25 Jan 2018

The artificially intelligent platform that learns how every brain learn

On a mission to solve the two biggest challenges facing education: teacher workload and the ‘one size fits all’ delivery of education, CENTURY Tech was revealed to the education world just over a year ago. In a short space of time, CENTURY has proven how introducing artificial intelligence (AI) into schools revolutionises the delivery of education.   With every click and interaction on CENTURY, data is gathered on every student’s learning process. This data combined with diagnostic assessments allows the platform to plot the most effective learning path and instantly personalise recommended topics. Gaps in knowledge are quickly identified and remedied, weaknesses are scaffolded and strengths are built upon. Rather than a student having to wait for work to be collected, misunderstandings to be corrected, gaps to be plugged and weaknesses to be addressed, CENTURY can intervene at the point of need. “You can rely on the artificial intelligence behind the platform to personalise a learning pathway for each student. This works particularly well when it comes to revision, as CENTURY knows exactly what to set and when. Our Y11 students really liked this in the run up to their mocks, as it took out the stress of prioritising.” Sam Wignell, Head of Science, Technology & Horticulture, Ansford Academy Between lesson planning, marking and supporting a classroom of students with individual needs, teachers are well-known to have ‘unmanageable’ workloads. CENTURY uses AI to automate everyday tasks like marking, homework tracking and data management to reduce workload and allow teachers to focus on what matters most: teaching!   “It saves me an hour per week per class on marking, planning and assessing.” Thom Harrison, Maths teacher, Swale Academy Trust.   CENTURY unveiled a new guardian portal this year at the Bett show. “By equipping parents with their own access to the platform, we give them the tools they need to keep track of their child’s progress and be more involved in their education “ Priya Lakhani OBE, Founder CEO of CENTURY Tech. For more information about CENTURY Tech, visit: www.century.tech.
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