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24 -27 JANUARY 2018

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Involve me and I learn by DigiBox

Today’s students are digital natives and are inspired by multimedia content, which is driving change in the way that teaching is delivered in the classroom and how students are learning and retaining information.

With the right technology and equipment, students and teachers can now create visually sophisticated multimedia presentations to a professional standard, on a budget. The easy-to-use technology designed specifically for schools and the education sector allows for high quality video production, simultaneous recording, publishing to social media channels, and live streaming from anywhere with an internet connection, to name just some of the functionalities.

There are huge benefits to engaging students in the creation of multimedia content – it can be a classroom project, involving each and every student from planning to production; it’s a creative medium and a great way of telling a story, as well as ensuring new information is retained and understood.


Benjamin Franklin once said: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”  Multimedia generation is an exciting and creative way for students to learn new skills and new information – and the equipment doesn’t have to be bulky or complicated. Students can create and publish great video content in minutes, stream it live, and transform presentations and educational materials into captivating network-style TV programmes, simply and effectively.

Speaking, writing, reading, listening and maths skills are all utilised. Real-life skills are also developed including planning and organisation, time management, cooperative learning, communication, technology skills, problem solving, information gathering, and leadership and teamwork.

It’s also a fun activity that can be used in several situations: sharing news, streaming sports, theatre, school plays, awards and graduation ceremonies and other events, engaging with the community and the local business world, having guest speakers call in from their webcams, and recording lessons to be watched on-demand.

In today's digital world, integrating live production into your school's curriculum is a must. Educators can add deep, multi-layered elements to traditional learning. And students learn valuable technological and multi-disciplinary skills.

Leading UK product distribution company serving the broadcast, telecommunication and multimedia markets, DigiBox, is looking forward to a stimulating start to 2017 as the brand prepares to feature a number of world-class products on its stand at Bett 2017. Appearing on Stand G380 of the exhibition, DigiBox will highlight the latest innovations from American hardware and software company NewTek, for whom it is the sole UK distributor with dedicated sales, engineering and installation teams. 

Amongst the products to try out on the stand will be TalkShow®, NewTek’s facility-class solution for adding live, full HD, distraction-free Microsoft Skype TX video interviews to your productions with unparalleled production control. It will also feature the NewTek TriCaster®, which is helping transform the way educational institutions create network-style content and share it with the world. 

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