25 -28 JANUARY 2017

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Lightspeed Systems
Stand: D240

Lightspeed Systems Europe

Mobile Device Mangement (MDM) allows schools to push out apps and control device features. 

Web Filter lets schools customise policies down to a user level and get detailed reports of online behaviour.

Classroom Orchestrator is a classroom management tool that lets teachers view students screens discovering who’s on task, or who needs help. 

Teacher Dashboard gives control of devices and features from a single interface. 

Management Bundle for Windows provides a complete, cloud-based solution to easily manage, monitor and filter Windows and other devices in schools.

What are you doing at Bett 2017?Lightspeed Systems are at BETT to showcase our education-focused solutions including web filtering, mobile management, screen monitoring/recording, bandwidth management, spam blocking, Firewall and our Management Bundle for Windows.

Education Sector

  • Higher Education
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • SEN

Product Categories

  • Network Security
  • Web security
  • Collaboration Software
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Mobility Solutions
  • E-Books
  • Distance Learning
  • Alternative Learning Solutions
  • Software Integration
  • Network and Configuration Management
  • Network Design
  • Software Integration
Stand: D240
  • Mobile Manager
    Mobile Manager
  • Web Filter
    Web Filter
  • Classroom Orchestrator
    Classroom Orchestrator
  • Management Bundle for Windows
    Management Bundle for Windows
  • Classroom Orchestrator
  • Management Bundle for Windows
  • Mobile Manager
  • Teacher Dashboard
  • Web Filter

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