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Learning is at the heart of everything we do at Bett, and we know you, our customers, will be offering the very best resources available for the teaching and learning communities worldwide whilst we navigate through this period. If you have any materials that could help industry professionals we'd love to share them. 
  • Video Calls for Teachers & Parents

    14 Jul 2020 SchoolCloud
    Video calls between parents & teachers using SchoolCloud Parents Evening.  The market leading parents' evening software now has the ability for video calls between teachers and parents. 
  • Life after lockdown teaching packs (FREE)

    29 May 2020 Chameleon PDE
    FREE packs for teachers with 600 minutes of teaching materials to support pupils' return to school after lockdown. 
  • Empower remote learning for teachers, students, parents and IT. 
  • Learning Never Stops Initiative

    27 Apr 2020 Classera Inc.
    We came with ‘Learning Never Stops’ initiative and glad to announce during this critical situation a smart,virtual, e-learning solution offered to ministries, schools and individuals at no cost. 
  • VE day 75: Virtual tea party lesson pack

    27 Apr 2020 Discovery Education
    Join Discovery Education as we commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day. 
  • As DFRobot realised that teachers needed support with their training and mental wellbeing during this difficult time,we began running free, real-time virtual lessons aimed at STEM teachers.
  • Drive-In WiFi

    23 Apr 2020 Cambium Networks
    The shift to remote learning from primary schools to universities, induced by the COVID-19 recovery, dictates a rapid response on the part of wireless internet services providers. Cambium can help.
  • Download this latest e-book to learn how you can best serve students and teachers when you move learning online.   
  • VEXcode VR

    21 Apr 2020 VEX Robotics
    Learn Computer Science at home without a robot! VEXcode VR is for experimenting with different ways to program a robot in a Virtual World. No hardware, sign in or experience needed!
  • As a company focused on eSafety and safeguarding, we recognise that we are in unchartered territory with so many pupils now working from home during the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Cambium Networks COVID-19 Resources

    13 Apr 2020 Cambium Networks
    Help close the digital divide gap during the COVID-19 crisis. 
  • Motivational quotes to help with social distancing

    10 Apr 2020 Wall Art by Promote Your School
    As we are all encouraged to stay at home due to the Coronavirus outbreak, reading motivational quotes can help us remain positive during this difficult time. 
  • Self isolation well-being - turn to nature

    09 Apr 2020 Wall Art by Promote Your School
    Research has shown that spending time in nature can improve mental health and wellbeing but how can you enjoy the outdoors when you’re cooped up at home? Simple – bring nature to you! 
  • Free eAlpha Access

    06 Apr 2020 Alpha Publishing
    Alpha Publishing believes in continuous learning for all, so we are offering FREE ACCESS across the MENA region to all our programs on eAlpha, until the end of 2019/2020 academic year.
  • Teachers take advantage of the Wi-Fi to engage students. Administrators work more efficiently and students can watch video lessons on smartphones and tablets.
  • Students and staff are pleased with the speed and reliability of the network.
  • Let JetBrains Academy, a project-based learning platform, and our free Educational IDEs help you learn or teach programming.
  • We've partnered with STEM Fuse to provide a full distance solution (digital lesson plans and software) around STEAM/Computer Science.
  • Teachers: Find out how to use Pobble to support home learning. Join one of our daily webinars with co-founder, Simon. 
  • Daily lesson presentations

    Pobble Education
    Writing lessons sorted! With Pobble, you'll receive high quality, age specific writing activities for every day, accessible by pupils with a single link click.
  • Social Distance Training App

    Discovery Education
    Help children and adults understand what safe social distancing looks like using AR
  • Foxit PhantomPDF Online

    Foxit Software
    Work with digital documents as you would with paper. Convert, edit, organize and collaborate. PhantomPDF Online Web-based PDF Editor is now free. Compatible on all desktop and mobile browsers.      
  • We will be hosting free webinars every Thursday to go over tools to help you succeed with remote learning. These webinars will help you feel more confident using different software programs.
  • Our free learning templates give you everything you need to teach at home: Factsheets, Planners, Weekly Schedules, Posters, and Graphic Organisers. They're all made easy to start with and customise.
  • 25 simple and fun non-screen activities that children can do at home
  • Clear Touch FREE Demo

    Clear Touch
    Clear Touch is happy to product free, online demos to help school administrators how to Interact Differently in their classrooms. Simply go to our website to sign up today!
  • LbQ is a classroom App that offers immediate pupil feedback and differentiated content to supercharge learning.  
  • Free CPD webinar programme for leaders and NQTs/RQTs

    BlueSky in collaboration with CST and NTA
    Free webinars during May and June BlueSky, working with The Confederation of School Trusts (CST) offers a specific programme of free CPD webinars to schools and trusts 
  • Pobble 365 offers FREE to access, ready-made writing challenges and story starters, every day - 365 days a year!
  • Discovery Education has made a number of its award-winning resources freely available on its website to support schools and parents with home learning. 

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