06 Dec 2018

iLockerz set to showcase 21st century locker solution to age-old storage issue

Global intelligent locker systems leader, iLockerz, will be giving Bett show visitors a first-hand glimpse of its state-of-the-art locker systems in January 2019. Educational establishments are increasingly looking for ways to maintain and improve student engagement and comprehensive locker systems are integral to overcoming this challenge. Even in today’s digital era, tech-savvy students still have to carry a number of heavy books around with them throughout the day. iLockerz gives students and staff access to convenient, flexible and secure storage solutions that are equipped with 21st century functionality that enables devices, such as mobiles, laptops and tablets, to be charged while they’re locked away. “Lockers have been in schools and universities for decades, but they’ve always had the same fundamental flaws - they lack security and are inflexible,” says iLockerz’ Business Development Manager, Ryan Slaney. “I remember when I was at school and having to drag a backpack of unfeasibly heavy textbooks around with me. Education institutions are now taking this problem seriously plus, they now have the added complexity of BYOD to factor in too. “iLockerz is addressing these flaws while also updating the functionality for the 21st century, which we’re looking forward to demonstrating at the forthcoming Bett show.” iLockerz lockers can be accessed using a single student ID or code, meaning students can use multiple lockers throughout the day and no longer have to walk back-and-forth to a single locker room. In addition, iLockerz can be accessed 24-hours a day and set up to be provided on a free or pay-per-use basis, providing a valuable additional revenue stream. iLockerz will be on Stand A90 In the meantime, for more information visit https://www.ilockerz.com/index.php/market-sectors/education/ 
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