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  • A 10-step guide to writing confident, focussed educational grant papers. 
  • Article on Staff Wellbeing by Headteacher Kerry Hill: Her school has embedded wellbeing as a golden thread  While in the bottom 10% for national deprivation, her pupils are in the top 1% for progress
  • On 10th Febraury 2021 we are holding the next in our series of webinars for those looking for more information on GCSEPod. 
  • Using Learning by Questions for Remote Learning

    23 Jan 2021 Learning by Questions
    Carry on your teaching as if you were still in the classroom with LbQ. Our questions provide instant, targeted feedback to pupils, and teachers can see how their class is progressing in real time.
  • Meet the DfE Remote Learning Expectations with LbQ!

    23 Jan 2021 Learning by Questions
    Learning by Questions is here to make sure that you are well-equipped to meet all of the DfE expectations.
  • Cambium Networks conducted a survey of U.S. K-12 schools about their Wi-Fi network.
  • Teacher's Guide for Assemblr EDU

    20 Jan 2021 Assemblr EDU
    A booklet that includes all information to help you get started, and to guide you through all steps in Assemblr EDU.
  • Lesson Plan and Classroom Activity

    20 Jan 2021 Assemblr EDU
    With lesson plan and classroom activity examples, you will be able to pick and demonstrate the ready-to-use activities to your students along with classroom activity ideas.
  • Assemblr Certified Educators

    20 Jan 2021 Assemblr EDU
    Assemblr Certified Educator (ACE) is a program where teachers can develop practical skills to use Assemblr professionally. Let us guide you into the world of AR and get licensed!
  • Aruba believes that the most dynamic customer experiences happen at the Edge.  We deliver innovative solutions that harness the power of the Edge to create positive outcomes for our customers.  
  • Interleaving = strengthen memory Spaced practice = ensure information sticks Retrieval Practice = help students recall information How students can get to grips with knowledge retention.
  • Socially-Distant and Remote Robotics

    19 Jan 2021 Daniella Bonazzoli
    We welcome you to explore our favorite in-person, hybrid and remote robotics arrangements and activities. Each are designed to ensure safe, collaborative coding opportunities.
  • Printable STEM Activity Book

    19 Jan 2021 Daniella Bonazzoli
    Our printable STEM Activity Book features robot themed activities for your robot loving kid or classroom.
  • Marty the Robot - Learning Portal

    19 Jan 2021 Robotical
    The Learning Portal is full of lessons and activities and is designed to accompany Marty the Robot. 
  • Science formula and symbol support

    19 Jan 2021 GCSEPod & Association of Science in Education (ASE)
    Teacher guidance, student step-by-step guide and a blank grid template. Physics Formula and Symbols Support Resources: The maths in physics can be very daunting, but it’s simple when you know how!
  • Getting Started with Root®

    19 Jan 2021 Daniella Bonazzoli
    Use these resources to get started with the Root Coding Robot!
  • Sometimes, the step up for students into KS4 & 5 is daunting. We have collated the key themes and topics needed for a whole host of subjects in KS4 & 5 to mitigate the jump and cement choices.
  • Simulator Code Break

    19 Jan 2021 Daniella Bonazzoli
    Solve the puzzles in this activity packet to unlock Root’s secret message!
  • Find the Best of uHandy for You!

    12 Jan 2021 uHandy Mobile Microscope
    Find further details about the differences between uHandy for Self-Users and uHandy for Educators.
  • Tiny Happy People

    11 Jan 2021 BBC
    The Tiny Happy People website can help develop children's communication skills. Explore our range of simple activities and play ideas.
  • BBC Bitesize

    11 Jan 2021 BBC
    BBC Bitesize is our flagship educational website, now in its 21st year, which publishes content for Primary and Secondary students. 
  • BBC Teach

    11 Jan 2021 BBC
    BBC Teach supports teachers by commissioning Class Clips and working with BBC programmes to create curriculum-related content for the classroom. 
  • FREE games and coloring pages for early childhoold educators! Try ELIIS kindergarten platform for free til March 2020.
  • Computer Vision- Using Scratch AI Extension

    07 Jan 2021 AI World School
    Computer Vision- Using Scratch AI Extension 
  • Speech Recognition- Using Scratch AI Extension 
  • Rapid Router resources (Free)

    06 Jan 2021 Ocado Technology
    Rapid Router teaches children aged 5–14 how to code using Blockly and Python. The game and lessons support the English National Curriculum Computing strand, and Teachers across the world love them.
  • We have put together a comprehensive suite of Microsoft based training courses, designed to deliver a better learning experience and to help teachers continue developing their own technology skills.
  • Aspire Pupil Tracking – quick start guide
  • Pelikaan Elementary School’s principle brought innovative Google technology into the school’s classrooms.
  • Empower students with hybrid learning in 4 steps
  • Securus Online Safety for Home Learners

    16 Dec 2020 Securus Software
    During the Covid-19 crisis all schools should have access to eSafety monitoring for remote learners.   Contact 0330 124 1750 for information on school-owned & managed Windows & Chrome devices.
  • AMPERIA - User's manual

    02 Dec 2020 Marsel Dzharkas
    C O N T E N T 1. General information 2. Safety instructions 3. Component parts 4. Technical characteristics of elements 5. Power supply unit 6. Multimeter 7. Warranty 31  

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