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  • Are you new to Microsoft Teams?  It is the communications and collaboration hub within Microsoft 365 – an essential tool for remote learning.   
  • Service desks are getting more customer-oriented, but their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) stay the same. Besides your current KPIs, consider using these 4 customer satisfaction KPIs.
  • To support educators and help them get started with distance learning we created a kit full of helpful resources and tools.
  • This includes guidance around reducing congestion in workplace entry points, limiting contact, allowing for low numbers in reception and contact tracing. Download it here:
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources

    Westchester Education Services
    Content about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, along with resources to help readers gain a better understanding of these principles.
  • Walkthrough document provided to administrators, test sponsors, and/or instructors to provide a guide to using their dashboard. 
  • A comprehensive introduction to reasonable adjustments for apprentices. 
  • The Acer UK team have been working on a project with South Bank Engineering UTC to allow children to experience the employability skills that are needed in a context which they are used to: gaming.
  • TrilbyTV has released new content showing Black Pioneers via our Content Catalogue. The PDF has a sample of these and you can read more on our blog.
  • Clear Touch FREE Demo

    Clear Touch
    Clear Touch is happy to product free, online demos to help school administrators how to Interact Differently in their classrooms. Simply go to our website to sign up today!
  • Learn how to reverse engineer the modern classroom and gain freedom of choice and more functionality with less devices and less money. 
  • The award-winning IDL Literacy intervention provides a multi-sensory system that supports learners  to improve their reading and spelling ages between 5-16.
  • We are delighted to offer this free starter curriculum aimed at teaching Middle School students the basics of Computer Science through the creation of video games using Construct 3. 
  • The field of service management is no stranger to buzzwords. What do terms like ESM, SIAM and swarming mean? And how could they benefit your service delivery?
  • "Our new Prowise touchscreen instantly engaged our learners. The image and sound quality is fantastic, every seat in the classroom now has the best view."
  • Once you’ve integrated Teams into your school and classrooms, the next step is to for teachers and administrators to learn how pedagogy needs to shift. 
  • There are no bad questions, only slightly amusing ones. Below are some of our favourite funny questions and requests our IT managers have received from our own TOPdesk employees.
  • LocknCharge has compiled a technology and education guide full of the latest real-world examples, tips and advice, to prepare students and teachers for the unknown.

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