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22 - 25 January 2020
ExCel London

Independent Review

14 Nov 2018 by: John Dabell Mathspace

A globally recognised digital maths e-learning programme for personalised maths tuition.

At a glance

  • Step Smart Technology grades every step automatically
  • Full digital curriculum: over 8000 video tutorials, mapped to the UK curriculum from KS2-KS4
  • Assign and manage homework
  • One-click report cards
  • Gamification and project-based learning

Mapping the road to mastery is essential. When I’m teaching maths, I’m not 100% focused on the final answer; I’m also checking what the journey looked like getting there.

Charting individual routes and pinpointing where the ride gets rough is crucial so we can help students navigate the mathematics terrain. Giving students feedback with tips and support on a one to one basis is tough across a class; but technology can help.

Mathspace uses adaptive learning technology to analyse student performance in actual time, and tailor questions and content to the individual’s level and pace. It makes student reasoning high profile, gets forensic with it, and provides scaffolded help.

Mathspace avoids those problematic post-mortems by offering real-time support right at the point of misconception, red-lighting incorrect steps and giving students hints straight away.

This is why Mathspace says that it is the world’s smartest adaptive learning engine for maths; it collects more data than any other programme every step of the way, delivering precision pedagogy.

Using Mathspace will help you get to know more about your students than you would ever have time to do in class.

Assigning maths subtopics to the class and individuals is extremely easy. These are all searchable, with practice questions galore across the whole maths curriculum along with lesson notes, videos, and scorecards.

You get a complete record of all student work marked automatically line by line and can drill down into every problem. When students get stuck or enter a wrong answer, hint boxes are there to help, with videos too.

I like the options to choose either adaptive, custom or fast-track tasks.

With a custom task we can select the types and number of questions, and a due date.

With adaptive tasks students work through a subtopic at their own pace, whilst fast-track tasks let them show their understanding across a particular topic before they start to work through the individual subtopics.

Mathspace is an adaptive platform with a difference because it doesn’t focus on a multiple choice format. It is devoted to understanding how students get their answers, because that’s where the learning takes place.

I’m not sure I have seen anything remotely like Mathspace for its ability to tailor on the go, provide rolling guidance and automated feedback, and deliver accurate data on student progress.

It breathes energy and passion, it offers 10 times the interactivity of a textbook and it focuses on grit and growth.


  • Mimics a personal tutor experience
  • Provides immediate formative feedback for instant empowerment and inspiration
  • Supports an ordered learning pathway
  • Tailors content based on individual abilities
  • Helps students develop a deeper understanding of maths concepts
  • Easy setup and classroom management

Upgrade if…

You are looking for an all-in-one mastery resource with 4x4 and surgical credentials that places engagement, meaning and personal progress at the epicentre of maths learning and takes customisation to a whole new level.

Find out more at mathspace.co.uk.

Reviewed by John Dabell

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