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Bett 2016, January 20 - January 23 2016, at Excel London

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First time exhibitor
Hall/Stand: B533

Netshop specialise in the supply of RJ45 Patch Leads, HDMI, Displayport, SVGA, DVI and Audio Cable and Power Leads. We also supply Audio Visual Cables...


NAHT edge

Hall/Stand: C167


Hall/Stand: SN51

Nasen is the leading UK professional association embracing all special and additional educational needs and disabilities (SEND). The organisation promotes the education, training, development and...

National STEM Centre

Hall/Stand: C574

The National STEM Centre works with partner organisations to improve and support STEM education. At the heart of the Centre is a purpose-built library, housing...

Nationwide Retail Systems

Hall/Stand: A350

Nationwide Retail Systems Ltd has supplied the Trust-e Cashless Catering System to over 1000+ Schools, 20+ Councils, leading UK Caterers and ICT service providers. It’s our innovations...

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Nationwide Retail Systems

Hall/Stand: A340

Nationwide Retail Systems Ltd has supplied the Trust-e Cashless Catering System to over 1000+ Schools, 20+ Councils, leading UK Caterers and ICT service providers. It’s our innovations...


Hall/Stand: F403

Nautilus develops innovative, quality solutions for school equipment and learning technologies . Today Nautilus is the leading company in Portugal and a reference in the...


Nautilus Lab.

First time exhibitor
Hall/Stand: E180H

Nautilus Lab. is a leading electronics company in the fields of research, development, and the manufacture of intelligent handwriting recognition technologies and products. Incorporated in...


NCS Technology

Hall/Stand: C166

We provide robust,  wired and wireless Networking,   IP CCTV   Security, Audio Visual  and  Electrical Solutions  for a wide range of sectors throughout the...

Neatron Corp

First time exhibitor
Hall/Stand: A8

Neatron was built on Apr.19,1983 located in Taipei,Taiwan for professional PA Loudspeaker and Professional Microphones. The newly products are :  2.4G Wireless System,  Eyeglasses-Frame Microphone and Waterproof...

Net-ctrl Limited

Hall/Stand: C73

Net–Ctrl is a leading UK value-add technology reseller. Our mission is to provide technology solutions and services that enable our customers to exist safely and...


Hall/Stand: F370

NETGEAR is a global networking company offering a wide range of innovative networking products to ensure that connectivity is easy, reliable and affordable and designed...

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Netop Tech Ltd

Hall/Stand: B142

Teaching in an iPad classroom? Experimenting with blended learning? Managing a school with a mix of devices? Netop believes that teaching with technology should be...

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NetSupport Software Ltd

Hall/Stand: C290

NetSupport is the market-leading provider of multi-platform classroom management software with 25 years’ experience working with schools worldwide. NetSupport products currently support over 13 million...

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Netsweeper Inc

Hall/Stand: F150

  Netsweeper filters the Internet of over 6,000 schools in the UK protecting millions of pupils daily from inappropriate Internet content ...


First time exhibitor
Hall/Stand: C80

We are a team of professionals with a passion for software development that use the most advanced techniques and methods for building agile, flexible and...

New Media Learning Ltd

Hall/Stand: D382

New Media Learning produces the 4Matrix School Performance System for secondary schools. 4Matrix is a low-cost, high-impact application that can process results and produce a range...

Nicesmile Ltd

Hall/Stand: C575

NiceSmile are a group of creative photographers, whose mission is to reinvent school photography, re-birthing it in a fresh, cutting-edge, contemporary style. But it's not...


Nichola Wilkin Ltd

Hall/Stand: B554

We produce high-quality and cost-effective solutions to teach the new computing curriculum.  There is no annual subscription costs and after a one-off payment you can...


Nimble Storage & Cristie Data

Hall/Stand: G500

Nimble Storage thinks enterprises shouldn’t compromise on performance, capacity, ease of use, or price. So they developed the first storage architecture designed from the ground...

Nimbus Centre

First time exhibitor
Hall/Stand: B43

‘Tip tap tap’ technology enhances traditional teaching and assessment methods, using school desks as an interactive touch-sensing interface to the existing ICT infrastructure within the...

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First time exhibitor
Hall/Stand: B520

Kelsun Lab is a professional manufacturer and distributor of science & educational apparatus for primary schools, middle schools, colleges & universities. Being a company whose...

Norseman Direct Limited

Hall/Stand: E324

Norseman are a UK manufacturer of storage solutions for IT and Science in Education. We are a family firm and everything is delivered ready to...


Norwegian EdTech Pavilion

First time exhibitor
Hall/Stand: B466

Welcome to the Norwegian Classroom - the Norwegian EdTech Pavilion. You will meet 16 different companies - representing new content and digital resources for better learning...


First time exhibitor
Hall/Stand: F67

Novatia Data is a new, secure, web-based Educational Intelligence data service for schools and trusts.  Based around Microsoft Business Intelligence Technologies, Novatia Data can be...


First time exhibitor
Hall/Stand: BFS9

now>press>play is an immersive educational resource that brings the curriculum to life. Teachers and children whose schools have subscribed to now>press>play identified the...

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NS Optimum Ltd

Hall/Stand: C304

NS Optimum is a ‘Total ICT Solutions Partner’ for schools and colleges. We provide everything from managed service solutions, to full network, data cabling, managed...

Nuance Communications UK Limited

Hall/Stand: B180

Nuance Communications is the leading provider of voice and language understanding solutions for businesses and consumers globally.  Its technologies, applications and services make the user...


Numbergym Software

Hall/Stand: B555

NumberGym Software specialises in maths software for school and home. Fantastic on whiteboards. Winner of the Pirelli Award for the Communication of Mathematics, "for its...

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Nursery Book

First time exhibitor
Hall/Stand: BFS16

NurseryBook is an easy to use web and mobile app to help nursery staff capture a child’s EYFS early years learning journey and securely share...



Hall/Stand: B534

NutKase custom designs a wide range of rugged and sleek cases for tablets and laptops. NutKase products are designed in Italy with the student and...



First time exhibitor
Hall/Stand: F501

NUWCO are bringing to life Laptop and Tablet store and charge solutions. If you are looking for a charge and sync solution...


First time exhibitor
Hall/Stand: C98

NVIDIA is the Worldwide leader for Visual Computing. NVIDIA is bringing innovation to the Education sector through its GRID technology which can provide...

33 Exhibitor(s)