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22 - 25 January 2020
ExCel London

Bett 2020 Call for Content

We are delighted to launch the third call for content for the main Arena at Bett 2020. 

The Bett Show is a platform for the global education community to come together, share, learn and drive progress.

This could be your platform, to reflect, to rally and to inspire. If you or someone in your network has an idea or story to tell that everyone in education needs to hear, now is the time to share it.

We are looking for inspiring examples of projects and individuals, who are really making a difference in education and bringing the creative curriculum to life through technology and innovation. 

Bett UK 2020 call for content

It is free to apply and we welcome UK and international submissions from educators and leaders at all levels and at any stage of their career.   

We are looking for examples of brilliant teaching and learning, creative solutions to educational challenges and innovative leadership stories. 

Be sure to check out the step-by-step guide to submission below as it includes some useful pointers.

*Deadline for submissions: Tuesday 23rd July 2019*

Step-by-step guide

The Bett Arena

  • Audience capacity up to 1,000 plus overflow in the streaming zone
  • All content must be original and fresh and created specifically for the Arena
  • If your idea is successful, you as the session host will be responsible for all logistical costs (travel, accommodation, speaker fees)
  • All speakers need to attend a technical rehearsal the day before they are due to speak

The Arena should kindle the spark of passion in education so great ideas can catch fire and travel the world. We choose keynote-style solo presentations, professionally conducted interviews with high-profile guests, panel discussions, live performances and complex demonstrations, so we recommend confident and experienced speakers. We have a skilled technical and stage crew to assist with onsite delivery – so we’re open to all ideas.

Note: Once all submissions are received, the Bett Content Team enter into a review process. Due to limited number of sessions, unfortunately we can only select those ideas we feel are the most innovative and most relevant to our core audience.

Step-by-step guide to submission

  • Brainstorming your idea

Take a moment to think about the story you want to tell at Bett. The best talks tend to focus on a single clear message or idea. This is your opportunity to speak to a room full of leading educators and those passionate about the universe of education from around the world.

  • Who should tell your story

Your chosen speaker plays a huge part in the success of a proposal. There are unlimited types of speakers you could bring to the stage, but relevancy is key – not just to the idea, but also the Bett audience.

Our visitors look to hear from:

  • Educationalists
  • Inspirational young people
  • Celebrities who are passionate, or on an education missions
  • Thinkers and doers


  • How do you want to tell your story?

The Bett audience wants to be inspired, sometimes challenged, and certainly entertained. This is a global platform to share world class ideas and best practice. We ask you to give this element great consideration and encourage you to be as creative and innovative as you can, with how you wish to convey your idea.

Some examples are:

  • Keynote-style presentation
  • Performance piece
  • Structured debates and discussions
  • Live Q&A
  • Incisive interviews


  • Submit your proposal
Complete the form on this webpage for a chance to showcase your idea on the Arena at Bett 2020!

Bett 2020 Themes




  • Smart solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing teaching at all ages in a variety of settings
  • Innovations in pedagogy – sessions led by teachers
  • Innovations in technology – sessions led by solution providers and teachers



  • Case studies of initiatives to enhance student and teacher wellbeing
  • For students we’ll focus on student resilience and mental health and resilience
  • For staff we’ll be looking at case studies to reduce teacher workload and improve staff retention

Empowering Teaching and Learning


  • Leadership strategies for driving organisational change
  • Best practice to ensure impact, efficacy and usage of technology
  • Sharing research and collaborating to ensure evidence-based practice

Inclusion, social mobility and SEND


  • Engaging the socially and economically disadvantaged with education to amplify the student voice
  • Empowering and connecting students with SEND to learning, skills and future employment
  • Enabling learning for communities in rural areas and developing countries

Future tech and trends



  • Big picture thinking about the future of education and the role of tech to enable learning in its many forms
  • The heart of Bett, where the tech community demonstrates new ideas and where educators can feed back what they really want and need
  • Making better use of existing hardware and software




  • Skills for educators including practical CPD to enable them to do their jobs better
  • Fundamental skills for students including preparing them for the world of work via T levels and apprenticeships
  • Skills for life, including re-educating current workforce, creativity, character and resilience

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