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Our content team spend their time speaking with the global education community to identify common trends, challenges and best practice. We regularly bring together experts from around the world to share ideas and debate some of the biggest issues facing educators.


Supporting Student Safety and Learning


Thursday 22 October 2020 - 16:00 BST | 19:00 GST | 23:00 MYT

About This Webinar

Join us and Aruba on 22 October as we deep-dive into a diverse range of case studies, exploring the challenges that schools and universities face when devising a robust digital strategy.

Aruba is the industry leader in wired, wireless and security networking solutions for today's experience edge.


  • Understand how to remotely manage student safeguarding and support them remotely
  • Ensure student engagement and achievement through a variety of digital tools and solutions
  • Learn from an assortment of different case studies that exemplify how best to adapt your institution to a hybrid model, that supports students’ needs and improves learning quality

Student Engagement, Connection and Attainment


Thursday 08 October 2020


Our webinar has now ended - you can now watch it back on-demand via the link below 

Join Bett, Ajenta and USP College (Essex, England) for an in-depth case study to learn how this forward-thinking, two-campus FE College supports high quality, real-time learning remotely and face to face.

• Hear how they maintain human interaction and social contact during real-time teaching, ensuring that attainment levels do not drop off.
• Discover how learners remain engaged and immersed in teaching and other interactions.
• See how USP College’s new immersive classrooms (powered by Vscene) have enabled them to share expertise across two campuses so they can run the widest possible programme of qualifications to meet learner demand and enhance the student experience.

During this webinar key members of the USP College and Ajenta teams will share their journey to create a digital strategy that future-proofs learning accessibility and channels innovation through learning and immersive technologies. You’ll be able to ask them questions to feed into your own contingency planning.

1John Wilson, Co-Founder & CEO, Ajenta, UK



2Dan Pearson, Principal & CEO, USP College, UK



3Christel McCarthy, Project Manager, USP College, UK

4James Parker, Head of Education Improvement, USP College, UK


Moderator by:

sarah Sarah Marshall, Head of Content, Bett Global Series


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