01 Dec 2017

All New Bett 2018 Content Programme Launch

All New Bett 2018 Content Programme Launch

Streamlined content programme to be delivered from four focussed stages.

Call for content results in Bett’s most diverse and inspirational content programme to date.

The new look programme for Bett 2018, the leading education technology show, comes after extensive consultation and research with visitors and members of the education community and a move to a call for content model which received over 400 submissions in its first year. 

Bett has canvassed the views of over 1,000 teachers, head teachers and Vice-Chancellors to understand how they enjoy the talks as part of their experience at the event.  Three things emerged:

  • People who attend sessions at the show have a much more productive time.
  • People love hearing from brands and practitioners, and ideally, they want to hear from both.
  • The programme has become too large overall, with many citing it a challenge to navigate and subsequently requesting fewer sessions that are bigger and better.

Speaking about the findings, Fergal Kilroy, Head of Content for Bett, said ‘It was great to have such honest feedback from our community.  Bett has developed an important place in the hearts of many educators. As the custodians of the brand it's important to us to consider these views when planning Bett 2018’.

He went on to say, ‘As part of our review we also analysed the visitor data for those who attended the event, and it was clear most people only saw a small number of sessions. With over half of all attendees visiting the Bett Arena, this inspirational space is the jewel in the crown for Bett and the place that educators look to for new approaches to pedagogy and technology. By introducing a call for content for this stage, we’ve been able to pull together a genuinely diverse programme with successful proposals chosen purely on the merit of the idea and speaker.’

The 2018 programme has been designed to operate over 4 stages

  • The Bett Arena – which will host editorially led content from pupils, practitioners, brands and influencers and will feature the highest number of teachers, head teachers and Vice-Chancellors speaking on the stage ever.
  • Two sponsored content stages – one aimed at Schools and the other for Post 16 Education, both of which will feature a mixture of brands presenting practitioner-led sessions.
  • The final stage, called the Solutions Den, will be an informal area where brands can present solutions to common school problems and discuss how it might work at their school.

Some of the names speaking at Bett 2018 announced today include:

  • Cressida Cowell, Author of How to Train Your Dragon
  • Chris Dyson, Headteacher at Parklands Primary
  • Phil Regier, University Dean for Education Initiatives and CEO of EdPlus at ASU
  • Baroness Beeban Kidron, Director of Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason
  • Ian Dunn, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Coventry University

The programme will cover themes such as quantum computing, best practice in flipped learning, the importance of computational thinking, the role of play, and 21st century literacy amongst others.

Speaking about the programme Simon Presswell, MD of Bett said ‘Up until now Bett has hosted a mixed programme of editorial and sponsored content, but the distinction between the two hasn’t been clearly articulated. These changes allow us to better represent everyone involved in Bett and to be more transparent to our visitors and exhibitors, which is extremely important to us as the event continues to grow.’ Simon Presswell, MD, Bett Show

He went on to say, ‘more importantly, the changes have allowed us to reinvest in the event to improve the visitor experience. From the size of theatres, the A/V, introducing streaming areas, expanding our interactive tech, and in the case of the Arena, enclosing it for the first time. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved, and we can’t wait to share it with the community in January.’

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