Bett Show 2016 - The Bett Arena

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Bett theatres 2016

The Bett Arena

bett arena

Inspiration, fascination, amazement, excitement…

These are all great feelings, right? They’re also feelings that should come hand in hand with working in education.

The Bett Arena is open to anyone who is up for being inspired, fascinated, amazed and excited by the extraordinary relationship between education and technology. It is a prime example of how ‘the best things in life are free’ isn’t just a saying to discourage economic materialism; as the most influential figures in education are sharing their visions, experience and advice for no cost except your time.

What keeps you awake at night?

Obviously we hope you sleep soundly, but the Bett Arena seminar programme is designed to make sure the biggest issues in education are taken down a peg (or several). Key topics we’ll be delving into include:

  • Open access to education (including OER)
  • Flexible learning spaces – reimagining schools
  • Flipped classroom and blended learning – how to best implement and outcomes
  • Ubiquitous computing – mobile devices, social media, multimedia capture and sharing
  • Augmented reality and gaming in education – specifically how these are applied in the classroom with less creative lessons
  • Student voice – hearing from students on what they want from ed tech, what tech they find useful and how we can make their experience of education better
  • STEM / women in STEM
  • MOOCs
  • Data analysis – big data
  • Alternative forms of assessment and certification
  • Global education policy and debate
  • Global collaboration and knowledge sharing

The Bett Arena programme will be announced soon

  • 1-Microsoft
  • 3-The Global Goals
  • BESA
  • Education Business
  • Education Executive
  • Education for Everybody
  • Education SA
  • Education Technology
  • Education Today
  • ICT Education
  • Media Planet
  • Nasen
  • PSE
  • Teach Primary
  • Teach Secondary
  • TES
  • University Business