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Bett 2016, January 20 - January 23 2016, at Excel London

Bett 2015 Flashback

Bett 2015 Highlights


Bett 2015 Highlights

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Bett 2015 highlights

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Friday highlights at Bett 2015

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Thursday 22nd Bett

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  • Jimmy Wales

    Founder Wikipedia

  • Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP

    Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities

  • Sir Ken Robinson

    Education Visionary

  • Jack Andraka

    American inventor, scientist and cancer researcher and recipient of the 2012 Gordon E. Moore Award

  • Professor Stephen Heppell

    Chair, Educational Technology Action Group

  • Fran Scott

    Neuroscientist, independent TV producer/ presenter and Pyrotechnics Fan, Raspberry Pi

  • Sir Bob Geldolf

    Businessman, Political Activist, Songwriter, Musician & Author

  • John D. Couch

    Vice President of Education, Apple