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Homework Manager Update

12 September, 2016

Our Homework Manager is designed to save teachers time and effort when reviewing and marking batches of work. This popular module has had an overhaul and is now more efficient and effective than ever.

In the Homework Manager, teachers can now view, mark and grade all students’ work from a single page. Files submitted by students automatically appear in a list next to the student’s name and can be clicked, marked and graded from there. Any comments from students will also be flagged on this page and accessed with one click. Teachers are also able to click on a student folder to view all of a student’s work and comments together.

When creating homework, teachers now have 3 options for ‘submission type’ to reduce the number of homework submission buttons offered to students:

  1. adding a file to the VLE
  2. physically handing in the homework to the teacher
  3. just saying “I have completed this homework”

An efficient and effective way to view and mark homework!

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