Bett Live Sessions

Bett Live Sessions

GEC At Bett 2020

For the first time, our very own Global Education Council reunited on stage at Bett 2020 to share their vision on the future of education.

Bett Community Hub

Celebrating Ambition; Inspiring Educators

Hear first hand her experiences as part of the Academy, and how EdTech enables a more seamless journey for learning.

Digital Residents or the Distracted Generation? Helping students to manage digital distractions in the class and beyond

Drawing on recent research, Sophia Mavridi, Lecturer, De Montfort University will explore methods that help students develop skills to manage digital distractions, as well as the practicality involved for educators, administrators and institutions.


Digital tools to give children a voice

Sharon Doughty, Dot Com Digital moderates this panel discussion which will demonstrate how digital tools can give children the opportunity to speak up by looking at the power of the digital journal. They will explore how to empower children and teach them to communicate their experiences.


DigiLearn: Empowering Transformational Change in Education

Join Chris Melia and Kevan Williams from UCLAN who will discuss best practice in fostering a community around digital approaches to learning, teaching and assessment through DigiLearn.


The Challenge of Identity, Authentication and Distance Learning

Join David Creighton-Offord from The University of Edinburgh, as he explores the challenges of ensuring your students are what they seem when undertaking distance learning or submitting subject access requests.


Strategic Digital Transformation: A blueprint for adoption

Professor Mark Simpson and Jonathan Eaton from Teesside University discuss the challenges in implementing strategic change across a complex institution, drawing on the perspectives of staff, students and senior leaders along the way.


Ideas from the world brought to life in your classroom

Kellie Goodall, Broughton Primary School and Paul Watkins, Ysgol Bae Baglan discover how technology enables students to be heard, grow as empathetic global citizens and develop as confident learners.

Imagine a world where assessments are digital and on demand

Hear from Pearson’s experts on how assessments are becoming more accessible and inclusive for all and how they can help you understand why learners may not be learning at their expected rate in order to help them achieve success.


Wellbeing Matters   

21st century wellbeing: A discussion on how to best support students pastorally and emotionally

Louise Stevenson leads a panel discussion on 21st Century Wellbeing: A discussion on how to best support students pastorally and emotionally. 

21st century wellbeing: A discussion on how to best support students pastorally and emotionally

Louise Stevenson, Deputy Head, St Mary's School, chaired a panel discussion at Bett 2020 to discuss student pastoral and emotional support. As the world becomes more interconnected and online, what can school leaders do to ensure that the wellbeing needs and challenges of students are catered for?

Wellbeing Forum: Growing up in a Connected World

This series of talks from Bett 2020 focus on digital wellbeing in the classroom and beyond. Sessions topics include: online safety, technologies effects on mental health, sleep education and innovative resources for wellbeing.

Wellbeing Panel: How can school leaders create a school-wide system?

Discussion on how to support students on CAMHS waiting lists, what holistic approaches to wellbeing can be implemented in school and how to ensure that the curriculum you put in place is progressive and prepares a child for the ‘next stage’.

What can school leaders do to support staff wellbeing?

Kerry Hill shares her experience and addresses the following challenges; defining wellbeing and identifying the biggest stress point, creating a school culture that removes the stigma from staff mental health, developing specific strategies at the organisational and individual level to promote positive staff wellbeing and understanding the types of support there are available.


Creative Health and Wellbeing Panel

Join the conversation on creative approaches to health and wellbeing. Our education experts will be discussing and brainstorming on effective, creative and practical solutions to ensure a safe and happy learning environment for both students and staff.


Supporting Students’ Mental Health and Wellbeing

Join Professor Jonathan Glazzard from The Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools who discusses, developing students' resilience, how to create a community to support positive mental health.


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