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‘What Matters in EdTech’ Podcast Series

‘What Matters in EdTech’ Podcast Series

After a successful run leading to Bett 2020, the What Matters in EdTech series produced by The Edtech Podcast is back, this time with a focus on all things global. This series drills in on what matters in education as well as how and when technology might help.

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Podcast #5


In this episode we look at the fall-out of COVID-19 for skills. Our speakers are joined us from Hong Kong and the UK.

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Podcast #4


In this episode we talk all about Innovation. We are joined by educators and thought-leaders from Dubai, Brazil, Singapore and the UK to discuss how we can make space for new innovative ideas.

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Podcast #3

Global Education Council

Hear from our Global Education Council who discuss their manifesto and the way COVID-19 has impacted their ideals. They also reflect how the pause given by the global pandemic has allowed an opportunity to teach back better and how this can be achieved.

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Podcast #2

Middle East & Africa

Hear from educators working across the region, who explore some of the opportunities and challenges of education locally. They highlight the nuances between countries, systems, cultures and implementation of learning technologies focused on learner outcome and support.

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Podcast #1


In this first episode we discuss what tools and pedagogies our guest speakers are utilising to best serve their students in the here and now, and also prepare Asia’s youth for the connected digital world in the long-term.

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Past Podcasts

In the lead up to Bett 2020 we teamed up with The EdTech Podcast to bring you six episodes focused around our global themes that shaped our conference programme.

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