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We're all in this together! 

We're all in this together! 

Welcome to your Bett Community Hub where you can find exclusive content, CPD, resources and strategies to support you because #learningneverstops 

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These are unprecedented times when millions of educators and hundreds of millions of students of all ages from early years to mature student are teaching and learning remotely from the first time. Schools and HE/FE institutions across the world are closed but learning never stops and our dedicated, remarkable education community is pulling together across settings and across borders to share solutions and find new ways to teach and to learn. 

Education Resources 

Adjusting to the new way of teaching and learning can be difficult so we have curated a selection of FREE resources from the EdTech community to support you . 




Bett's favourite, Sir Ken Robinson, challenges the way we are educating our children.

Take a moment to check out this much-celebrated Ted Talk 

Useful Reading

Keeping the Lights On


Keeping the Lights on by Alex Denley

Now is the moment for IT to be the unsung hero and show that business really can continue as normal in the height of global change. Take a look at  Alex Denley's advice.

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COVID-19 Burnout


COVID-19 Burnout by Dr Angie Wigford

As COVID-19 impacts people around the world with significant implications on education, Dr Angie Wigford discusses how international school leaders are addressing this and the steps they are taking to look after themselves


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Integrating Video in Virtual Learning

6 tips

Six Tips for Integrating Video in Virtual Learning by Bree Fabig

As more classrooms take on a digital space or go fully virtual, a variety of approaches in presenting media—especially video—can help keep the classroom feeling fresh, interactive, and dynamic. Bree Fabig from BoClips shares her top tips.

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Social Media for Learning


Social Media for Learning by Sue Beckingham

Sheffield Hallam students highlight free collaboration tools available and how they can support remote learning.


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International TeachMeet

int teachmeet

International TeachMeet- the remote edition

As so many of the teaching community adapt to teaching remote classes for the first time it’s vital to stay connected and share successes and “even better if” stories with colleagues from around the world. 

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Maximising Online Classes 


Effectiveness of Online Classes by Prof Ergun Akgun

The mandatory digital transformation in education has resulted in institutions quickly having to adapt to new technologies and conditions. Hear all this, and more, from Prof Ergun Akgun. 

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Strategies for Teaching Online


Strategies for Teaching Online by Neelam Parmer 

With the Covid-19 crisis shifting work patterns to online delivery, the same may become true for schooling. In the event that there will be an immediate switch from school, face to face learning to an online learning environment, it may be necessary to be ready for this in exceptional circumstances. 


Safe Remote Learning 


Safe Remote Learning by David Wright 

There are many online options to support remote teaching from setting homework or providing access to online resources, through video tutorials, to interactive video conferencing. The capability of your staff, together with the age of your children is going to determine your approach. 


Uncharted Waters | An Insight 


Uncharted Waters by Hamish Mackenzie 

In 2019 Hamish founded Digital Resilience UK, an agency that supports schools with mobile learning technology and online safety. Hamish has broad experience working across the UK education and Ed-Tech sectors. Hamish specialises in digital learning - read his insight here. 


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