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We're all in this together! 

We're all in this together! 

Welcome to your Bett Community Hub where you can find exclusive content, CPD, resources and strategies to support you because #LearningNeverStops

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In 2020, the education sector experienced a radical overhaul of traditional approaches to teaching and learning. Our dedicated community of educators and innovators are keen to share their perspectives on the future of education on a global scale. The Bett Community Hub draws their expertise together to present solutions, case studies and strategies as we collectively work towards providing inclusive and quality education for everyone. After all, learning never stops!

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Feature of the month

What Matters in EdTech - Leadership


Our 'What Matters in EdTech' podcast series, brought to you by The Edtech Podcast, is back this month with the latest episode about Leadership.

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In conversation with... Mark Sparvell

As part of a brand-new series, the Global Education Council members highlight how each of the manifesto areas is being actualised and explore how we can secure and drive education for all. You can also learn more about our GEC members and their thoughts on the future of education here

We spoke with Mark Sparvell, Director of Education Marketing, Microsoft about his thoughts on education, EdTech and his own experiences at school. 


Mark Sparvell explores the manifesto point: A unity of purpose is necessary to ensure access to high quality education for all – particularly for learners in peril who lack physical safety and/or emotional wellbeing.

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The Bettcast

We regularly bring together experts from around the world to share ideas and debate some of the biggest challenges facing educators. Engage with the speakers live or catch up at your convenience.


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Bett Podcast Series

The ‘What Matters in EdTech’ podcast series produced by The EdTech Podcast is back, this time with a focus on all things global. Take a listen to educators and industry experts from across the regions share their thoughts and expertise on the hottest topics in education.


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White paper: Education for the future

Curated in partnership with HP, this white paper identifies evidence-based, long-term priorities for securing the future of education and work in Southeast Asia as a result of COVID-19. 


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White paper: Learning in a crisis                 

We have teamed up with ISC Research and Education Development Trust to bring you the current findings relating to the education community’s response to and experience of the COVID-19 crisis.


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Digital Learning Report- in partnership with Bett

Raconteur's Digital Learning report provides an insight into the growth and application of e-learning and education technologies. Read the digital copy today for actionable takeaways for your own digital learning considerations.


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Useful Reading

  • As the world changes, why isn’t assessment keeping up?

    26 Feb 2021 Written by Stefanie Leong, Asia-Pacific International Baccalaureate Organization
    Innovation continues to dominate education technology in almost every area except one. Why are examinations and assessments being left out of the ongoing progress of change?
  • Into Film: Filmmaking Feature

    26 Feb 2021 Written by: Into Film Blog Team
    Into Film is a charity that puts film at the heart of the educational and personal development of children and young people, and engages with over half of UK schools.
  • Unfettering the Curriculum: Liberating Curiosity

    19 Feb 2021 Written by Brendan Law, Director General, Misk Schools Riyadh
    Brendan Law puts forward the case for shifting the curriculum towards an approach that appraises emotional and social development alongside intellectual progress.
  • The GEC Manifesto for Education in Practice: Shared challenges, shared solutions

    18 Feb 2021 Written by Mark Sparvell, Director of Education Marketing, Microsoft
    A unity of purpose is necessary to ensure access to high quality education for all – particularly for learners in peril who lack physical safety and/or emotional wellbeing.
  • The ultimate guide to creating a school marketing plan: 10 key considerations

    11 Feb 2021 Written by Sally Alexander, Ambleglow
    Sally breaks down the 10 key considerations you should keep in mind when creating an effective school marketing plan.
  • Online Teaching in the Time of Coronavirus

    11 Feb 2021 Written by Emma Pass, Google Innovator and Author of The Hybrid Teacher
    Emma Pass reviews her school’s approach to online teaching during the COVID-19 crisis.




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