products are easy to implement online writing components: rich text editors with real-time collaboration and file managers with image upload and editing features. They allow you to improve the writing experience in your application and encourage the users to stay within your software by allowing them to collaborate.

CKEditor Ecosystem components bring a familiar interface of a rich text editor with its variety of tools to any software application. Thanks to integrated text formatting and styling features the users are able to create beautiful content with just a few button clicks. The file upload and management capabilities let them add images, videos or Internet media elements directly to the created content. Features such as tables, charts, math equations, code snippets or templates allow anyone to create more advanced papers, assessments or publications.

On top of that, CKEditor offers a set of world-class collaboration tools that allow the users to create and review content together, directly in your application. With inline comments, everyone from students and teachers through academic staff to authors and publishers can benefit from being able to leave and exchange feedback on any part of created content. Suggestion mode allows the authors and publishers to maintain control over the editing and reviewing process by keeping track of the changes made. Regardless if they are in the same classroom or workspace, at home, or spread around the world, real-time collaboration feature offers the users truly synchronous collaborative editing, commenting and suggesting in the same document at the same time.


Using collaborative rich text editor in education

Numerous customers already use CKEditor Ecosystem products to advance their Learning Management Systems and Virtual Classroom software through a set of collaborative editing tools that improve and innovate any learning environment. The components are used to facilitate:

  • Easy content creation with various text formatting and collaboration tools.

  • Interactions between students or faculty staff.

  • Teacher-student collaboration.

  • Classes hosted remotely.


Using collaborative rich text editor in publishing

CKEditor Ecosystem products are used to accelerate the book writing process through modern technology. You can use them to create any publication and collaborate on it in real time. The components allow you to:

  • Write and collaborate on content.

  • Take advantage of a rich set of useful writing features.

  • Stay within one application for all your publishing needs.

  • Speed up writing and reviewing.


About CKSource

CKSource has been building market-leading rich text editing solutions for 15 years with a team of 40+, 25+ millions of downloads, hundreds of millions of users, extensive documentation, technical support and dedicated Account Management and Customer Success teams. Through the new collaborative content authoring solutions, CKSource aims to help software providers create better software with higher user engagement and to help users create better content more efficiently so they never want to leave for another tool.


Contact us

Contact us now to learn more about using CKEditor Ecosystem products in education or publishing. Let's meet at Bett 2019 in London and discuss how we can help you improve the content creation in your application with the next generation of rich text editors and encourage the users to stay within your platform by allowing them to collaborate!


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