23 Jan 2019

First ever Danish Pavillion at BETT

Digital Denmark Ed Tech Hall: Hall N1-19 Stand: E182
Denmark is home to many of the world’s leading Edtech companies. Come and meet our EdTech companies who are innovative, forward thinking and work to make kids smarter and education better and easier. At the first ever Danish Pavilion at BETT we are proud to show you why digital solutions have become a cornerstone in the Danish education sector. Education in Denmark is built on strong principles about active participation and close cooperation. Close cooperation is a priority not only between students and between schools and parents but also between Ed Tech providers and providers of education. You are invited to explore, how you can achieve better education by engaging with our Danish EdTech companies. Active participation by students is encouraged at all levels in the education system. Digital learning makes this even easier. Danish EdTech companies provide innovative ways to teach about Technology and enable students to build their own creative technical solutions. In addition, digital learning can increase student motivation, which ultimately results in increased learning. Visit us and learn how Danish solutions can motivate your students to learn actively. The Danish Pavilion is organized by Confederation of Danish Industries in cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs - The Trade Council. Digital Learning and Educational Tech will set the course for Education of the future. Join the Danish companies on this journey and visit the Danish Pavilion at BETT 2019. Visit us at BETT, Hall N1-19 stand E182. At the Danish Pavilion you can meet: Alinea: Alinea is the largest educational publishing company in Denmark. Read more about Alinea here. Clio Online: Clio develops educational technology to make all kids smarter. Read more about Clio Online here. Edulab: EduLab's vision is to create sublime mathematical learning that can make the children of the world better at math. Read more about EduLab here. Eurekos: Eurekos is a learning technology company. Our flagship product is the Eurekos Learning Management System. Read more about Eurekos here Hippomini: Hippomini is on a journey to transform education by designing and implementing makerspaces and OER programs. Read about Hippomini here Ordbogen A/S: Ordbogen A/S develops digital dictionaries, online language learning tools and intelligent writing tools. Read more about Ordbogen A/S here. UNIwise: UNIwise’s platform WISEflow is an end-to-end digital assessment platform that supports the full workflow of an exam and assessment process. Read more about UNIwise and WISEflow here. MV Nordic/Vitec MV: MV Nordic/Vitec MV is the leading Scandinavian supplier of assistive technology for reading, writing and literacy support. Read more about MV Nordic/Vitec MV here.
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