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24 -27 JANUARY 2018

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Patrick Carroll

KS 2 and ICT Coordinator, Shaw Wood Academy

I am a primary school teacher at Shaw Wood Academy in Doncaster. Over the last 12 years I have used a variety of creative technologies to engage the children in my class - from creating online games to experimenting with a variety of augmented reality devices as well as designing apps and using coding throughout the curriculum. All of these projects have had one key ingredient that has enabled them to be successful and that has been by establishing strong and purposeful international partnerships within them. I believe that children learn more and are pushed further through the use of collaboration and clearly this has become easier with the vast array of collaborative tools that have been developed over the years. Our current project (through the support of The British Council and NAACE) involves the children cooperating with international friends by taking part in a variety of paper-based and online challenges that require the children to work with one another to improve by reflecting on misconceptions, recognising that there can be multiple ways of achieving a result and listening to the advice of others so that they can use errors as learning opportunities.

25 January, 2017
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