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    Chris Law
    Teacher Trainer Supervisor, Tadika Sri Manja, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Harnessing the power of esports in the classroom

15 July 2020 – 15:00 BST | 18:00 GST | 22:00 MYT

The esports industry is opening up new and exciting possibilities for future employment. In response to this, its popularity in the education sector is gaining momentum, offering students the chance to develop a range of social, physical, mental and financial skills to thrive in the ever-demanding job market.

With the recent launch of their brand-new Esports BTEC qualification, Bett joins Pearson Education and the British Esports Association – along with leaders within the industry from around the world – to discuss the ways in which esports can be positioned in education to ensure a successfully-prepared future workforce.


Tom DoreTom Dore, Head of Education, British Esports Association



Cindy-Rampersaud.pngCindy Rampersaud, Senior Vice President, BTEC and Apprenticeships, Pearson Education


Moderated by:

Sarah-Marshall.pngSarah Marshall, Head of Content, Bett Global


Constance-Steinkuehler.pngDr Constance Steinkuehler, Professor of Informatics, University of California Irvine


Alyson-Tan.pngAlyson Tan, Curriculum and Training Manager / Lecturer, SCOGA / Informatics Academy




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