05 Dec 2019

VRANI launched KOORING XR CODING CAMP, the coding education program using AR and VR for schools

VRANI Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SS41

On November 12, KOORING XR Coding Camp, the coding education program using VR, was held at Itaewon Elementary School in Seoul.

VRANI is the startup that develops kids XR edutainment contents for children aged from 7 to 12 years old. KOORING XR Coding Camp is VRANI’s coding education content using VR for schools. It provides students with the opportunity to experience XR such as VR, AR, MR, etc., and also various on and offline activities to develop not only the basics of coding, but also the skills such as the problem solving ability, communication skills and core competencies, to achieve the goal of raising the future 21 Century Leaders.

VRANI already conducted the field test of 'KOORING XR Coding Camp' for the fifth grade students of Bupyeong Elementary School in Namyangju last October. VRANI analyzed the factors that enhanced the students’ interest and concentration and improved the camp to maximize the fun factor, and compensated the shortcomings by reflecting the feedback of students and teachers.

Manager Weiging, who is in charge of APAC Ecosystem of HTC VIVE, attended the launch event, and said, “Children were using and controlling VR HMD easily, and learning with joy. It was like seeing a classroom in the future. The smart schools using XR have already begun in many other countries, and this event showed the future Korean smart classroom.”

Many technologies such as AR and VR are being developed, but it is difficult to spread them in school sites for many reasons such as safety, lack of contents, and price. In order to apply the voice of the school field to the contents, VRANI will form an in-service teacher advisory committee, and collaborate with the leading software education schools, and continue to develop contents suitable for schools such as the school visiting coding education.

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