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22 - 25 January 2020
ExCel London

‘Kai’s Clan’ the World’s First Mixed Reality Collaborative Coding & Robotics Platform Launches at Bett 2019

23 Jan 2019 by: 🤖 Kai's Clan Kai's Clan ~ Adventures in collaborative coding









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‘Kai’s Clan’ the World’s First Mixed Reality Collaborative Coding & Robotics Platform Launches at Bett 2019


Kai’s Clan is a fusion of Robots, Gamified eLearning, Augmented and Virtual Reality blended into an immersive coding experience.


SILVERTOWN, LONDON, JANUARY 23, 2019 - After two years in stealth mode, ed-tech startup ‘Autonomous Works’ from New Zealand unveils a new collaborative coding platform that combines coding, robotics, sensors and mixed reality. Activity mats are projected into full 3D digital environments that can be explored in AR and VR using block based coding.


Kai’s Clan is an immersive new way for students to learn coding and work together to achieve a common goal:


  • Remote classroom: Collaborate across continents in real time, as if you’re in the same room.
  • Mixed reality: Visualise your code through virtual terrains where the physical and virtual tie seamlessly together.
  • Collaborative coding: Allows teachers and students to code and work together.


“Our lives are built around computers and they touch every aspect of our lives. Computer Science is a vital skill for the future.” said Bruce Jackson, founder of Kai’s Clan.


Designed with easy classroom implementation in mind, Kai’s Clan includes a range of multidisciplinary lesson plans, allowing all teachers, irrespective of their coding skill, to conduct productive and engaging classes. Teachers and students are also encouraged to exercise their creativity and create their own activities and adventures, which can be shared in a community tab in the coding interface.


Kai’s Clan Classroom packs start from £785 and can be pre-ordered at www.KaisClan.ai from 23rd January.


Kai’s Clan is cloud-based and uses a clever computer vision system. QR coded objects on the activity mat, including robots, are projected into the virtual environment. On the Mars themed mat, robots appear as mars rovers, one QR code takes the form of a large solar farm, while another appears as a space shuttle orbiting overhead. Using VR allows you to view the environment from the perspective of your robot, bringing coding to life like never before. 


Students can choose from a wide variety of sensors to plug into their Kai robot. A temperature sensor can display live sensor data, this data can be used in their code, saved into a spreadsheet and graphed or shared across the globe, giving a wide variety of STEAM potential.


“The focus on collaboration is extremely important,” Bruce emphasises. “We need to get students communicating, collaborating, coding and solving real world problems across the curriculum.”




We are a small company with big ideas. We believe strong computational thinking and collaboration skills are essential for the development of our children’s minds and their future careers in the world today.

Our journey began back in 2012 supporting schools with educational products. Our passion for technology and education led us to develop Kai’s Clan, with collaboration as a primary focus and an exciting range of emerging technologies merged into one. Our mission is to inspire young minds to collaborate and code.


About Autonomous Works


Autonomous Works is new start-up founded out of a division of 3D Printing Systems limited, a New Zealand company which has been exporting education technology solutions since 2012.


For more information on Kai’s Clan, please visit www.kaisclan.ai


Booth: B318

Bruce Jackson +64 21 2617242

Director of Autonomous Works

Email: bruce@kaisclan.ai

Web: www.KaisClan.ai


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