10 Dec 2019

Osborne Technologies at BETT

Osborne Technologies Ltd Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SP34
Osborne Technologies at BETT
Large format touchscreens from Osborne Technologies

2020 is an exciting year for us at Osborne Technologies. Not only are we celebrating over 20 years of excellence, but we're also revealing the latest in our product ranges exclusively at the BETT Show. Here's a sneak peak of what you can expect to see on our stand:

  • SenEgg - our new self-contained sensory haven provides mobile, individual immersive experiences. Designed with maximum versatility in mind, SenEgg can be used in public spaces, education, health care and even the home, offering a safe, controlled sanctuary within any existing space. 
  • Divoom - smart, stylish and easy to use, our new range of pixel art products are both fun and functional, allowing users to create colourful, still and animated artwork with ease. Featuring vibrant LED pixel displays and smart connectivity they are not only enjoyable to use, but also allow learners to understand the makeup of modern graphical displays. 
  • Funtronic - an interactive projection system, which can be used on various surfaces including floors, tables and even walls. Funtronic projects collaborative multimedia content and allows participants to interact with the surface using their hands, feet and other objects, such as toys and gym equipment.

We will also be showcasing our flagship products, including:

  • EntrySign - signing in/out is made quick and easy using one or more digital touchscreens, kiosks or terminals, which can be located wherever you need them around the school, college or university campus. EntrySign has been chosen by thousands of education establishments throughout the world as their preferred signing in system to safeguard their students, staff and visitors. 
  • Tango - tango interactive solutions put you in complete control of your lesson, meeting or presentation. Tango touchscreens are equipped with the very latest ultra-slim multi-touch technology allowing many users to interact simultaneously using their fingers or the high precision stylus.
  • Aurora - leads in innovative sensory and immersive technology solutions such as bespoke rooms, cabin pods or even in a mobile vehicle to be shared across multi-academy trusts or other partnerships. 
  • WizeFloor - an award-winning interactive floor for education. It is designed to promote learning through play and physical activity. WizeFloor projects a vast collection of games and activities on to the floor and makes them interactive using camera tracking technology.
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