Education Resources

Education Resources

  • Computer Vision- Using Scratch AI Extension

    07 Jan 2021 AI World School
    Computer Vision- Using Scratch AI Extension 
  • Speech Recognition- Using Scratch AI Extension 
  • Rapid Router resources (Free)

    06 Jan 2021 Ocado Technology
    Rapid Router teaches children aged 5–14 how to code using Blockly and Python. The game and lessons support the English National Curriculum Computing strand, and Teachers across the world love them.
  • We have put together a comprehensive suite of Microsoft based training courses, designed to deliver a better learning experience and to help teachers continue developing their own technology skills.
  • Aspire Pupil Tracking – quick start guide
  • Pelikaan Elementary School’s principle brought innovative Google technology into the school’s classrooms.
  • Empower students with hybrid learning in 4 steps
  • Securus Online Safety for Home Learners

    16 Dec 2020 Securus Software
    During the Covid-19 crisis all schools should have access to eSafety monitoring for remote learners.   Contact 0330 124 1750 for information on school-owned & managed Windows & Chrome devices.
  • Lesson Plan for Rome Reborn: Roman Forum

    15 Dec 2020 Flyover Zone
    The well-preserved Arch of Septimius Severus is an iconic monument in the Roman Forum. This lesson plan helps teachers work the Arch and the larger virtual tour of the Roman Forum into their courses.
  • AMPERIA - User's manual

    02 Dec 2020 Marsel Dzharkas
    C O N T E N T 1. General information 2. Safety instructions 3. Component parts 4. Technical characteristics of elements 5. Power supply unit 6. Multimeter 7. Warranty 31  
  • The full whitepaper discusses technology and student motivation during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. It is available to download from:
  • Video Calls for Teachers & Parents

    14 Jul 2020 SchoolCloud
    Video calls between parents & teachers using SchoolCloud Parents Evening.  The market leading parents' evening software now has the ability for video calls between teachers and parents. 
  • By partnering with Cambium Networks, the International School of Luxembourg (ISL) has the resources and equipment needed to keep up with digital teaching and learning.
  • Life after lockdown teaching packs (FREE)

    29 May 2020 Chameleon PDE
    FREE packs for teachers with 600 minutes of teaching materials to support pupils' return to school after lockdown. 
  • Learning Never Stops Initiative

    27 Apr 2020 Classera Inc.
    We came with ‘Learning Never Stops’ initiative and glad to announce during this critical situation a smart,virtual, e-learning solution offered to ministries, schools and individuals at no cost. 
  • VE day 75: Virtual tea party lesson pack

    27 Apr 2020 Discovery Education
    Join Discovery Education as we commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day. 
  • As DFRobot realised that teachers needed support with their training and mental wellbeing during this difficult time,we began running free, real-time virtual lessons aimed at STEM teachers.
  • VEXcode VR

    21 Apr 2020 VEX Robotics
    Learn Computer Science at home without a robot! VEXcode VR is for experimenting with different ways to program a robot in a Virtual World. No hardware, sign in or experience needed!
  • Motivational quotes to help with social distancing

    10 Apr 2020 Wall Art by Promote Your School
    As we are all encouraged to stay at home due to the Coronavirus outbreak, reading motivational quotes can help us remain positive during this difficult time. 
  • Self isolation well-being - turn to nature

    09 Apr 2020 Wall Art by Promote Your School
    Research has shown that spending time in nature can improve mental health and wellbeing but how can you enjoy the outdoors when you’re cooped up at home? Simple – bring nature to you! 
  • Free eAlpha Access

    06 Apr 2020 Alpha Publishing
    Alpha Publishing believes in continuous learning for all, so we are offering FREE ACCESS across the MENA region to all our programs on eAlpha, until the end of 2019/2020 academic year.
  • Teachers take advantage of the Wi-Fi to engage students and enliven the classroom, administrators work more efficiently and students can watch video lessons after school on smartphones and tablets.
  • Students using Read&Write have made tangible leaps forward in reading and writing during their first year of secondary school. 

    30 Sep 2018 Jim Playfoot & Lucy Clarke, White Loop Ltd
    An independent evaluation of the literacy learning tool Read&Write. Report prepared on behalf of Texthelp by Jim Playfoot & Lucy Clarke of White Loop, an education consultancy & research company.
  • The IDL Dyscalculia Screener is now FREE of charge to all schools. The Dyscalculia Screener has been developed to provide a simple to use online test that will highlight any dyscalculic tendencies.
  • Learn how to reverse engineer the modern classroom and gain freedom of choice and more functionality with less devices and less money. 
  • Click on more details to download Computing and ICT sample lessons for different grades. Contact us for more resources on Coding and Robotics for grades 1-12.
  • We are delighted to offer this free starter curriculum aimed at teaching Middle School students the basics of Computer Science through the creation of video games using Construct 3. 
  • The field of service management is no stranger to buzzwords. What do terms like ESM, SIAM and swarming mean? And how could they benefit your service delivery?
  • Webinar about eBooks: Books for every reader – How digital can make a difference, with OverDrive Education
  • Once you’ve integrated Teams into your school and classrooms, the next step is to for teachers and administrators to learn how pedagogy needs to shift. 
  • There are no bad questions, only slightly amusing ones. Below are some of our favourite funny questions and requests our IT managers have received from our own TOPdesk employees.

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