Bett Show | ExCeL London, 24-27 January 2018 - Browse the video selection of Bett stories.
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24 -27 JANUARY 2018

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Bett stories

Bett stories bett show

What's the story?

Where better to encourage people to express their views on life’s great (education-related) questions than in amongst all the excitement? We always say we love hearing people’s stories, from why favourite teachers stick with you way beyond your school days, to why Bett leaves you buzzing.

So grab a coffee, plug in some headphones and have a mosey through our video selection.

Aleyne Johnson's story

Amy O'Toole's story

Dan Haesler's story

Emer Hickey's story

Bett show game changers

Be the next game changer

We define a game changer as 'an individual, event or product which results in a significant shift in how people behave or what's possible.'

There’s no reason this couldn’t apply to you.

Be the next game changer

Stefan Gates' story

Anne Marie's story

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Quite the field trip (for you)

What's on Bett Show

There’s one thing that’s always the same at Bett, and that’s the buzz throughout the show. This is down to the sheer variety of experiences on offer for everyone involved.

What's on at Bett

Visiting Bett

Visiting Bett Show 2017

Bett is your annual opportunity to experiment with the latest technology, hear from inspirational figures and experts in the industry and meet your peers from far and wide (as in literally around the world).

Visiting Bett

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