4Matrix Press Release BETT 2021

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4Matrix Press Release BETT 2021

What is 4Matrix?

The innovative 4Matrix platform provides a powerful combination of tools to support both schools and their Trusts in obtaining the maximum value from their performance data.

4Matrix Desktop is a School Performance Data System for secondary schools. It is a cost-effective, high-impact application that can process results and produce a range of reports in minutes. It can monitor pupil progress throughout the year, using a range of tools for analysis, forecasting, comparing, researching and reporting.

4Matrix Infinity brings the power of 4Matrix to the web. It is an optional add-on, allowing users to access key features of 4Matrix Desktop, plus a brand-new Seating Plan tool, from any device via all major web-browsers.

4Matrix Fusion is a web-based, Trust-wide system for data collaboration. Combining and aggregating data from 4Matrix Desktop and 4Matrix Infinity, 4Matrix Fusion enables Trusts to access timely information from their schools.

Together, 4Matrix provide over 40 tools to support the investigation and research into school and Trust-level performance data, helping to raise standards and improve pupil outcomes.



 “Thank you all at 4Matrix - it was the easiest, least stressful and quickest exam results processing in my 8 years as a Data Manager - and I am confident that everything has been reported - unlike previous years with copious formulas in my own Excel sheets.... one HAPPY lady!” – Patcham High School

“4Matrix is a great product. The analyses, graphs and reports are a real strength of the product - helping us to provide the evidence to make informed decisions. The time saved in analysing and reporting progress and attainment has been tremendous.” – Farringdon Community School


About Us

4Matrix is a development of New Media Learning Ltd, an education consultancy specialising in school improvement, training and software development.

Our aim is to make 4Matrix the most comprehensive secondary school performance data solution available at an affordable price. We listen to our customers and aim to turn their suggestions into our priorities. We believe in openness in showing people what they are getting prior to purchasing, and we provide a free 30-day trial so that schools can make sure that they are completely satisfied with what 4Matrix can do. We provide a range of resources for help with getting started and using 4Matrix at no extra cost, through video help, online support and webinars. As a result of this approach, most of our business comes from recommendation from satisfied users.

Our team is small but has a great deal of experience in software development, understanding the complexity of school performance data and providing great customer support. We also work with a number of top-quality consultants who provide training events, and support schools in developing their use of 4Matrix. 

For more information, please contact us on sales@4matrix.com.

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