22 Jan 2019

Smartick incorporates coding into their daily sessions of mathematics

SMARTICK Hall: Hall N1-19 Stand: D320
The Smartick Method incorporates coding into their daily sessions because we are convinced that the mastery of these two disciplines will be the key to a better future for our children, who in turn will have all doors open for them in a world dominated by technology. The advantage of incorporating Smartick Coding is that, similar to what is done during the Mathematics sessions, children are presented with personalized challenges without their parents having to dive into the ocean of the Internet to find resources. In addition, by being able to use Smartick from the age of four, children are able to relate mathematics and programming to each other from a very young age. Like the logic and math sessions, the Smartick Coding sessions are adjusted to the level and rhythm of learning of each student with help from Artificial Intelligence. There are also interactive tutorials to facilitate the understanding of different tasks. “At Smartick we are aware of the skills and abilities that children need for the future in an increasingly technological job market. One of them is programming: a language that develops critical thinking, enhances creativity and contributes to problem-solving skills”, explains Javier Arroyo, one of the co-founders of the Method. “Therefore, to further reinforce our method of Mathematics, we have developed Smartick Coding, integrating programming sessions that complement the existing Maths and logic ones. So, every four to five sessions, we offer a coding one to train areas of knowledge different from Mathematics to maximize academic performance”, adds Daniel De Vega, the other cofounder. Thanks to gamification, Smartick students learn to program without needing to know code. Smartick starts with the understanding that they do not have any previous knowledge of programming, and in the case that they do then they can move through the curriculum more quickly and work with a wider range of concepts.  The coding sessions are offered to students who are about six or seven years of age because they need to have a good reading level, as well as spatial awareness, and know their left and right. More and more experts recommend more productive and restricted use of screen time for children. Smartick makes that possible by having them work at maximum concentration with personalized sessions for only 15 minutes a day, and from now on these sessions will include programming which helps to make both disciplines more attractive. Smartick will continue to be an online Mathematics learning method, but at the same time children will be able to start coding and develop a greater motivation to continue with their daily 15 minute sessions. Smartick Coding is developed entirely by Smartick’s team of engineers and educators. It is based on block programming which is one of the most popular methods of teaching programming to children around the world because it allows them to understand  coding without having to learn a complex language. Children are prepared to learn any programming language in the future through the use of “coding blocks,” because it allows them to use concepts without tying them to a particular language. Benefits of children learning Coding at an early age: Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It shows them how to tackle big problems by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable ones, no matter the field of study. Enhance creativity. In programming, like in life, there is more than one way to solve a problem. The best time to learn to program is as a child. Learning to program is like learning another language, and it has been shown that children find it easier to master another language. It is the literacy of the Digital Age. Knowing how to program will give our children the ability to understand the world around them and acquire the ‘in demand’ skills needed in the job market. Smartick is an online method for learning mathematics that consists of 15-minute daily sessions that are totally personalized to each child, thanks to Artificial Intelligence which places each one at the exact level to help them reach their maximum potential. Being online and having an enormous database the method is constantly enriching itself with new content from a great team of professionals who take care of studying, filtering, and designing activities while taking inspiration from different approaches like Montessori or Singapore. Additionally, since Smartick does not follow any national curriculum the content is appealing to children from all different countries and backgrounds and makes it perfect to practice mathematics. More than 50,000 children from 100 countries have already signed up and use the method which is available in English and Spanish.   The Smartick Method will be in London at BETT this year at stand D320; Instituto de Comercio Exterior de España (ICEX).
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