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The Digital Podium for the 21st Century Classroom

30 Nov 2017 by: Paul Strongman Wishtrac House Limited

Wishtrac will be launching the HoverCam Pilot Podium device at BETT 2018, setting the standard for the 21st Century Classroom.  The Pilot mobile wireless podium utilises the latest technology and Knotester software, and apart from a mains cable, it is totally wireless!  It features:


  • Built-in Windows 10 PC (i5 or i7 processsors) with a 21 inch touch screen display
  • Built in Wireless transmitter to send Ultra HD display to an IFPD or Interactive Whiteboard
  • Built-in keyboard and mouse for traditional computing
  • Microphone to capture audio and transmit to bluetooth speakers
  • Built in, 13 megapixel Ultra HD Solo 8 Plus Visualiser
  • Lightning Adaptor to connect iPads, and HDMI input for Android devices, as inputs
  • Powered stand raises and lowers for maximum accessibility
  • Wireless network capability


Reimagine your modern teaching space with one of these state of the art solutions.  The Pilot Podium means teachers or lecturers can face their students; move the Podium to where they want it in the teaching space; and control all elements of the lesson (video, audio, annotation).  The included Knotester software can record the lesson, posting it directly to the cloud.


Celebrating 11 years of exhibiting at the show and supplying IT resources to education, Wishtrac's director Paul Strongman said, "The Pilot Podium is an exciting new product that brings cutting edge technology to any learning space.  There's already great interest in the device from the FE and University sector, and schools will be blown away by the power of the all-in-one device.  It helps you to teach at the speed of learning!".



Wishtrac are the UK Distributors of the HoverCam range of Visualisers and Podiums, and full details can be found at www.thehovercam.org.uk.  Our collective aim is to enhance teaching and learning in every classroom, becoming the number one solution for Podiums, Visualisers and Document Cameras.


See the Pilot Podium in action at BETT 2018 at stand C443.

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