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22 - 25 January 2020
ExCel London

Win Free Hands-on Coding Robot (suitable for PreK-K2)

by: Matatalab

Overview: Beginning coding with Matatalab, we encourage the young learner to Code, Create and Collaborate. This is absolutely your best chance to learn the new hands-on coding robot for your students and yourself!

Participants: PreK-K2 Teachers or students, 2 people per round, total of 2 rounds.

Time: approx. 20mins per round


1. Introduction

  • Screen-less coding and Matatalab
  • Coding supports early learners
  • Grouping 

2. Hands-on with Matatalab

  • Challenge will require applying coding concept like sequences/ loops/ functions. (Difficulty will be different due to participants' ages), 
  • The one finishes all the challenges within the set time wins;
  • If both have passed all the challenges, the faster wins;
  • After the four days competitions, the fastest one wins the final prize.

3. Reactions

  • Students
  • Teachers

All rights reserved at Matatalab.


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Wednesday 23rd Jan, Thursday 24th Jan

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Afternoon 2.01pm-6pm
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