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Welcome to the 'Wellbeing Matters' page where we collate ideas, resources and articles to support a healthier and happier mind and body, both in the classroom and the workplace. 

Mental Health Matters 

Wellbeing Forum: Growing up in a Connected World

This series of talks from Bett 2020 focus on digital wellbeing in the classroom and beyond. Sessions topics include:

  • The new online safety – understanding current changes in legislation for digital health and its impact on inspection
  • Understanding technologies effects on mental health and designing tech positive spaces
  • How do we educate our children, teachers and parents about sleep?
  • Practical tools and innovative resources for wellbeing

Online learning: recommendations for wellness


Lockdown and online learning have made health and wellness a priority yet it is often neglected                                            

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Coronavirus: Helpful information to answer questions from children


Coronavirus is all over the news right now, so it’s understandable that many children, and adults, are anxious about the virus and how it could impact them. 

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 4 ways to maintain teacher well-being during school closures


Maintaining well-being at this time will not only help you adapt to your new day to day practice, but also make the transition back to your usual routine much easier. 


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