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New Feature: Marking Tool

12 September, 2016

Our brand new marking tool allows teachers to mark any student homework submitted on a docx file.

Teacher comments and configurable marks that reflect individual marking policies can be dropped anywhere into a student file. It is also possible to use the editor to mark files which can be edited wherever they are stored, not just within the Homework Manager.

When a teacher edits a document that a student has submitted as homework it is returned to the student as a new ‘Teacher feedback’ file rather than the student’s original submission being overwritten, making it easy to monitor student progress and response to feedback.

It’s useful to note that the new marking tool is available within any documents that you can edit, either in “My Files” or within any folders where the user manages the content. This is ideal for commenting upon any document, for example planning or policy documents that are shared. This tool can also be used as a personal revision tool. The editor also remembers the user’s history, meaning that you can easily go back through previous versions.

Another great feature to make marking work quick and easy while retaining it’s value to both students and teachers.

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